• evolve
    They have had ages to come up with a new vape, we don't really need a new Volcano on the market, there is already a Volcano which is good on the market. It is a disappointment and I feel the same as Bud on this, it is like the Firefly 2 + (not innovative and feels like a cash grab)
  • Baron23
    They have had ages to come up with a new vape, we don't really need a new Volcano on the market, there is already a Volcano which is good on the marketevolve

    Oh, I agree completely.
  • silat
    There is almost always a cash grab when a company is bought out by capitalist vampires. :grin:
  • Baron23
    Thanks, my friend. Been out of pocket a bit so sorry for the late reply. All good and yeah, I def overlooked that bit about hybrid heating.

  • fatbiker
    I’m anxious to see some reviews of the new version. Should be interesting.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    This man doesnt look like a vampire at all!
  • fatbiker
    Has anyone ordered one yet? If so, when will it be delivered? I’m anxious to hear how it performs.
  • Chronic Pain
    I ordered one, but I also have more money than sense...

  • justjustin
    Anyone know if the Hybrids are shipping from a USA facility or from overseas? I know they have both but being a new product, I'm wondering...
  • justjustin
    NVM, they shipping free with overnight delivery via FedEx!
  • Chronic Pain

    They shipped mine from Emeryville, CA. I got it today via Fedex overnight. I live in California so things from S&B come pretty quick.
  • Ctipp22
    I bet its awesome like all the other ones are lol. I wouldn't mind owning this.
  • VapeWeedEveryDay
    What about warranty, 10 years? It should be for that price. 700 usd is even more than the 600 eu it is here.
  • BlluntRapp
    @Chronic Pain How is it? I've been eyeing off the s&b site everyday since release but am yet to pull the trigger. Is the vapour quality much different to the digital because of the added conduction?

    When using the whip can you finish a full load without the need to stir like when filling balloons?
  • justjustin
    I just received mine yesterday and pput a few loads through it...lots of things I need to test and play with but it's definitely fast and she's to produce more vapor than the traditional Volcano because of the added conduction. I am going to test just how much conduction is happening but I suspect more with the chamber reducer because of the added mass and less air flow. The whip is really cool, swivels and draws effortlessly. The app has a lot going on and tying to figure it out but looks like u can create "workflows" and "iterations" the adjust the temp and air over given amount of time.

    Overall, I really like it so far but really hope they come out with a Solid Chamber for the Hybrid, this Easy Chamber just feels sort of cheap to me but it will be great for people with dexterity issues and it's nice that it licks in place.

    The touch buttons are slick!
  • justjustin
    * seems* to produce more vapor
  • UbarDog

    Nice :D

    Any chance you can show vapour density ? Maybe fill up and bag on Vid or off shot whip and clouds ?
  • Señor Negro
    What about fan speed? Is that a reality or you can only adjust timers for it? :chin:
  • justjustin
    I may try to make a video but first I need to do some more testing. Gonna try letting the herb sit without air or drawing in both the regular chamber and reduced to see how the conduction is but may be somewhat inconclusive because hot air rises, so even without the pump on or drawing, there is still heat rising...

    Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, you can only adjust the time if the pump, not the speed. Maybe S&B can add that to a update or something? I think it would be cool to play around with that. The pump feels a little slower than the Digit but it's hard to say. Probably could do some side to side tests, the Hybrid vs Digit to see speed and how the vapor compares at the same temp and also compare abv after. Don't have an EZ Chamber for my Digit anymore, so id have to use my Solid Chamber but it still would show a lot I think
  • BlluntRapp
    @justjustin Are the dosing capsules a better experience with the hybrid? They are far too wispy on the digi even at 230c
  • justjustin
    Yes, I tried the reduced chamber with and without the dosing capsules and i had really nice vapor at 356 with the whip and balloon. Abv has been very well extracted and evenly heated. I plan on doing some side by side tests tonight with the Hybrid and Digit . Will post my discoveries
  • Chronic Pain
    Trypsy Summers & ChooCooCharlie have so some interesting observations over at FC under "Plug-in Vaporizers."

  • KKAMC72
    For all those who really wanna step it up! I strongly suggest taking your plenty tube metal tube off and installing it in place of the silicone one on the hybrid. You will not regret the seriousness!
  • Chronic Pain
    I'll leave the real criticisms to the pros...
    I'm just a guy dealing with cancer and having some fun.

    First off... I bought this primarily because I really like whips. (For vaping, not sex... although :kiss: )

    Easy snap-on (long 3ft) durable swivel whip (Best feature!)
    Nice cool vapor
    Removable Power Cord (About Time!)
    Solid Quality Build (As always)
    Evenly heated Weed and well extracted
    Seems to heat up faster
    Sleek touch-sensitive controls

    Price $$$$ (I know S&B makes great stuff but how much $$$ am I paying for the S&B name?)
    Sleek touch-sensitive controls are a bit sensitive
    App needs work (I'm stoned and just went through chemo and you want me to fuck with an app!)

    Full disclosure...
    I already own the S&B Volcano Classic & Digital, The Plenty, a few Mighty's and Crafty's and tons of dosing caps and accessories. IMO the Plenty Rocks!

    Happy 4th weekend everyone!
    CP out
  • Chronic Pain

    The Filling Chambers are different sizes...
    Plenty (Left) vs Volcano Hybrid (Right)

  • Chronic Pain

    But with a little work... TADA!!! :rofl:

  • KKAMC72
    I took it a step even further and attached it to the swivel lol with link of tubing, it turned out to be crazier than I could ever imagine. The silicon one for some reason is lacking in comparison, atleast to my opinion. Loving your efforts here! Really, absolutely loving it
  • Ocelot
    high folks,

    i was about to buy the plenty and saw the new volcano. I have the crafty and a mighty but would like something with a bigger chamber for special occasions.

    Im not interested in the balloon system of the volcano i would only use the whip. Im indecisive because i would like something future proof and a step up from the mighty but im not sure if the volcano hybrid is 400€ better than the plenty. @chronic pain you are one the few people owning both devices. You like the plenty more?
  • Chronic Pain
    Troy at 420VapeZone put up a LONG video on YouTube of him unboxing, testing and getting VERY wasted using the New Volcano Hybrid. Always fun watching Troy get wasted! :rofl: :rofl:

    My favorite line from Troy's video... "how do I get it hooked up to my sleep apnea mask" :rofl:

    I'm having a blast with mine too!!!! I still think $700 is a lot but I'm sure having fun! :grin:
    Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 11.31.57 AM (843K)
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