• Maltzon
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a desktop vape to buy. I have tried the pax, air, mighty, and MFLB. I'm looking for something primarily to use between 2-4 people, but ocassionally may use it alone. I decided against the log style vapes due to issues with groups, although the effenciency of them was very tempting. I've narrowed it down to the LSV and the Plenty. Their price differences aren't huge factors, but I am concerned with the Plenty being an herb guzzler (I'd prefer a unit that used about .5 or less, but I primarily am a combuster so I am not overly concerned about that). I really need a unit that is powerful and can wow, however the cooling coil was very interesting as many of my friends, as well as my partner, don't like the burn that combusting can give them in their throats. So between the LSV and Plenty, I'm looking for something that is reliable, powerful, and a smooth experience for groups and the occasional personal use. Please help as I'm looking to get one before my birthday party!
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  • Flipz
    Both are excellent vapes but when I read your situation and what you want to use it for, hands down I'd go with the plenty. It is not uncommon for me to pack the plenty for 2-3 people and everyone getting pretty nice off of one session... if I had better herb I'm sure I'd need even less lol.
  • V for Vendetta
    The LSV caused me excruciating chest pain in 1-2 draws, and I have never had a sensitivity to vapor nor smoke. The pain would increase over the hours. It was very unusual, because I was running it thru a 200 hole water perc with the LSV water adapter. I gave it away. Never so much chest pain from any form of inhaling anything in my life. I own a Volcano, and many say it irritates them more than the Plenty, and that the Plenty is smooth, and the cooling coil supposedly works very well. I would personally go with the Plenty, but I do not have experience with it, and I'm waiting for Vapes to develop and be safer. If S&B could somehow change to a design to heat glass to heat herb (wrap any heating element around glass to keep the element away from vapor - glass contact only), and add a digital temp readout of the Plenty, it would be golden. I think the VapeXhale EVO or something with a glass heating path (like the EVO) is best for a real investment, so you know there is no possible off gassing or particles that can come thru. I don't much trust ceramic unless it is heating the glass that is heating the herbs, again, like the EVO.
  • Jamie C
    I love my Extreme Q by Arizer. Capable of doing bag and whip very solid vaporizer. Price can vary big time so shop around a little. I highly recommend this vaporizer for a desktop.

  • Aj85
    Both the LSV and the Plenty are miles better then the Extreme Q (imho).

    The LSV is more efficient with smaller loads and has better flavour but to work at it's best it needs a decent bong (the best all glass, water vape is the Cloud Evo by far) and it needs to be stirred quite often. I prefer the LSV for single person or maybe two person use with a water tool.

    However as Flipz stated for your intended use its got to be the Plenty hands down! It's a near perfect party vape! A full chamber can satisfy up to 3 or 4 people with no stirring needed and no need to worry about your friends dropping $100s in glassware (no joke a couple of friends have cost me dearly when it comes to vapes and glassware) and most people don't feel the need to use glassware with the Plenty anyway.

    Also did you know they now sell a chamber reducer for the plenty for single person use? I haven't tried it personally but I've heard very good things about it.

    All the best,

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