• Nixon
    I have been using DaVinci iq for about a year now and it was working fine, used program 3 mostly, had good impact and mild vapor.
    Few days ago something happen, there is no vapor and no impact at all, device seems to work fine, heats up normally, over being cleaned daily and seems to work well.
    Tried using different, more potent herb, but still nothing.
    Still under warranty.
    Samar grinder and all, nothing changed.
    Any ides?
  • Dankpup
    The pearl etc feel hot? Is the flower not changing color?
  • BestBuds
    I'm wondering if you have felt your draw resistance getting harder. Have you noticed that? Sometimes it's damn near impossible to clean the spot above the herb chamber and below the flavor chamber. A little place I used to call "satan's bunghole".
  • BobCat
    @zancru thought I made up 'Satan's Anus.' It's a thing!
  • Nixon
    The pearl is hot, I don’t feel extra resistance, and I use it without the herb chamber at all, I took it out and used it without it all this time and it was
  • Atomize
    Send it back and claim on the warranty. 10 years right. I have sent my iq back twice because of an electrical fault. The supplier gave me a new vape each time. And each time it seemed to be slightly updated in the build.
  • tripertronic
    thats not good. Because the resin that builds up normally in the flavour chamber, now flows trough the device. Iq has an big design flaw. It is not sealed on the inside. Every liquid flows freely to the inside. Thats why I would not clean it like troy, but thats my personal opinion. I have three iqs. 2 had resin build up in the inside. Thats what causes the electronic problem that every iq user will have. Batterie indicator problem, wont start up problem, sit down on table shut off problem...
    Never clean it with to much iso!
  • Karec
    im not disagreeing with you but @420vapezone mentions on the video that this is done by the DaVinci workers (9.05m on the video) to deep clean the device so although is clearly a design flaw (everyone with an IQ have problems with Satans anus) it is a recommended method so if i would go for advice obviously IQ staff have to be N1, Troy can you step in on this and share your thoughts?
    I only did this method once because i think @tripertronic point of view is valid and that was what kept me doing that before, i went to see @PuffItUp teardown of the IQ to see if this space is sealed but i couldn't see if clearly, maybe they could also share their thoughts? https://blog.puffitup.com/2017/08/da-vinci-iq-teardown/ " "Da Vinci did a great job isolating the airpath" "The airpath is properly isolated and easy to clean" easy to clean??? :rofl: :lol: :rofl:
    My method is cleaning every 10 sessions (having more than 1 vape helps here or else i would spend more time cleaning this anus than actually vape... :lol: ) and not let the build up become a huge problem, (6,7 months Troy? dam thats nasty :lol: :rofl: :lol: ) i use cotton tips and pull a bit on the tip and soak with ISO before i go thru the butthole pass the silicone gasket and try to clean the best i can while its hot after a session...i would not take out the flavour chamber its meant to use with it...
    Dont know if this problem was fixed when they launch the Micro but if i knew before i wouldn't get any of these vapes @Davinci Vaporizer and im just being honest here... its time DaVinci to step up and make their own deep clean video... We the people demand it!!!!
    Ok now that i invite all these guys to this shitstorm i will step down and let the big boys talk
    :lol: :rofl: :lol:
    P.S. the airflow suxs, maybe a wider chamber would be one solution...
  • jqcj5
    My IQ has never been "deep cleaned" and is used often. I haven't had any issues and it pumps out the clouds in the 385ish temp.
    I grind fine and pack tight.
  • 420vapezone
    If i could remake the video I would include a word of warning to only use this technique if necessary.and to use minimal ISO.

    I think Triper has valid concerns. Be careful. Don't go overboard. Plug the bowl and the other hole deep enough to isolate the anus. (giggity)
  • tripertronic
    I forgot to mention...I still love my IQ! I am one of the "iq over mighty" guys. And when you know the "problems" (what every vape has) you can avoid them.
  • Hazel
    lol but in pm anus is acceptable as well as asshole as well as fudge hole (#sorrynotsorry - just let me get away with it once, ok guys and gals? :smirk: :pray: :snicker: ).

    HOWEVER... @VapeCritic did just notify me that the vape IS actually known as “satans anus” by a many so... I guess you were just being politically correct about cleaning his anus! Lol :lol: :lol:

  • Rudis21
    This device was on my list of possible future purchases. After watching that video, no thanks. What a nightmare cleaning can be.
  • Karec
    yes I feel the same but I already got it... dont get me wrong I would give it a 7/10 but it's no crafty or mighty imo and I got the 3... beautiful in Design but thats not what I'm looking for in a vape :lol: :rofl: :lol: and it's not a cheap vape I still use it especially on the go, I never tried the Micro
  • Rudis21
    It's unfortunate because I would really like to get one, especially with the water adapter to set it up with a rig! Anyone know of the adapter on the site works with the micro as well? That price could make me look the other way on the cleaning issues, especially if I don't use it a lot.
  • Mrcurisan
    The IQ has its perks, heats up fasts, good flavor, exchangeable battery, use it with a small water piece and I’m soaring. The only problem is the spot under the silicon gasket like you all say. Usually after every 3-4 bowls I stick a slightly wet qtip with water while its on both sides of even (alcohol is for deep cleanings every once in a while). No one vape is the best and I switch often from Dynavap to VapeXhale Evo to Mighty to IQ.
  • Papic914
    I’ve had mine for almost a year now i haven’t had any problems with satan anus but I clean after 6-10 sessions. I feel this is the farthest you can take it, sometimes after ten sessions if u got some sticky bud it starts to collect resin.
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