• Microvaper
    Was just on the FC forum. Hadn't been on there for ages. Saw a thread about a new rbt vape (seed) surprised nobody has mentioned it in here yet. Sounds interesting. Integrated battery no removable glass breakables. Sounds like it's very much in the planning process but sounds very intriguing. One of my wish lists is for a vape that functions in both on demand and session mode. Has anyone on here seen anything about this? Would be interested to hear opinions. It seems a few on FC are not so keen on a non removable 18650 but I actually prefer integrated batteries since getting my solo2. That could have something to do with the fact that it lasts for about 10 years between charges though! Just thought I'd mention this incase it's been overlooked
  • androponic
    I have been following this one, just a note that it is for concentrates only.
  • Microvaper
    Ah nooooo!!! I didn't realise that. :cry: Thanks for letting me know. That is my interest level dropped from 100 to zero. No concentrates in my life unfortunately
  • androponic
    Well, there is a light for ya. The Milaana 3 is in the works.
  • VapeCritic
    What happened to the unit that looks like a splinter but is for concentrates, is that still active?

    Ryan gave me a beta concentrate unit at the champs show and i can't remember what he called it and stupid me hasn't dug around to figure it out yet, but i havent seen anyone else posting about it
  • Mangu
    I believe that’s the RBT Sliver. The seed is only in development stage and not an actual device that anyone has really been able to enjoy yet.....I believe he’s taking what he learned from the Sliver and developing into its own thing.
  • Monk Debate
    I’ve been keeping up on all of the upcoming RBT vapes and I believe this is where some confusion lies:

    Originally Ryan announced an idea for the Sliver, a 510 concentrate only atty. He then announced the Seed, a self contained regulated dry herb portable.

    After fiddling with designs, he changed the name of the Sliver to the Seed, because it looks like an acorn. Because of that, he changed the name of the dry herb portable from Seed to Sprout.

    So now there is the Seed (510 concentrate atty) and the Sprout (self contained regulated dry herb portable).

    Additionally there’s a Milaana 3, which sort of sounds like a Milaana 2.5, and a Zion M, which is a double heater in a Zion case, unregulated and running at 8+ volts.

    Someone can correct me if I got any of this mixed up, but I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re looking at right now. Ryan has said the Seed (concentrate atty) is his main focus at the moment.
  • Microvaper
    I had noticed that the thread on FC was RBT Sprout and I had wondered what that was all.about as nothing was really mentioned about that in the thread. I really hope that he is planning on a self contained regulated weed vape. That's what I'm looking for! Thanks for clearing that up! :up:
  • beezee420
    I know the Zion is coming pac too right
  • BobCat
    It's the Zion M and would be unregulated unlike the OG Zion. Our Sergeant in Arms @Other Side would be a master beta tester, if you have any questions for him. He will also be the retailer at vgoodiez.com - there may be an advanced order notification/list. He's a good dude! I think it sounds awesome.

    From RBT
    Thanks for the feedback. These units would have all the benefits... Stick stick, mouthpiece holder, stash box all in the shell of Zion... a metal cap will plug the hole where the voltage knob lived and the heater will be custom to handle the 8 volts... It would be nearly twice the surface area of Zion and have a feature to help reduce hot spotting. There seems to be something special in the vapor quality with this new set-up running at high voltages... an idea somewhat inspired by the drift wood root ball vape showcased at Champs.

    Worth making a few up and getting them out to the Master Beta testers.
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