• ssaucyc515
    oof. Idk . I can't justify dropping money on glass like that when I see others for so little. I guess its like when I first started vaping. It took me 3 vapes till I coughed up the money for the mv1 and it was life changing. Maybe I just need to jump the gun and see how much different a nice piece can be haha I appreciate the artistic craft in some. But I saw a regular looking bong for like 400 bucks yesterday. Like what the f!!!

    Of course you and you're fire fly :) ive been seeing the name come up more and more. I do want to try one but I'm afraid I won't like it. I feel like if I do get one I'd want yours just cause I know it preforms and you can guide me :lol:
  • MothChewMoth
    my philosophy on glass is that for now, Dhgate. Once I find the best style for my use, and find a good local artist, I'll go through them to commission something perfect.

    Basically no expensive glass for me till I know I'm going to like using it!

    Also @Baron23, I ordered an inexpensive HT that's supposed to show up today. I'll let you know what I think!
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @EconMan so are you finding a $200 banger is better than 10 × $20 bangers? I always wonder whether you get anything more, other than the satisfaction of buying American, from spending that kind of money on a banger.
  • Baron23
    Also Baron23, I ordered an inexpensive HT that's supposed to show up today. I'll let you know what I think!MothChewMoth

    I'm sure you will love it. I do know many others who have ordered DHGate HTs....for the obvious reason that the price is so attractive.

    For the most part, my impression is that they are happy with their China HTs. A couple of things to look at when you get yours is; 1) the joint...is it a good fit...mostly China does ok with this, but not always and; 2) I have heard scattered reports from some who felt that the bottom of their HT wasn't quite perfectly flat and even....but in my view, if it will stand up without wobbling over then its good to go as its function is to be attached to the EVO bamboo joint and not the table top.

    I'm sure your will be fine as it seems are many/most DHGate purchases.
  • ssaucyc515
    some thing I want that is totally not in my price range is bear mountain studios aka th3ydidit on Instagram. His recyclers are fucking PERFECT. Perfect vortex , beautiful glass work. My God it's something I'd want. His 6 inch recyclers start at 500 at auction lol so.

    If I ever save or get rich, first piece I'm getting.
  • Baron23
    bear mountain studiosssaucyc515

    Wow, I like his small pieces but yes, they are pricey....but look beautiful in the vendor pics I was able to see.

    710coils.com (Shane) and I went in on a group purchase of four pieces from Phatt Ass Glass...at the time, I was having panic attacks for paying $400 each for my two pieces! Actually, still makes me a bit breathless.

    This is the recyler.....

  • ssaucyc515
    seems like it'll last long. How big is it?

    Uncle Baron. My birthday is in may. Can you auntie get me this? :cry:


    Ty unc! Maybe throw in a $39 gram too :o

    :lol: :lol:
  • Baron23
    How big is it?ssaucyc515

    Does this help.....maybe 8-9" tall??

    Uncle Baron. My birthday is in may. Can you auntie get me this? :cry:ssaucyc515

    Well, it will have to be your auntie, dear demanding nephew. And since I am single, she must be from the other side of the family. Need to take that $4k glass purchase up with them!! haha

    Tell you what, you get auntie to pay for the glass, and yes, I will throw in a g of live resin. But I need proof on the $4k glass! haha
  • ssaucyc515
    oh man this is getting to real my parents are divorced and growing up was a shit show :lol: I can't stop laughing hahahha

    DW Baron you're still #1 unc in my book :lol:
  • Baron23
    whoops...I asked if this helped and then forgot to embed the pic.

    Try this

  • zancru
    Fan is directed outside ;) awesome way to vape indoors.
    This is just the table, behind the bookshelves, there’s a hifi old school Pioneer cabinet, with the rest of glassware and things I don’t use that often....
    Here it is.
  • Lucic and Chong
    My cannabis corner is literally the corner of my living room. I have my vape shelf with all of my vapes, herb, a few different sized bags for taking vapes on the go, and a small tool box with random odds and ends.

    Prep table, with AVB bowl in drawer and small container for dirty parts waiting to be cleaned.

    Glass shelf with rigs, adapters, j hooks, etc

    And the video tour

    Fan is directed outside ;) awesome way to vape indoors.zancru

    I do something very similar, I've created my vaping wind tunnel with 2 fans to blow the smell outside. I have one fan at my window blowing outside, and another at the entrance to my living room to prevent it from going out to the hallways of my apartment building.

    Yes we're legal here, but it's more of a respect to my neighbors thing. I hate it when the hallways smell like cigarette smoke, so I can't really be a hypocrite. Plus I'm the suite right in front of the elevator so any aroma escaping my place is extra noticeable, and there's families with small kids on my floor. I don't want to be "that guy".

    As the weather gets nicer most of my vaping will move outside to my patio.
  • Pakalolo2
    Zancru R&D Test Bench!
    Field of Dreams!
  • SourMalk

    Very nice, I like organized things :D

    Having everything you need in arm's reach is probably nice. Btw that little dab rig is very very cool, whereabout did you pick that up?
  • SourMalk
    @zancru@Lucic and Chong
    Holy Christ !! Those are quite extensive setups !!! Maybe someday I'll have a nice corner like those

    @ssaucyc515 @Baron23
    I can't believe the price tag on some of those pieces. I think the most I've spent on a glass rig was $70 or so. Very cool and intricate pieces on that site though
  • ssaucyc515
    I know I'm the youngest here but damn I can't wait to have stations like yours. I guess vas is pretty bad cause I see you guys have like 10 or more devices :lol: and the accessories and pieces!! Oof

    @SourMalk I'll call u daddy if you get one. Very nice stuff but is it worth the price? To somebody maybe haha
  • MothChewMoth
    I seriously doubt you're the youngest on here. Check your local shops for 420 sales. Ask who makes their glass and try to get details to make sure it's not just marked up china glass that you could get for a quarter of the markup. The good places will let you test them out with water and see how your like them.
  • ssaucyc515
    lmao I'm from nyc. If I ask them to try out a piece with water theyll tell me to get the frrrucckkkk out in 2 seconds hahahahhaha at least smoke shops around me. Dh gate is definitely my option lol but I just bought a matrix of hazel and I love it! Maybe in a bit. Really want a decent recycler. I've seen nice ones that look like th3ydidit for about 100 but they are also small.
  • MothChewMoth
    I was just looking at some awesome ones from DHgate sellers I've had good experiences with. Most range from 15-45 based on size and intricacy.

    Oh, and did you catch all the vapes in my pic. Got a G43, a FF2, Omni, and a CCell Silo on that desk.EconMan
    Nice! In my go bag I've got a G43, Ghost MV-1, Sticky Brick OG, and two cartridge vapes. That big canister is for whatever oz I happen to be in the middle of. Couldn't fit the big torch and Evo.
  • Baron23
    Yes we're legal here, but it's more of a respect to my neighbors thing. I hate it when the hallways smell like cigarette smoke, so I can't really be a hypocrite. Plus I'm the suite right in front of the elevator so any aroma escaping my place is extra noticeable, and there's families with small kids on my floor. I don't want to be "that guy".Lucic and Chong

    That is, to me, both smart and very considerate of you. I love your thoughtfulness on this. Cool beans! :-)

    Dear urban nephew, I'm with MothChew....yes, my USA glass is nice, but I also mostly have DHGate because....its generally of good quality and the price is right. Lots of rigs out there on DHGate for under $50. Myself, personally, I tend to go for more simple pieces in general and in particular from DHGate...just like simple function and don't want to challenge the Chinese glass guys too much....but LOTs of nice, functional stuff there.

    I've posted this before...bit old and some stuff is rearranged a bit, but I keep my kit in a cabinet in my dining room and the dining room table is where I vape (old, unfinished but for a bit of oil, pine table...I don't care if I put burn marks or scratches in it...get out the sandpaper and good as new! haha).

  • ssaucyc515
    this is exactly how I pictured your stash. Perfect , organized , beautiful!
  • SourMalk

    Holy cannoli, that's beautiful
  • Tdog420
    F*ck i have such an insane collection i have stuff stored everywhere!!! Under my bed in tons of bins in my closet plus in my basement!!! This will take a minute but tomorrow i will post picks of my most used random stuff. I have been getting more and more organized over the years but as my friends have said i may have a problem w how much stuff i have and need almost a whole room dedicated to just mj stuff like bud lol. My fiance tells me everyday to start doing reveiws w how much stuff i have and how much i know about the culture. Also love seeing everyones setup to help make mine even better as its a never ending battle like laundry and the dishes lmfao. I will try and include as much as i can tomorrow but there is no way i can gather it all lol. ( pics or it didnt happen) promise pics to follow friends!!!
  • MothChewMoth
    sounds awesome, can't wait to check it out!

    @Baron23 the hydratube is here and I'm in love. It's very solid, thick glass, and sits upright in it's own great. It also came with a nice thick stand too, so that's cool. One inner piece is a little crooked, but it works amazing. Also zero splashback with full perc coverage.
  • Tdog420

    Very nice collections!!! How do you guys like the delta 3d honeycombs? I have had my eye on them for a little bit and was wondering if you guys feel its been very helpful or just meh. I have a lot of my stuff sort of tucked away because i want to hide stuff if the inlaws pop in lol. I wish i could just have a nice giant cabinet in my room, but for now im slightly more stealthy. Just slightly lol as i have stuff everywhere and it drives my ocd bananas!! After my wedding in 2 weeks iam super organizing everything!!

    Ps im now getting angry how organized everyone else is!!!! I am going to step my game up soon!!!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I love the honey combs. I want more
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    you guys dont want to see my dungeon.... Lol
  • Tdog420
    promise its not worse then mine! I have stuff everywhere!! It will prob be at least 5 or more pics lol and that wont even be everything!!
  • Tdog420
    This is my setup when im vaping. I only take out what im going to use. I will post my other random stuff and where its at tomorrow....but this is real time my setup when i vape!
    Ps yes that green drink is alcoholic lol!
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