• Pakalolo2
    Hey Forum Family, I am considering a 420 purchase of either the Splinter or the Splinter Z as a new acquisition to satisfy my VAS appetite this spring. I would welcome all who have experienced one or both of these interesting vaporizers to chime in and share your thoughts and experiences with them and any assorted accessories that I should seriously consider. I do have a Wismec Realeoux Gen 3 Dual mod already to go with it.
    1. Splinter (18 votes)
        Splinter Z
        3rd party cooling stems
    2. What is your preference? (18 votes)
        Splinter Z
  • BestBuds
    The Splinter is an awesome vape. The Z gives you the ability to vape a bowl in one, maybe two hits, leaving nice even tan avb. The splinter is almost as good. It will leave some hot spots if you try to kill a bowl in one or two hits tho. I spin my stem more with the splinter to keep the avb more even.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    they are both excellent. Best buds description is perfect. If it was my money i would get the splinter and a drydrotube... and then undoubtedly i would eventually wind up with a Z too.... you cant go wrong either way. They are both awesome vapes!
  • Pakalolo2
    Thank you for your thoughts :cool: , you can understand my dilemma in that most reviews I've read have come to the same conclusion. This looks to be an exciting addition to my rotation whether it be Splinter or the "Z". Any other thoughts?
  • Hippie
    2 or 4 hole? Is another question

    They say the Splinter gets up to heat quicker but the Z carries more momentum when it does get up to heat with its larger heater, so the Z will give u fatter cloudz and will clear the bowl quicker.

    A 2 hole Splinter on the gen3 dual (with sur_myevic) and a nobbly cooling stem has become my daily driver since dialing in the temp control
    If you're looking to clear the bowl quickly or running it through glass I think you'll probably want the increased airflow of the 4 hole version or the larger Z heater.
  • PuffItUp
    I prefer the Splinter due to the portability, we have a couple mods that the Z just tips over when its on them. If you grab the Z, definitely get a hefty 3 battery mod. 1, the battery life makes it worth it, and 2 if you can lower that center of gravity there is less chance that you will knock it over. I know I've knocked the office Z over quite a few times (WHOOPS!)

    If portability is not an issue I would grab the Z if you want to 'snap' bowls in 1-2 hits, or if you want to sip on a bowl for a couple hits grab the splinter.
  • Other Side
    I'll chime in too. If you can handle shorty mouthpiece stems that can offset the extra height of the Z.

    I'm kinda with PIU. If you are aiming for home use, maybe the Z. For out I'd get standard Splinter.

    Just a little hint but we should have some 420 sales hitting on some RBT gear here soon. I can't release details yet but I'm happy to save you some money if you have some patience.
  • Pakalolo2
    Thanks! I’ll be there,
  • seed2vapor
    Splinter once preheated is powerful enough to kill a bowl in a hit or 2. With the cooling mouth piece, you're set. On a VooPoo Drag 2 it's extremely good in watt mode.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    WooHoo! My Z arrives tomorrow. Any tips using it with a Joytec VTC Dual?
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