• EconMan
    These are always funny.

    Here is mine. Hot terp pearl bounced out of the banger when I was fiddling with it. I looked all over the desk I was sitting and could not find it :confused:

    Then suddenly a pain in my thigh! :groan:
    A few inches to my left could have been disastrous :scream:

  • Baron23
    Not quite as dramatic, but on the very FIRST night I had my EVO, on the second ELB load I forgot to cap the ELB, put on the HT, and immediately filled it with fine ground herb.

    I was both panicked and too stoned to figure it out (it ain't easy getting a whole load of flower out of the bottom section of an HT)..

    I reached out to VXH who were very kind and humorously told me that I was far from the first person to do this...and they gave me some tips on how to get it out....which still was a major PIA.

  • Baron23
    Joining this forum is a big fail.vapemanbro

    Says the asshole who creates account after account in order to troll the board. The irony is hilarious as is his/her/whatever's lack of self-awareness. Too funny.

    This has to be PAM.....nobody else would waste so much time trolling VLF! haha
  • Dr green thumb
    My biggest fail happened right after I had ground some flower in my grinder. I was unscrewing the base which was sticky due to grinding flower and it suddenly let go. This sent my freshly ground flower flying through the air and all over the floor. I had to get a small broom and sweep it up then go through it making sure I could still use it. I didn't want to waste the flower.
  • SourMalk
    I drop things wayyyyy too much when I'm stoned. Whether it be a crucible, a dab tool or my entire grinder full of weed, at some point in my session I'm gonna drop something.

    I just hope each time that it's something easy to pick up.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I totally dumped like half of my last 1.5 g of shake down the cracks of my couch a few weeks back. Drug abuse at its worst. :monkey:
  • McNuggetsTrip
    I spilt half a jar of avb on me a week ago :roll: :lol:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    My first job was at kfc. I was 13 maybe 14 and still pretty new to smoking weed. I handed my resume in as soon as they opened, then headed on over to my buddies house. We decided we wanted to smoke out so we went down the street to this chics place because her parents and uncle always had the goods. We head down to the park and get baked.
    We start walking up the river bank and back to someones house when my stepdad comes barrling down the street to the park. He is a little mad im not at my friends house and tells me i have a job interview at 3 the clock says 255. I said i dont think i can do that, dont be nervous he says or somerhing like that, he recluctanly drove me home quick to "get ready".
    I am tripping some serious balls by this time and sitting inside kfc waiting for my interview (its not a dine in im posted up on the window bench) theres a male cashier whos a couple years older then me and im really getting the vibe that he know how stoned i am. My mouth is so dry by this point im trying to figure out how i can use the employee bathroom. When robbie rotten reads my mind and says would you like a drink buddy. He honestly saved my life i was so parched, if only he had visine my eyes were burning lol.
    I grew up in a really small town. This guys office was just big enough to fit a desk and his chair but it alsp housed the bags of syrup and co2 what not for the fountain pop. Im doing my best to keep my composure when all of a sudden pppppsssshhhhhhttttttt the pop machine goes off. Having never heard this sound before and it happening right behind my ear i was thoroughly scared shitless i ducked under my arms and everything. I got the job. One night i burnt my testicles with hot grease while cleaning the fryer it wasnt 400 degrees or anything but it was still pretty hot. It was awful. PPE is no joke kids.
  • Startedat52
    Kind of a stoner story from today. I’m on a 60 hour t break till tomorrow morning, maybe afternoon if I can make it. I decided to grab a six pack, mind you I quit bourbon completely(big deal for me) since mid August but still have 1-2 beers every now and then. My work vehicle is a van. I get home early and open the sliding side door and this happened. Everyone is foaming so I pour all of them in a pitcher, go out on the deck and proceed to down the pitcher in an hour. Now I have a REALLY bad headache and feel like shit. Might be enough to quit the beer too. Ok not really a stoner story but felt compelled to share it. jxx3n53lo4owkg0g.jpeg
  • Dankpup
    dam and those are the cool Guinness bottles with the toucans on them?
  • EconMan
    I love these things. Vaping be dangerous -- lol
  • EconMan
    Not mine, but this is funny. at 1:52 has me LMFAO :rofl:

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