• Azn2101
    Fadespace talked about that and infact came close to a design that would have the coil wrap around a SiC bucket that fell thru a quartz banger w/o a bottom but the idea was scrapped. You can find the design on his IF page kinda far back in his photos. Also a large point & upside to having an insert is not having to devitrify the banger itself if you own a really nice one so just paying the $75-$125 for a new insert, that is less likely to break then the quartz that holds it and also lowers the temps used for decarboxylation & Vaporization. Also decreasing the potential damage to said expensive banger.

    I figured that SiC is potentially the best route for getting the best out of your material (my M.O.) since the terp pearls work but justfunction so weirdly.

    I switched to an opal 3mm & SiC 4mm from the Ruby.

    The Opal does what you mentioned at first (that I thought I knew what you meant but only now know) how there will be miniscule vapor then BAM! But it comes with that slightly roasted flavor. The SiC pearl is the great but since the smallest I can find are in 4mm that extra 1mm in the Carta Insert makes quite the difference in that I feel it doesnt do one of the fundamental things a terp pearl should and squash the bubbles in the corners and move that oil. But it seems like the 4mm sphere surface is making contact to far into the center and just passing over a lot of the bubbles cause I no longer get a ring in the center-ish where it looks like material got too hot from sitting in one position but the oil in the corners is like just thick enough that I want to start another cycle to finish it but know it will be like a second of full milk and then all wisp.

    If we could make a group buy for 100 SiC 3mm I'd be down but I habe no need for that many when the insert will be here in about a month.

    Thank God no one caught it. That....would'be been bad (in a uncomfortably funny way) :sweat:

    Edit: all Fade also does exclusive cold starts on his live streams (and just normal use im guessing) and with his new Aluminium Nitrate inserts it seriously looks like he's inhaling no vapor but exhaling good amounts of vapor
  • EconMan

    Thanks again for the info. Useful.

    The SiC perl may be worth it for me with my round bottom banger. I don't know a lot about the non-quartz options. What is your recommended store for such things? Or just search for deals?
    For my round-bottom banger (and bubble spinner cap) I'm into lately, I'm using a 6mm perl and it is an integral part of the tech. I keep the bottom relatively cool, and the perl gets hot as I "spin" it on the HOT sides of the banger, it drops into the oil, makes a splash, and great hits emerge, then repeat.... requires breath/torch timing, but the results are intense.
    So this would be useful, especially if it retains heat longer?
    Are there varying quality levels (like for quartz) or is SiC just equal SiC? I know it has some relation to teflon and all teflons are not the same.

    With my Peak and Carta, for perls, I use the little 3mm glass beads that came with the G43 vape. The $9 bag has so many in it that I view them as consumables. Don't care if I lose them. Because of how tiny they are, my theory is their thermal properties are insignificant anyway, and hence their only purpose for me is to wick the oil from the corners of the crucibles.
    And these tiny ones are so easy to lose. My carpet has a dozen in it somewhere I'm sure - lol :)

    I'll check out "all fade" channel you mentioned..... I ONLY do Rosin with cold starts, and even with really clean oil, I often prefer them.

    That said, when I get in the mood for something stupid -- like a one-grammer -- I want it HOT :fire:
  • Azn2101
    Dude wtf is up with this?

    Fadespace on his Live Stream said since the beginning of making SiC Carta inserts that because there was going to be a wait period and it would overlap with 7/10 he WOULD NOT BE DOING ANY DISCOUNTS. Not just "No 7/10 discounts" but none. Also because he didn't want any code being used on his new Aluminium Nitrate inserts because people had just waited the PRE-ORDER PERIOD! I mean seriously

    Is it just me over reacting to the already ridiculous cost for the reasoning that "The Carta Insert is basicallythe same amount of material because of it's size/Dimentions (that part he bounced back & forth on the reason on the LS) & it's taller than the Peak inserts." Which just doesn't sound like the best way to start the topic with fans who arent going to question him as much (obviously cause we like him/his products or we wouldnt be watching it) as someone who has no idea about him/his products reputation as being very well made.

    So I ask around after seeing the post on the Reddit page and start asking around to people I say on Live Stream or on his posts on IG. "Hey did you get an email with a discount code from Fadespace with the Carta pre-order obviously the main attraction?" And everyone who had already bought one said no except 1 of the now 4 (5 if you include the post-ee), but all who had them in their cart or had made an inquiry into it recieved the email with the 10% off discount code...

    I mean again, am I just tripping or is that lame & shady cause He made all of us watching believe that these we're going to sell pit really quickly cause "he's never had so many retailers asking for them"

    Again is this lame or am I trippin'?
  • Azn2101
    Um for SiC pearls I definitely recommend 710coils but he doesn't sell small ones so EBay is where I had to get them since I CAN'T REMEMBER WHICH SITE HAD THEM ARRRGGGHHHHHH!

    Honestly man I'm such a noon when it comes to Dabbing & Dabbing tech bro. Between you & baron & Moth I've learned most of the things I couldn't find myself or where to start with at all (S/O to Baron22) so breath technique, Oil dispersion when the pearl is spinning, ect. All that is above my head unfortunitely. Or at least not enough to be able to give out information or techniques that I'm confident will product results or even send you down the right path lol.

    Well I think his Aluminium Nitrate inserts are like the Apex of Dabbing surfaces from my understanding but he'll if I know and I bring that up because he says that it's physically impossible to thermally shock (or devitrify even since he says Torch cleaning the Insert itself is possible) the material so it obviously can get damn hot but that shit above really kinda bugs me since he made such a point to say "Not to wait for a 7/10 discount code cause just like the pre-order on the AiN inserts he thought it would be unfair to the pre-order people." And very much encouraged, at least us viewers, that the Carta SiC inserts were not gonna be on shelves long at all.

    Anyways I'm not great at tagging people in here but @MothchewMoth & @baron22 helped me with my SiC questions.
  • EconMan
    Oil dispersion when the pearl is spinning, ect. All that is above my head unfortunitely.Azn2101

    In case you didn't see my little silly attempt at dramatic dab media production, check this out. The last "shot" is the little ball spinning.... like an ice skater doing a spin.... it is an emotional treat for me over and above the high. It is a feeling of accomplishment. :100:

  • Pakalolo2
    A “Classic” in the making. Great production my friend!
  • Azn2101
    I have to agree with on that man.

    Hilarious, Great editing, and Good Contents. You're already better than half the directors currently producing films.

    Hell brother I drive/take the train by Hollywood almost everyday to work. You can crash on our couch until your screenplay sells :kiss:
  • 52

  • Azn2101
    Im one hair away from canceling this order from Fadespace. He is ignoring all messages that involve the discount code yet I just recieved a second email with the code...

    Edit: And still no response to the 4th DM

    All signs from what he is saying and what he is doing prior to the Carta Insert Pre-Release & Post Pre-Release point to either

    1. Just plain bad business practices (Which I knew he has in the past but these are all small companies so word will travel fast and linger because of that size of a business but doesn't mean things can't change so I gave it a shot.)

    2. He ordered more inserts than he is selling in general to cover the cost of staying in the black.

    3. All the retailers that contacted him regarding the inserts are not willing to pay the same price of a Peak insert when the size is much smaller and he is now needs every cent from regular consumers.

    Anyway the new Quartz buckets are just...better, like much better for whatever reason and I think are in some way different cause even the loose ones take the cake away from Ti buckets at this point.


    Edit #2: Spelling & Grammar
  • EconMan
    the new Quartz buckets are just...betterAzn2101

    Then I need to try one :)
  • Azn2101
    So here is a kicker. Randall was using a FocusV branded SiC insert on the live today with an estimated cost of $40-$50 for the insert.

    While I have to give it to Fadespace that he finally refunded the $10 under...hints that I would cancel my order it is still way too much for what I'm pretty sure is just a metaphorical "Test Run" in terms of sales numbers for his newest Aluminium Nitrate inserts for the Carta that he's already confirmed.

    With information i've learned from other people who've dealt with FadeSpace the inserts can be amazing in quality but when it's bad apparently it's pretty bad. Like the inner surface will have knolls so it pools or slides to the same areas everytime.

    Randall did admit that with US based SiC there would be much less chances of receiving defective inserts with similar results alomg with easier oversight & turn around for a faulty batch would be much faster but that wasn't what was planned for the initial start up and frankly I'm fine with that because I'm just a little tired of the inconsistency of the quartz (even my defective "in a good way" one) and the crisped flavor of the Ti so any new surfaces are welcomed. Although the Everlasts & Ceramic are due to come out around 7/10. Or sooner, possibly.

    This puts a real dilemma in my lap because while he did refund the $10 that's still a $40-$50 price difference but at the cost of a "lower grade SiC" is what the known companies will tell you but to this I have no idea to it's factually accurate or even an issue when it comes to vaporization.

    Obviously it will when coming to plate armor for explosives or Medical uses but I'm sceptical as to whether these "Pharmacopia Approved" things matter when vaping.

    Anywho...I need to find someone with a good freaking Rosin Press. I've had about 2 Oz's of A+ shit from my birthday (4/19) that has dust gathering on the jars now literally.
  • EconMan
    My view is I doubt I'm ready to spend that kind of money on a Carta or a Peak. It seems a waste. Neither products produce GREAT vapor, and throwing money into diminishing returns, does not seem wise. But everyone has a different value of money. That said, I do want to gain some experience with SiC, but I think I want to so through my dab rig, not a dabbing appliance.

    To me, it would be like puting Z-rated tires on a prius. You can do it but don't get much for your money.

    Re Fadespace, I know nothing about them, nor have I ever purchased there. In fact, I know of them because off you :)
  • Azn2101
    I'm taking the view that whatever increases the flavor and removes the actual corners of the dish by making it...well a dish instead of a flat plate.

    Those things said I've always been an Eco Nazi and never liked leaving on any of my devices so Start/Heat-Up time is big in this apartment and bigger with the general impatience around here makes the want for a quicker session. While the 710 Axial would be better for B2B2B2B draws and sit down session. We don't always wanna take a dab at the same time and don't want to leave something running with it being a hot metal object.

    So similar to why you bought the peak is why the Carta is best for here and thus why I feel ok with the absurd price of the insert that I know I'll be putting on a shelf come 3-4 months when his AiN inserts for the Carta land and then it might just be "Banger" quality.

    I asked someome who swears their peak has never had any issues (atomizers & all) who bought an AiN insert and he says it really makes the flavor for dabs what it should be. I guess what I took from that was that he felt that it was the same as taking a dab from his 25mm AiN inserts so who knows on that front but I'm sure that the Fadepace SiC will be unsellable when the FocusV SiC comes out. But if I cancel the order he may not feel there's enough interest (which there might not be anyway) for him to release an AiN insert.
  • Azn2101



    Came with the magnet off

    The hole is about 5mm wide on the carb cap so it really cant get into the corners without displacing and removing itself from the beveled edge and makes the concept of a directional/bubble cap useless. Also this helps add to the design flaw on the top that makes it SUPER easy to suck your entire dab into the atomizer from the insert.

    I tried to show a 4mm ruby pearl in there but it could be hard to see.

    The thing that bothered me the most was that when I asked to see what I was buying he sent pictures of his prototype for the model and not what I was going to be receiving so that was kind of a surprise to open and not getting the piece that I was seeing in pictures and what I recieved in hand.

    The entire bottom chamber needs to be filled for the recycling chamber to start having water thrown into it and thus makes for a really large chug of a draw that tends to cool down your material so you have to raise the temperature (he dabs on stock level 3 [770°F] so I see why this isnt an issue for him) but the worst part is that it sucks up your material from just a natural pull. So I said whatever and just decided to just use the bottom chamber but then I realized that the donut perc is the issue with only 3 really small openings.

    If the holes in the actual Perc were bigger so that it could be used for just a regular one chamber percolation piece I would be happy with my purchase but they're really small and only 3 of them making for a big chug to sustain a draw no matter the water level also making the draw hard enough to suck your material into the Atomizer very easily.

    I think he's a cool guy just needs some more work before his glass is 100% reliable. Just my opinion.

    Also I strongly recommend that if you're going to buy a Carta top make sure you ask for a straight up & down tuba safety chamber arm that way your chances of draining all your water into your base are greatly reduced as i've had it happen twice from just picking it up to clean the Atomizer after a dab.

    3.5 (since it's not really functional unless you wanna show off nasty tasting huge clouds)/10 buy from Galfloralandfauda and have gone back to the stock glass for flavor & function.
  • EconMan
    draining all your water into your base are greatly reduced as i've had it happen twice from just picking it up to clean the Atomizer after a dab.Azn2101
    First, great info. Thanks.
    Second, I never had it happen *in* the base, but the slightest negative pressure (tell our asshole friends not to cough into the Carta) will start a vacuum process.
  • Azn2101
    Well my rating for Galfloralandfauda went up highly.

    I've never had a glass blower take back a custom piece, as I said great guy and I was ok with just eating the purchase that is functional piece just not with my style of really weak lungs.

    I guess I need to go into this next design with more...thought as to not waste people's time.

    If I'm going to be all honest it's my inability to be stern in situations that need it.

    I thought the term "Dichro" was a type of recycler and not a color/type of glass and when he asked "is this design ok with you" I should've said "Well it's not what I had in mind. This XXXXX is what I was thinking."

    And I think that lack of communication skills gets me into half the misconceptions and issues in my life.

    I'm very privileged to have chosen someone who is was willing to look at my situation from an in-depth look at my point of view and offered to make a swap for something when he gets back into his shop.

    I think he will go far I'm the Carta Top game.
  • EconMan

    Ah ha! Classic project management woes. :nerd:

    In such custom things there often is:
    1. the product you design
    2. the product you build
    3. the product you sell

    It is very good they took the exchange, for such things the price is likely to rise assuming stable supply, so their risk is small. I like a hard draw. I use a twelve-tube recycler I call "El Dsse" and it takes a bit of diaphragm.

    One critical design element of any glass replacement for the Carta MUST deal with the excessive airflow problem that will be amplified by "recycling". Too much airflow and the oil is just "blown" over the top of the crucibles down into the drain.
  • Azn2101
    One critical design element of any glass replacement for the Carta MUST deal with the excessive airflow problem that will be amplified by "recycling". Too much airflow and the oil is just "blown" over the top of the crucibles down into the drain.EconMan

    Yes that is now my biggest fear for this next piece because after talking with other owners this is something that is being over looked by a lot of the artists.

    When they put the attachment in the base' s fitting for the airpath, they usually show a shot of the function with the carb cap off when splashing oil into the housing wouldn't be an issue.

    I also learned that I just don't have a strong set of lungs on me. I can hold it for a sustained long draw and hold it for a long time but the slightest bit of pressure and I have to catch a breather so that also limits the attachments that are comparable with me.

    I wish he did fab egg-ish designs but I really have always wanted a recycler but do all recyclers have a strong draw?
  • EconMan
    and yet another competitor. This time from Kandy
  • UbarDog

    Looks like a mental health advert
  • Azn2101
    This looks like something that came out of a "Care Bear 4/20 Edition" box

    And what's up with that pose? :rofl:
  • EconMan
    She's my future ex-wife :)
  • Zep4
    Bravo!! Gauss is the best!
  • 52
    If you ask me, all these portable dab machines look like sex toys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, lol.
  • Gman
    That's a competitor for the peak, maybe, but not the carta. Until people provide changeable heat settings and batteries they are dropping the ball. It's also priced way to high, just like the peak.

    Also, have I mentioned all the shady things KP has done?
  • Dr green thumb
    It was a college bet that no one could create a product that looked like a butt plug that people willingly buy and suck on. Winner got a dollar
  • EconMan
    ↪EconMan Bravo!! Gauss is the best!Zep4

    Awww :heart:
    He is pushing 18 years! Love that cat. When he goes I will need therapy! :groan:
  • Zep4
    Holy cow! What an old timer!! I know what you mean. These two will undoubtably be our last since we hope to be in our 80’s when Thor & Loki depart. Thor comes running twice a day...FOR HIS PILL!! When our alarm goes off to remind us, he will get up out of a sound sleep to come for his medicine. And my Loki...the biggest baby ever. Ok...back to Carta’s:) It’s 5am. Time for first dab of the day....or will it be weed....anything is possible with the Carta! Yayyyyy!! :100:
  • EconMan

    When I get a wild hair and drive up to visit you folks sometime, I'll bring Gauss and a jar of oil. He is "Carta friendly - lol

    Well if you're breaking your Carta out this early, I am taking a dab with mine too young lady! :cool: :party: can't be outdone! :joke:

    #Sympatico :nerd:
  • Zep4
    Hahaha...I will send you our address when you get that urge and I’ll break out the litter box we keep for guests:) 6:17a.m.- So far...1 Peak dab, 1 Carta bowl, and 1 AirVapeX bowl gone. I think my homegrown is not wicked potent which is disappointing. I can get it now for $180-240/oz. (obviously NOT from a store or dispensary :rofl: !!) and it’s SO good!! So it hardly seems worth growing. It’s just kinda fun. I’ve got a nice floaty buzz right now, listening to political propaganda (Sean Hannity) :zip: (which might influence your decision to visit. Hope not:) :victory:
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