• The Rogue Wax Works
    @SourMalk he does not have a condenser showing in his animation so I wonder if the "airport" creates the turbulence with or without it. Are there any models without condensers? I have found that all the vaporizers that produce the best flavor have the shortest and narrowest air paths.
  • SourMalk

    If you look at this screenshot, you'll see the dark blue lines represent the "fresh air" form the airport. The reason it travels towards the tip first, before going straight into your mouth, is because it enters the dynavap on the outside of the condenser, then has to go toward the tip before going into the condenser and then into your mouth.

    If there was no condenser, that fresh air would just go directly into your mouth and not travel back towards the tip first. Thus no turbulence.

    It took me a few tokes to figure it all out lol.


    Edit: If the airport was a lot closer to the tip, you might not need a condenser, as it could possibly create turbulence by entering the stem so close to the tip. I'll experiment when I get a chance.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @SourMalk Ha! Yah right after I sent that I thought a little harder about it and realized, duh!

    I'm going to have to do some experimenting with open, closed and no condenser tonight.
  • Hippie
    I think I've got my T53 working the way I hoped :)

    Inspired by the G43, the Glass Symphony and the recent portable Flowerpot talk I decided to revisit my T53 project and wrapped 2 x 5ohm 28AWG Kanthal coils around a 5mm glass rod which sits in a 3 way glass distillation adapter that has an 18mm male and 18mm female joint either end and an 18mm side arm where the wires come in, surrounded the rod and coils with 3mm glass beads, shaped some gauze to hold the beads in place and corked the side arm so the wires sit outside the airpath.

    Here's an example of the 3 way adapter
    So it's bigger than the G43, smaller than the GS and sits on top of the load like the Flowerpot, and you can use it either way up.

    With no glowyness from the coils at temp it's drawing about 17.5 watts after heat up with either a box mod or my 12V 5A PSU and step down converter for tasty slow hits or you can clear a bowl in 2 hits with a little more power if you're in a hurry.

    Step down converter

    Testing is ongoing but so far I'm blown away, or maybe just toasted from all the testing :)
    I think I've made the heavy hitter I wanted, that works with either a box mod or mains power.
  • SourMalk
    Made a new oak stem today. Took some inspiration from PhatPiggie (a veteran in the community). It came out very nice, and this time I put a carb hole. I've yet to test it but I'll update later in terms of performance.smpmz9dvy0huya2e.jpg
  • Hippie
    Grrrrrr damn cheap eBay 2 Pin SM connectors :angry:
    I installed them to my 510 extension lead, T53, and step down converter for a modular setup that I can use with the G43 too ...... and they're all iffy at the same point.
    I'm mad at myself mostly as I was only being flash as the extension and T53 work great without the SM connectors or using screw down connector blocks and I cut working wires to fit the damned things (being impatient with a new spool in the post) lol :blush:

    There is an upside tho
    Yay cheap eBay 2 pin SM connectors :cool:
    The G43 is working well via the PSU and step down converter I mentioned before.
    I wasn't sure it'd be safe with the changing resistance of the SS coil with temp but it's actually added a little temp control as the step down delivers more power when the resistance drops as you draw air through the G and the coil temp drops, so reheat time between draws is a little quicker.
  • Baron23
    Love it...hehehe...he uses f*ck even more than I do!! haha

    Yeah, back in the day if I had tin foil and a straight pin, then I could make a pipe out of almost anything.

    But I never tried Bologna. I think it would get kind of greasy, no? haha
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    hahaha it is way greasy!!! I to used to mcgiver mad shit thats why my buddy linked me, also for the pepperoni and lastly the trailer park boys lol!
    These guys crack me up big time! There are a few year round trailer parks in my parts even though its illegal for them to be year round, its a bmast out there.
  • EconMan
    But I never tried BolognaBaron23

    Even as a poor stoner, I had a little bit of class. Joints on a toilet paper roll was about as ghetto as I could get.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    hide your meat drawer, lock up your peperonies... No lunch meat is safe... :rofl:
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