• The Rogue Wax Works
    We all know that @VapeCritic is the bomb, but sometimes I like to check out other reviewers. I learned about Sneaky Pete and Senior Stoner here and really enjoy their reviews.

    Here are my other two favorites:

    Vapelife X https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOuykzR5Dcwnt9ojoeb19Vw
    A lot of straight to the point info, he knows his stuff, reviews obscure vaporizers and just generally seems like a dude that would be fun to vape a bowl with.

    Positive Smash 420 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_rHTsIG5Yuig2vb-7gI0iQ
    Shes cute, gives good reviews and gets as visibly high as Senior Stoner seems sober.

    Of course we have to give a shout out to Dabbing Granny because she is such a bad ass!!
  • Papic914
    I watch Troy from 420 vape zone. He does a lot of live stream sessions and YouTube videos .
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Papic914 oh yah, I have seen a couple of his videos. He has an unconventional way of heating his VapCap and he basically said "F off, dont make fun of my technique". I like his attitude.
  • Papic914
    lol yea he’s cool like that. I like his vids a lot I watch him sneaky Pete and bud obviously lol I will give those others you mentioned a try.
  • Ctipp22
    Troy sneaky and bud only pretty much then us forum members will livestream on Zancrus IG as well.
  • Pakalolo2
    Props to the Zanman! His IG streams are amazing and quite instructional. My lungs can’t handle his aggressive approach to vaping Nirvana so I live vicariously through his and Bud’ streams.
  • Dankpup
    Sneaky Pete
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Ctipp22 I'll have to check out @zancru stream. I saw his amazing new Simrell Collection Kit VapCap on a couple other boards.
  • Pakalolo2
    Yes Zancru’s Simrell set is one of my favs from the collection. He had a live stream using it a couple of days ago....just beautiful. I have a 420 Edition of the Vortex that is an absolutely gorgeous beast. Now I got to make room for a set with the scoop and stand.
  • Mangu
    My guilty pleasure is checking out @dabbingmaniac323 on IG. The guy is simply a dabbing machine. Out here in New York I can only dream of hitting a dab at least one day like the ones he does daily.....alas life is different for everyone everywhere. Always give thanks for what ya have today.
  • Ginny Vapes
    Yea, Troy at 420 vapezone, He has awesome info. Sneaky Pete, Zac (puffitup) do great reviews. ( I compare to Buds reviews :blush:) There's this really cool guy in the UK. I think his name is Zach as well. he does smooth reviews and I swear, it is a treat, a real treat to watch katiebean420 and danielle at the dabspot. I'm not sure, both of their channels may have been deleted. they were located in washington. they vape but they smoke and gas mask and fog up tents, hike. it's awesome. those girls really took a hard hit with youtube so did the silent mermaid-aka frances. sunshinestoner710 gets with indoor smokers and her papa, Mike @ the vape lounge they test out new devices. a lot of it is vape devices but it's more about chillin, hangin out. Thanks, that was fun to share
  • Ginny Vapes
    Oh YES! there is my girl :love: She got burnt very badly around thanksgiving. she is doing a lot better but her youtube channel took some hits. she did show up at the weedtube release thingy with indoor and sunshinestoner and indoor's x wife. I really hope they make it over there. she tagged everything weed and dab related on youtube but she was still targeted. really sad. she's so cool. I like katiebean too. katie said she quit smoking and isn't going to do anymore weed related vids. I've not seen these guys Lol.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Ha! @Dr green thumb me and PAM go way back. He was the first person to buy a SmokStack. I was pleasantly surprised to find his video on YouTube.

    And I definitely have to check out The Dab Spot.

    @Pakalolo2 I bet it's gorgeous. Everthing on their site is beautiful and drool worthy.

    @Ginny Vapes post a link when you figure him out.
  • Ginny Vapes
    Yea his stream is pretty good. he kind of forgets to vape sometimes :lol: if that sounds familiar and your okay with it, it's great. A lot of glass beauty
    go's about 2hrs on insta. between him, Troy and Zac, I've got to get more gigs. I watch one vid then I'm basically done for the month. lol. I can't seem to get insta or youtube notifications to work on anything but my cell
  • Ginny Vapes
    ...So...were anyone of you the 6 people that tuned into Zancru's live stream today. :chin:
  • Ginny Vapes
    You mean the aussie guy? Zach? i think
  • Dr green thumb

    I was there early on when he first started.
  • Ginny Vapes
    didn't see you there. I don't think I knew any of the others. I think he just used a nectar collector today. he got razzed for talking as much as a girl. lol.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    I requested to follow his IG today. Is his stream available after the fact?
  • zancru
    and everyone is gladly invited to join, I'm 25/8/366 a year LIVE Instagram streaming jajjajajajajajaj
    IG name is
    Stay vaped and happy weekend...
  • bum karacho
    sneaky pete and troy!
    and zancru in future!
  • EconMan

    For flower vapes I only really "follow' VapeCritic.
    For concentrates, there are a few. Less so channels that "review" things (got VC for that), and more so for knowledge transfer.


    The710Extractionist (B/PHO extraction)

    Oleum Extracts (stunning time-lapse vids of extractions)

    APEX supercritical (closed loop science - and they take questions)

    Bubbleman's World (bubble hash and rosin pressing)

    Cannabis Frontier (eclectic "catch-all" content)

    What I do NOT like are the "hot chick" channels where it is near obvious that 90% of the demand for the channel is from horny men who can't get laid and care more about catching a "skin shot" than learning something. This is not to say I dislike hot chicks. Quote the contrary, I'm rather fond of them, but I HATE, "hotness" masquerading as real expertise acquired.

    It's a bizarre civilization we live in.
  • Mangu
    LOL!! I have to agree with you 100% on the odd “hot girls” trend....are you trying to get high? Or you just trynna rub one out? :brow:
  • EconMan
    LOL!! I have to agree with you 100% on the odd “hot girls” trend....are you trying to get high? Or you just trynna rub one out?Mangu

    LMFAO exactly! Not just vapes, it is everywhere. Girls who are not even real gamers, show some cleavage and act flirty seem to make more $ than the real experts whose talent I thought was the object of being there in the first place.

    I am orders of magnitude more educated, experienced, and accomplished in economics than any hot newsbabe on say Fox News. Yet, with a pretty face, dripping red lipstick, some nice boobs, short skirt, festive personality, and a pair of red heels on, she could have majored in gender studies with a C and be an economics idiot, yet more people will listen to her about economics than me. It is a truly sobering realization. :mask:

    When I was a full-time econ professor, my salary was $155,000/yr. Yet Sandra Smith's salary reportedly is ~$350,000+ benefits. :mask:

    Wonder why? Would you take economic advice and analysis from her? Millions do.
  • Raven907
    Pretty much depends on who's uploading. Simplisick, dopeasyola are a couple. Wish straincentral uploaded more. Always watch vapecritic, 420vapezone and sneakypete when they get videos out.
  • Ginny Vapes
    I hear you on that.that's why I'm not real social. people judge e v e r y t h i n g. I just have to defend Danielle at the dabspot. she knows what she is doing. she doesn't take crap, deletes the creeps. she is one you can tell is for real. her & bean. I kind of think it's a shame. Just because someone is attractive doesn't mean people have a right to say & do anything they want because they are live streaming. I go where I need for specs & details like Bud, Troy, Zac but I like watching a variety because they show connectors, new idea's and have fun. I'm sure some people get their rocks off over Bud & Hazel. Ya know? But it seems like pretty girls can't get anywhere until they aren't girls anymore but that just ruin's a girl's life worrying what people think. but Yea, it's just bizarre.
  • Ginny Vapes
    I understand there aren't many females here & this is a guys world. As a female, I can say that women know there are few business area's where they are paid attention to for their brain.(if any) Working with nearly every industry being a man's industry, pretty women with brains thinks no matter where I go, no matter what I do, I will just be looked at as a piece of meat so off I go to the highest paid market. I think it's good survival skills :sweat: I mean we got to get paid too :100:
  • Summer
    Bud, Troy, sneakypete & wavy vaporizers are my go tos.
  • Law7764
    Sneaky Pete, Vape X, 420 VapeZone
  • OhHello
    Besides all the ones here I also enjoy Silencedhippie, she’s just fun but also lives about 3 miles from me so I gotta support haha

    Oh and this guy lol
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