• Law7764
    I made To many 420 sale purchases, so I had to cut back in the concentrate area for a few weeks. Now I’m back and the Dr Dabber Switch has been out performing every other Vape I used with concentrates. I can Vape back to back to back as high or low as I want to without any worries about stinking atomizers. I’ve use the shit out of this beast and only charged three times So far.
    I love being able to take dabs while watching the game downstairs and then taking it outside to my deck with no cords or hot equipment that could injure myself or someone else. I’m still confused how people don’t understand this thing true potential. I ONLY use concentrates with this device. I reach for this device every time I want a Dab!
  • Bud
    No fuckin way!

  • EconMan

    I think @Law7764 also came to that conclusion too?.

    I need to give another chance then. The one time I used it, its owner didn't know what he was doing I don't think ... lol
  • Law7764
    I have ONLY used my Switch with the directional carb cap, a quartz bucket, and on crystal mode and it functions very nicely! I have never used the stock carb or the stock titanium bucket so I can’t speak on the functionality of that set up.
    I currently own the Switch, Mighty, Enano, Supreme 4, Sequoia with water piece adapter, G43, and the Grasshopper. Out of all the Vape’s I currently own including Carter Focus, the Switch performs way better then all of them with the set up with I use.
    Is this the best Rig I’ve ever used? No I still feel like the NewVape Showerhead and some other Pid controlled devices will perform better. Although out of of the battery operated devices I’ve used I’m liking my Dr. Dabber Switch the best without question. I don’t have to join any atomizer monthly subscriptions or add several hundred dollars in mods or atomizers to get it to function the way I want it to.
    Just received my Dynavap with Simrell vortex stem yesterday. This is my first Dynavap and so far I’ve been very impressed. It’s took a real long time for me to understand how to get consistent hits. I used torch lighter and really struggled. I own a Dr Dabber Switch with induction heating so I thought I’d give it a shot. The Dr. Dabber Switch works great with my Dynavap!

    Initially I tried heating my Dynavap with my Switch with a titanium insert cup installed in my switch. I thought it made more sense to keep the insert cup in, but all I was getting was wispy vapor uneven AVB. I was at the point where I was content with giving up. That’s when it dawned on me I should give it one more shot WITHOUT the titanium insert cup. As soon as I did this my experience went from bad to great! If you have a Dr. Dabber Switch I strongly suggest giving it a shot. Make sure you don’t have any of the cups in the Switch. Turn the unit on Oil mode (but I’m sure you could use dry herb mode too). Place your Dynavap in the Switch without any of the titanium inserts. Wait about 4 to 6 seconds and you’ll hear the click and you’re ready to go. Vaporizes very well.

    So now my Switch is the best E rig on the market and also my portable induction heater for my Dynavap! The Dynavap is a battery little powerhouse, it has the smallest footprint of any Vape I’ve ever owned! Spectacular combination!

    I have a lot more testing to do!
  • EconMan

    Do you still feel this way? If so, that's quite a testimonial! :cool:
  • EconMan
    have a lot more testing to do!LAWTHEONE

    It works with your Dyna! I would like to try a real dab in one. :nerd:
    I thought about getting the Dynacoil but choose the cheaper option. One day down the road I’ll definitely try and give it a shot.
  • Rockytdogg

    Great to see you around posting, Shay! Love your posts!

    What do you think of the new mini switch...? I like that it looks less like a giant dildo.... thoughts?
  • ShayWhiteGrow
    Coming this week! :grin: thanks by the way! It’s small though next to the Stella which I have so we’ll see in hand.
  • LabPong
    Shay.....what is the vapor path on that mini switch? I can not seem to find any vapor path info or diagrams.

    Looking for other e-rigs that have full separate vapor path from cup top to glass like my Duo. This is hard to find still......total let down in the market in my eyes. But that said...allowing the vapor to go from the cup and out into the atomizer area then out to glass.....SUCKS 1000%. I would rather just eat my dab....lol
  • VapngCeltic33
    How's it work with dry herb, got an arizer EQ on way, but if I could find one device to do both really well id be thrilled
  • Spleeeno
    Its not great as a dry herb vape, but maybe if you miss smoking:
    If the timestamp doesnt work, the leaf mode discussion starts around 01:17:30
  • ntipping
    I've also had a good experience with Dr Dabber Switch and I agree, it's up there with the best vape I have used.
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