• LabPong
    Anybody ever do a 15g dab? Me either. But the idea of it is fascinating.EconMan

    Your going to need lung extensions...lol
  • Bad Dog
    Canadian tire is closed :fear: so no propane for me.
  • EconMan
    Your going to need lung extensions...lolLabPong

    LOL. Only fascinating, not doable.

    With this distillate however, no more cold starts for me. I like it hot! :fire:
  • Bad Dog
    After being away for like 5 days so basically a work week from dabbing I decided today was a excellent morning to break the streak. Went for the gusto and did a 1.5x size dab of tropic thunder diamonds and sauce and it didn't disappoint. I was so on the moon I considered building a stone house :lol: as fantastic as it was it did eventually subside but I'm still feeling pretty good.

    I can only reliably get these results by using occasionally using or upping the dab size to something ridiculous which for me just isn't cost effective. But that's not the only reason for my self limitation I kinda enjoy getting my socks knocked off occasionally then to be generically semi satisfied daily. Blame it on my artistic temperament of swings of mood, ecstatic and elated with a frenzied activity one moment to crestfallen, crushed and defeated for days on end. Not sure why I have the temperament and none of the talent but that's another story.

    Dabbing has really been helping me de stress lately and with my bud rationing they hit me harder than ever. Vaping bud is great for medicating but dabs are for when I want to be supremely high with ease.
  • Pud
    amen... i agree 100%!
  • EconMan
    Dabbing has really been helping me de stress latelyBad Dog

    Yeah, me too! Loving my distillate. :pray:

    And what a write-up!
    You should be a "dabbing writer," like a "food writer," just with dabs :cool: :starstruck:
  • Bad Dog
    I'm a medical user first and recreational user second so sometimes I walk a fine line between the two. For me with any medical use regimentation is key but a little playing outside the boundaries is permissible on occasion. So long as I don't lose sight of that I'm alright, and with regimens I've even decreased my overall usage but am equally satisfied with the results.

    Dabbing to me is decadent and extravagant, like a home made German chocolate cake, wonderfully rich and sinful and thoroughly enjoyed when had but if I had it multiple times a day everyday it would lose some of its appeal. Occasional use just seems to agree with me better but I definitely don't look down on heavy recreational users, to each their own and there are many paths to be walked, I've never found a smug superior attitude to be conducive to reality and what works for me isn't necessarily right for everyone. At nearly 40 my routine has dramatically changed over time and my relationship with cannabis is still ongoing and changing.

    Dabbing is a resent arrow in my quiver but a incredibly welcome addition I found it to be very useful and there is a fair amount of medical benefits to be had as well as a broad range of experience to be found. I'm a bit mood dependant for the best experience, if I'm feeling miserable dabbing may only exacerbate that mood, where as if I'm in a good mood it extenuates that. I also find time of day changes things to, my morning sessions feel different than my evening sessions with the same concentrate. Mornings I feel more physically well and energized as opposed to nights when I feel more calm, quiet, closed in and sleepy. Dabbing is a wonderful experience and I find its variations appealing, with a more encompassing high than my regiment of mostly micro dosing flower and speed and ease that is unmatched.

    You should be a "dabbing writer," like a "food writer," just with dabs :cool:EconMan

    Now that would be a job to have but I would have to bow before your knowledge and experience on the subject, I am after all a mere hatchling in the world of dabbing
  • Bad Dog
    Think I chased that dragon a little too closely :grimace: but what a hit :lol:

  • EconMan
    Think I chased that dragon a little too closely :grimace: but what a hit :lol:Bad Dog

    Dude! Perhaps a welding torch next time! :razz:
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