• Kurrytacos
    I have had the ghost mv1 for 2 months now and I love it but theres one thing I cant get over. I heard the battery life on this vape is great and it should be considering how hefty the battery is. My problem is that within two days of not charging the vape the battery indicator is already at flashing one yellow light. Between this time I only got through 1 ground herb crucible (about 11-12 hits on 2 yellow lights to 1 red light heat setting) and then I went through about 10-15 hits on concentrate mode. I've already talked to ghost about this and have been following their etiquette by removing the battery between uses and I still cant get through 2 days without needing to charge it. Their website claims at least 60 hits on concentrate mode alone and I have only ever gotten anywhere near that when I use ground herb on the lower settings. I wanted to know on average how many hits or days this vape lasts uncharged for you guys so that I can know if my battery is defective or that this is what I should expect from this device.
  • Gonzo
    pull the battery when you’re not using it. I think they will release a new firmware that doesn’t keep the Bluetooth enabled when not in vape mode....,which is probably contributing to the battery issues.
  • Kurrytacos
    I’ve done that as well in between uses
  • WOLF444
    When you guys say pull the battery, do you mean keep it detached from the main unit at all times when the vape is not in use - or pull the battery and then reconnect it so that you have to hold down the function button to turn it back on again the next time you want to use it?

    Also I will say that the battery level readout on the app seems buggy... I've had it fluctuate down and up and it's not very helpful that it only changes in 25% increments... I'd at least like to see it move by 10% up and down...
  • McNuggetsTrip
    pull and reconnect. This puts the device into shipping mode. They are working on updates slowly but surely
  • acstorfer
    Most of my battery lives past the yellow light, especially a few days after charging. Judge not your MV1 battery by the color/flashing of it’s lights, but by the content of charge in the battery. Seriously though, don’t stop at a blinking yellow light. By the time mine blinks yellow, I have another 4 crucibles left minimum. Take it to the limit. Take it until there’s just no charge left. That’s the best way I keep track. I can do 8 - 12 crucibles per battery. I generally stop at 8 so I don’t run out of juice before finishing.
  • martinstraka8282
    I find one lasts much longer than the other. Not sure why that would be but since I have two plus the fast charger, I try to just keep them topped up.
  • ssaucyc515
    I didn't use my mv1 for about a month and half. Batteries were still full and didn't even charge when I tried to top them off. I have 2 batteries and only use the micro USB port , don't have a fast charger. I unplug the battery and reconnect it without pushing the power button at all after every use.
  • okla68m
    I've Never removed mine, just keep track of charge and pop in a charged one (I have 2) if needed. I avg using 2 batteries each day, but, I also medicate approx 20 out of 24 hours a day!
    Doubt I've gone more than 24 hours Without using my MV1 since I got it a year ago....rotated with, AirVape X, Enano and now G43 added to the rotation ! I also used to have a Dynavape OG (GLASS), but, melted it using as a honey straw, lol !
  • nowayout
    I don't really keep track about how much it lasts me, but I do have a fast charger and like 3 batteries so once they reach one green light I switch them out anyway. At one green light there is still plenty of juice left but I have been spoiled by the fast charger and my two extra batteries.
    I'll try to keep track how much one lasts me and see how it goes.

    It's really convenient to have at least the fast charger and one extra battery though. Definitely a great investment if the MV1 is your daily driver.
  • Stants
    I need a spare battery

    I've not really kept tabs on the life as I only do 2 crucibles a night on average, so it's usually charge Monday and it's still going strong by Friday, but this weekend I sort of kept an eye on it so Friday evening charge, 2 sessions Friday then 1 sat morning followed by 4 I think sat afternoon/eve and another 2 Sunday morning before the green light started flashing, when it gets to one light I notice hardly any vapour but still loads of taste, usually stick it right up high when this happens

    the fast charger is an added bonus mine only seems to take about an hour and a half to fully charge, I've been told by @GHOSTTEAM the rubbish battery indicator on the app will be addressed in the next patch

    Hi @Stants!

    Thank you for letting us know. I'm happy to look into getting you a replacement battery. If you're not opposed, would you mind applying the following recommendations to your process over the next couple of days to see if performance improves?

    1.) To completely power off the MV1 and conserve battery life, remove the battery when the MV1 is not in use
    2.) Best practice is to charge the battery whenever it is not in use making sure to remove it from the micro-USB or Fast Charger once it's fully charged

    If performance doesn't improve, please either send me a PM or submit a ticket with the following information (do not post here on this public thread) and we'll get an RMA for you.

    1.) Order number or Retailer name
    2.) Serial Number - You can find it on the box, or behind the unit when you remove the battery
    3.) Contact Information (Full name, phone number, and Ship-to address)
    4.) Email Address

    Looking forward to resolving this for you.

    Virgil from GHOST Vapes 
  • Stants

    Hi virgil,

    I'm not complaining about the battery life I was just commentating that I should have got a second one when I made the initial purchase :lol:
    Going camping this weekend would have been nice to have a back up on hand
  • billytwillig
    My Rose Gold (for sale) is phenomenal but my Stealth Black battery was garbage. I sold it at a discount so they could replace the battery, it was awful. Even with a new battery it worked eh. Had to use the boost mode for it.

    oops! Totally misread that I'm sorry! Excuse me while I wipe the egg off my face.


    Virgil from GHOST Vapes 
  • tripertronic
    you take 26 hits with one crucible?
  • okla68m
    MV1 Needs a 12v Quick Charger. The USB takes a while....
    But, a Spare Battery, Quick Charger and Extra Crucibles are a MUST for a Seamless Extended Adventure (Weekend Camping/Fishing, etc.), IMO !
    I use One Plus some of a Second on a Daily basis and that's just sitting here at my desk, using by myself.
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