• SourMalk
    I know alot of people here love hash and it seems to be a difficult thing to vaporize. So I figured I would start this thread for people to discuss the methods they use to vape hash.

    Personally I have only found luck using the Dynavap M. I place a small pancake of organic cotton directly onto the screen, then I try to make a thin layer of hash. I've found that breaking your hash into small pieces to make an even layer works the best for extraction. Alternatively, with softer hash I just mold a small piece into a disc the diameter of the Dynavap bowl. Then I top my hash with another small pancake of cotton, put the cap on and vape.

    Heating is a little tricky because you need slightly more heat than the click offers. If you're a stickler for the rules, heat until the click and by the third hit you'll see some good vapor. If you're a bad boy who doesn't care about the click, then you can go 2 seconds past the click for the first two hits and get vapor right away. Once the tip is heat soaked, you can just go 1 second past the click.

    As I said, the only vaporizer that I've found actually works well with hash is the Dynavap, so if you've had success with something else please share your method.

    Thanks :D
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Hiya, using a similar technique with cotton/hemp, I've enjoyed hash from the Milaana. As you say, there is extra heat required which depletes the battery more quickly than with flower. For that reason I also prefer to use a Dynavap M. But it does work and tastes great.
    Anyone tried hash in the Elev8r?
  • SourMalk

    Did it clog up your screen pretty quick on the milaana?

    I've tried only a few vapes with hash.

    From best to worst:
    Mighty / Crafty (on-top of concentrate pad)
    Pax 3

    Then the ones I tried with very little success:
    Solo 2
    Xmax Starry
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Did it clog up your screen pretty quick on the milaana?SourMalk

    No, it was wrapped inside degummed hemp fibre so it was contained in there. It wasn't full-melt either, I haven't tried any full-melt maybe that would be more messy?
  • SourMalk

    Sorry if this sounds stupid but what is full-melt?

    All I know is I've gotten two kinds of hash; hard or soft.

    The hard stuff seems to be way easier to handle and makes way less of a mess, but it doesn't produce nearly as much vapour as the soft stuff.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Hiya, it's not a daft question at all.
    I sometimes make my own hash using trim, ice/water and bubble bags. Each bag has different sized holes to collect the trichome heads and filter out any plant material. The purest grade (least plant matter) would be the full-melt, which literally melts and bubbles away under heat. Because I'm not working with large quantities of raw plant material, I've always gone for quantity over quality when making my own so I just mix the different grades in each bag together for the final product. This makes for something more akin to very good quality street-hash, similar to the soft hash you have used probably.
  • SourMalk

    Okay yes I'm familiar with bubble hash, thanks for the clarification.
    Bubble hash I've found actually tastes the best.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Tyedyesamuraiguy suggested using a quartz pearl in the bowl with a bit of hash then the cap. I tried it with a 10mm pearl and it does work very well.
  • SourMalk

    Hmmm ... Very interesting idea. I'll have to get my hands on a 10mm pearl
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Dynavap is a hash pipe for real! I started with cotton; then i tore apart a liquid pad that works good and i find it the least messy,Then i bought e juice vaper mesh and that works amazing for shatter but can also make a hash screen if need be, finally i landed on the terp pearl that is my favorite way so far, super tasty, extra conduction, it is the most messy i find though but its not really a deal breaker for me. These methods all work good for shatter as well.

    Sticky brick is also a decent hash vape you can really get the heat going in there. I prefer my dynavap for hash though i think its the conduction. Now that i think of it i might stick my two terp pearls into the sticky brick bowl and see how that goes. I think i will need more then two though.
  • Wallace
    I have been using my dynavap for hash and works great.
    I respect the click and don't add anything just drop a bit in and hit it.
    Works great and no dripping down the tube or.anything like it.
    Only one recommendation: don't flip it upside down until you have taken the first hit, so it won't fall into the cap.
    Once you have taken the first hit it won't happen.
    After some hits stir inside the bowl and hit again, and again.
    I have tried many different hashes and even keef and wow it works well all around with no extra filters (just don't flip until you have hit it)
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