• gbpack94
    Been using the Vrod for flower for quite a while and still really liking it. But I’m experiencing a thing where I can’t get done w my session. Just keep getting vapor and more vapor. The production never declines. I usually start out a bowl around 600F and end up around 650F. The vapor just keeps coming which is a good thing but kinda don’t know where to stop. I feel like the bowls done but continue to get vapor. This is unlike the Volcano where you eventually stop getting anything. Any other Flowerpot users have any tips on ending temp for full extraction?
  • Ctipp22
    666 F :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:
  • Señor Negro
    That kinda happens on some conduction vapes where material is done but it continues to produce vapor. AVB color and taste are the real markers on when you have extracted all the "goodies".
    Hope that helps :wink:
  • Baron23
    Just don't put as much in the bowl, maybe?

    I tend to load .15g in my Shower Head. .2g max maybe. I draw until vapor gets whispy, stir well, draw until done and then dump.

    I also don't temp step....it takes time for the Ti heater head to heat sink to a new higher temp and I just haven't seen any advantages to temp stepping.

    One key trick or technique...at least with the SH, is a slow draw. Slow allows the air to absorb more heat energy as it transits the what....maybe 1 - 1 1/2" heater air path? Def works for me.

    I run my set point on my controller at 700 F. Now, depending on which model FP you have, how well your coil fits, I dunno what else...its like reading tea leaves......but my set points versus actual temp of a heater can easily vary.

    For example, I know (cause I have used a k type TC thermometer to measure it) that my Liger has about a 50 degree F delta between set point and dab surface temp. My D-nail halo has more like a 100 degree F delta. Different coil, different mechanical config, etc.

    So other folks set points should be, perhaps, just a suggested starting point.

    At 650 F, you should be getting good performance.
  • gbpack94
    haha been there
    I think you’re right bc I’ve never ended a bowl bc of lack of vapor, just gets to the point I assume it’s done.
    thanks for your detailed response. That helps. Do you use carb cap at all?
  • Baron23
    I use the carb cap always. Basic chemistry...lower pressure depresses boiling points. Reason you can't get a really hot cup of coffee on top of Mt Everest. It boils before its really hot.

    Same concept as why we use a cap for dabs. At least that's my thinking on it. That and I do like the small bit of draw resistance the cap adds.

    Others like to use it without but I always use the carb cap.
  • LabPong
    The production never declines.gbpack94

    What size bowl are you packing..... 2 grams....lol jk

    Yes as Baron said, just try to get used to putting in less than you think you need. As far as when it is done....there is a point you should be able to tell it is spent by the taste getting really bad or just off or not good. Some strains do this easily and some do not....so it goes with the strain and dryness of your flower.
  • gbpack94
    What size bowl are you packing..... 2 grams....lol jkLabPong

    Haha nah but you would think. Even w small amounts the vapor just keeps coming and coming. I could seemingly get endless hits. I think I have been hitting it after it’s already spent though. It’s hard to dump out a bowl when you’re still getting huge clouds. But I usually fill bowl half full or less. Gonna try sticking to less.
  • Baron23
    he vapor just keeps coming and coming. I could seemingly get endless hits.gbpack94

    I'm sort of looking at this as a good thing....no?

    I mean, at least you know you are fully extracting your flower, right?

    If you are still getting huge clouds then NO....its not beat. Get wispy vapor with burnt popcorn taste, then maybe yeah.

    Do you pull your heater off at all and look at the condition of the load? If its all beat AVB, then you are done, but if not....keep pulling.

    A true half full FP Ti bowl is a good bit, my friend.
  • gbpack94
    Sorry haha didn’t mean to sound complaining it’s a great vape isn’t it? But I just tried a sesh w way less than usual and was way easier to finish the bowl at 650F. Finally got whispy vapor. Just put in a sprinkle. I used Volcano before this so I think I’m too used to having to use larger loads. I’m gonna stick to tiny bowls unless I’m goin for a while now. Thanks for the tips.
  • Baron23
    hey, great news.

    I too have a Cano and, while not used the most, I will never give it up (out of my cold dead hands and all of that haha)

    But it does eat weed, no doubt.

    I’m glad the FP is working out for you.
  • Coustu
    Nonstop hits on the flowerpot? Let the hallucinations begin!!
  • deep_meditation

    Smaller amounts of flower is the way to go. The FP is so efficient it will just keep extracting. I overloaded some Green Skunk the other day and kept on hitting it. I thought my tolerance was up due to concentrate use but the green skunk really hit me hard.
  • welshman
    I’m now down to around 0.03g/a third of the newvape scoop (which doesn’t even fully cover the screen) @ 590 with the two hole angled cap and a few pearls and it’s still producing big clouds but I cough less, cache earlier and therefore spread out those tasty terps to more bowls
  • Coustu
    Wow I gotta give that a try. That’s miniscule compared to what I’m loading. I’ve been going with 1 or 2 full scoops (sometimes overfill scoops) depending on the strain.
  • gbpack94
    yeah I’m definitely realizing that now. Too much and just can’t finish the bowl in a timely fashion. Can’t believe I didn’t realize sooner but most other vapes I’ve used take more so. I’m using 14mm bowl w FP so that may make a difference also.
  • gbpack94
    few pearlswelshman

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