• bulllee
    There are all sorts of cedar cigar humidors that are cheap and work quite well. Just buy a basic humidor box and add a hydrometer and thermometer. Keep your Hydrometer at 70% and your temperature at 70%. JRs cigars has some very nice models, https://www.jrcigars.com/accessories/humidors/
    I have kept lots of cigars in everything from a huge tupperware container to numerous smaller cedar humidors and it all boils down to keeping consistent humidity, temperature, and NO sunlight. Sunlight will screw up your cigars real quick. I have keep some cigars for 10 years with very little degradation. Thats cigars, buds of flowers are a bit different dynamic in that the cigars are rolled and stored in their natural leafs making them slower to degrade than flower. The most I have been able to keep quality bud has been two years. After that's a toss up on quality. :cool:
  • Terpenetime
    For over twenty years I’ve been smoking then vaping just one strain at a time but I’ve recently started storing a number of different strains in 8 ounce jars with 58% Boveda packs in an enclosed metal cabinet in my garage, which in the UK is cooler than my house all year round.

    I don’t know how long it should take for the Boveda packs to reach their full potential (I suppose it depends on the starting point) but they’ve been in for about three weeks now and I have to say that I’ve already noticed a marked difference in the aroma and taste. Quite remarkable really! :ok:

    Edit: I’ve read that 58% is best for vaping and 62% is best for smoking but I don’t know how true this is?
  • treecityrnd
    This. 58-62% Boveda pack and airtight Mason Jars in room below 65°. Nothing works better IMO.

    62% is definitely best for pressing rosin. I think most vapers prefer things on the dry side so 58% would be great.
  • Baron23
    I use 62% but not sure I would be able to tell the diff from 58%.

    In addition to mason jars and bovedas (my approach also), keep them out of the sunlight, right? Cabinet or something similar.
  • Terpenetime

    Yes, they’re locked up with my vape gear in a metal cabinet that is kept in my garage... I’ve just posted a picture in the OCD thread.
  • MrGreen
    Integra boost 55% works for me.
  • Terpenetime
    Here’s a link to the picture I mentioned previously. Apologies, I should have provided one at the time...

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