• Stants
    Hello, I've searched here and googled but I can't get a definitive answer or close up enough picture so hopefully you guys & girls will be able to help me out,

    I've had the ghost for about a week and all was great untll I've come to strip down and rebuild after a clean, i've noticed a small tear in the top of the gasket looks like a manufacturing defect, buts surely that shouldn't impact its performance

    no matter what I try I cannot get the rubber gasket to seat correctly with the retaining cap in place, it will sit in the heatsink flush but as soon as I replace the cap it either lifts at either corner or the small cut out at the back raises up a couple of mm. It's almost as if it's too large and the cap just squishes out of sync,

    I've raised a ticket with ghost but I understand it's a public holiday in the US? So it will be a few days before they reply, I'm at my wits end as I was really enjoying using it, now I hardly get any vapour at all on any temp,

    Hopefully I've attached a picture (rubbish at this kind of thing)

    But if anyone has any tips or tricks that will help out that would be great


    If anyone got any better hosting sites than photo bucket that would also greatly be appreciated
  • OhHello
    It all only goes in one way, I had to really press mine hard to get it to seat... I held it against a flat surface. Can you post pics of how you are assembling it? You can test for leaks by putting the heat sink flat and firmly in the palm of your hand and blowing into it..if you can’t blow then there no leaks

    I also snap one side in and then lift the other side down over until it snaps in place
  • Baron23
    tagging @GHOSTTEAM and @GhostVapesNerissa for you.

    It’s a USA holiday today?? Not that I’m aware of??
  • VapeCritic

    Push the silicone down REALLY hard before you try putting the top on, it's a PITA but you can get it to sit flush again.
  • martinstraka8282
    I had trouble as well, but you can get in there flush eventually!
  • Ctipp22
    Just suck and plug the holes to see how airtight is it
    Hi Everyone!

    We are in fact not on vacation lol, but the jury is out on whether or not there's a holiday in the US today. Seems there's a new one every week! We've taken care of @Stants ... I'm not too sure if it's causing even a minute air bypass, but I'm a little concerned about the tear in the gasket so I thought it best to get ahead of the issue and send a couple out.

    Thanks for the tips guys and gals and for always looking out for the community!

    Virgil from GHOST Vapes 
  • bgrpph
    i've had MV1 for > a yr now & with the new style gasket I also have not been able to get the top piece to fit totally tight against the heat sink- no matter what i try. The small lip on the top piece is always raised up a bit on mine also as in the OP pics. However when assembled & i put the bottom against my palm & suck on it- its absolutely air tight- so i've not been worrying about the small gap as it doesn't seem to have any leaks and works fine. I've 4 different complete heat sinks & they all fit this way with none of the tops sitting flush to heat sink when i use the new gaskets. But they don't leak air at all so i've not worried about it- I've tried many hard pushes on the gasket to get it lower so the top fits better but nothing works for me- the MV1 works fine like this though .
  • OhHello

    Same as above...never sits right after first cleaning but also never an air leak
  • Stants
    Thanks again everyone for the help & info
    @GHOSTTEAM have been brilliant once again and however daft my questions are they have helped out, new gasket is on the way, should be with my by the end of the week,

    I'll be ordering another heatsink for convienice as always good to have a spare or two,

    Really impressed by how friendly the forum is considering I'm a noob here thanks again everyone !
  • Frosty1
    Yer I've found the same too. Probably no issue but if you want it to sit flush you need to almost tuck the gasket into the heatsink on the side where the heatsink has a cut out.
  • Stants
    @GHOSTTEAM gasket arrived this morning, massive thank you to virgil and the team, shipped from the US to UK in 2 days, one of the best companies I've delt with customer service wise
  • Summer
    but if you want it to sit flush you need to almost tuck the gasket into the heatsink on the side where the heatsink has a cut out.Frosty1

    After removing it the 1st time, it stretches out, sorta like a gummy bear, & never goes back in smoothly. Consistency- & density-wise it is gummy-bearish. Trying to get Humpty back together again is akin to trying to put a tabbed diaper on a fussing baby. I do understand why they use that material for the gasket. The gel like fluidity/gummyness spreads out to fill all the nooks & crannies so there's no air bypass leaks. It's when you remove it that it stretches, thus deforms. I try to br ever-so-gentle when removing but you just have to tug it to separate it from the HS. I'm gonna see if I can find an object to use to wedge it out.

    I think we need to realize that this is a replaceable maintanace part. A disposal item that we are gonna have to periodically replace. So yeah, best to have spares on-hand.
  • EconMan
    The gel like fluidity/gummyness spreads out to fill all the nooks & crannies so there's no air bypass leaks.Summer

    Love the gummy bear analogy.

    And those nooks and crannies is why I would NEVER do concentrates in a MV1. The cleaning chore late would be annoying.
  • Frosty1

    This is all true but if it went in once then it'll go in again! Whilst it's tight it'll go, just needs some encouragement.
  • Summer
    Love the gummy bear analogy.EconMan

    Really more like gummy worms as the texture makes it gnarly to work with. :)

    @EconMan, I since edited the last half of my post.
  • LuckyVape
    I get streaks where my Ghost works well, and I get consistently good performance, but then arrives the time to clean it.

    Sometimes, it just doesn't seem to want to work. you think there may be a leak. I try putting the heat sink against my palm and testing it for leaks. Nothing wrong there. Put it back in and try again...nope, still not performing well.

    I then concede that I will try taking it apart and trying again to cap the gasket hopefully in a way that it will work. Sometimes that is all it takes, but other times, I try a few times before I am satisfied that it is working again.

    Same thing with over-heating. It will suddenly start to happen after like 7 or 8 pulls, and not even on the highest temps. If it is close to cleaning, that is one thing, but it happens when it should still be fine.

    Despite a little dread when it comes cleaning time again and I have to put it back together again, I am getting better at being able to get my Ghost working more consistently. What makes it worth it- i get some great flavors and smooth pulls that I don;t get from most other Vaporizers.
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