• Alexis
    It’s gonna be a sad day to harvest my girl. She is so beautiful..SirSixPence

    Don't worry, she'll get ugly yet, and even then, I predict, yet more new, young beautiful ladies will into your life as you smoke her Ashes. :grin:

    @The Rogue Wax Works Well I'm real glad you suffered no disasters. I'm sure you will be happy in time. I have found it can be a matter of appraisal due to hope and expectation.

    We put so much work into it, we hope, we pray, we dare dream big.
    So many times if not most of of them I have had a kind of feeling of grumpiness or disappointment after harvest because in my mind I have kind of assessed and appraised things on the negative side.

    And then I realise after a while that actually we did really good and I'm over the moon.
    So there is a little bit of Illusion which plays into our assessment immediately post harvest.

    Just do your best to cure it all properly and it will improve massively hours is pretty fully cured already after a good couple of months now and well some of this stuff is truly amazing mind-bending is the fantasmo Express the strongest weed I've personally touched for many years and way more so than anything we have grown before in the past.

    But I can say with absolute definicy that the potency has improved beyond belief after a couple of months curing. I always forget about this each year honestly and then about 3 weeks ago I was like, wow holy shit I forgot how this stuff suddenly bumps up in strength when you get the cure going right to begih with and just let nature work it's magic over time.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Allex agreed. You have a vision of your outcome and when you fall short it seems like a failure but in the end you realize you did ok.

    I'm going to take what I learned this year and change things up for next, to include some autoflowers after seeing yours.
  • SirSixPence
    I'm going to take what I learned this year and change things up for next, to include some autoflowers after seeing yours.
    Agreed, I learned my poor lighting setup is just inadequate, My Buds had no density and now that they are curing, they are looking like dandelions. I didn't get a full ounce of flower.
    Im going to order some high yield auto flowers Myself. I found a site that has affordable seeds Im gonna try. its called single seed center. Anybody heard of them before? I cant afford that CropKing Shiz.
    Altho I trimmed the two lowest branches 3 weeks ago and have been curing them. Today i pulled out a jays worth and it lit me up. I didn't make it 1/3 of the way into it before i put it down.
    Thats after smoking dispensary weed for 3 years.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    in my experience crop king autos are shizz
    Check out mephisto gentics
  • okla68m
    I grew Crop King Photos, White Widow, my 1st grow of FIRE.....Looked like they had been dipped in Powdered Sugar !
    Going with Moby Dick XXL Auto's by Dinafem this coming grow. Going with 2 seeds, moving my HLG QB100 3500K & CANNAGRO CREE COBB100 3000K in with my HLG QB288V2Rspec 3500K and an old T12 2x48 converted into T8LED at 6000K which will give me approximately 520 Wall watts in a 2X4 tent.
    Going with the idea of More Light More Trichomes as long as the Genetics are there...we'll see, soon !
    Never grown AUTO'S before !
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    just getting into the good led lights, ive only had a not so great one. I picked up two and im building on them a bit, but eventually im going to build my own cob set up, wish i wasnt biased for so long the led tech has come along way, and if you build them yourself you can save alot of money and still have a real quality light
  • okla68m
    Having never grown Auto's before, How Many hours of light per day should I use....18/6, 20/4, 24 on ???
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    i think 20/4 is the best, plants do need some kind of rest period, thats how i like to veg too.
    That being said though, i dont have enough timers right now so im running a 24hr op...
    Patience is a virtue...
  • Alexis
    easy bro. Check out Mephisto Genetics if you want the most potent autoflowers but with generally lower yields, or Dutch Passion for much bigger Autos and yields and still very potent. Its worth going for the best seeds and breeders. Good luck mate.
  • Alexis
    i think 20/4 is the best, plants do need some kind of rest period, thats how i like to veg too.Tyedyesamuraiguy

    Yes this is what I have gathered and would be my and many others in the know's recommendation. 20/4 start to finish. We start inside for 3 weeks under T5's at 20/4.

    That little dark rest period does play a useful role I believe, but you CAN do 24/7, or some do 18/6.

    I say 20/4 FTW.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    thats where i landed for my vegging, i find it to be optimal and i mist my plants everyday at least once a day so they get a nice mist when the lights turn off and then just before, so thats what i would be doing with autos if i had a timer :joke:
    Back when i first started growing we had a light that plugged into a huge stove outlet, i dont wanna be a slave to the clock again so i run 24 currently. They do get an hour or so i day when i spray, i try to do it at the same time if i can.

    They are loving the new lights i got, slowly getting a good set up again but i can actually do something with these. :party:
  • Alexis
    do you mean you are running 24/7 lights on your Autos? Could you not just get a simple timer? We use one from the growshop, I recommend.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    all in good time i just spent money i didnt really have on new lights, i just work with what i got, lighting is no longer a huge issue, ive got enough to run a couple autos and keep two plants in veg to go outside next summer just enough to get by for now.

    Once i have some cash ill grab a timer and some lenses for these lights and ill be good to run 4 autos no problems. Im only using an app on my phone as a lux meter so its a rough idea but based off that and the reaction my plants are having im happy with the purchase once i get the lenses itll improve things even more, but even how it is now when i start my next run everything will be locked in from the start so i dont have to worry about any kind of enviromental issues.
  • Detroitvapes420
    Here is my one plant I'm growing. This is my first time growing anything ever so wanted to start small and make sure I could do it and I enjoyed it. Which I can(sort of) and I do enjoy it very much. I wait for the lights every morning to check on them. Lol..

    This net I just made with trim strips and staple gun. It's 31 X 24 or so.
    She is at like day 33 or so. xzdso8ss9h6bm4po.jpg
  • Boombastik
    alot of difference bumping up the red spectrum at flip and the 5g smart pots. this is 10 days in flower.
    GG4 x Purple Punch on left, Platinum Scout on Right. No way we would of been able to squeeze four in the tub (two went male). Been having some issues with the humidifier lately may have to get a new one (randomly shuts itself off at times) this time I had to add water, but it will be ok during flower because I dont want it to get over 50 anywho.

  • Boombastik

    Dude if thats your first time growing Kudos Man (that scrog Awesome) and love the side lighting. Debated several times trying to do it in the tube with my friends LED but you cant adjust/ dim it and I like to pull the curtain closed for circulation etc... We cant tent, filter and CO2 because of certain reasons
  • Detroitvapes420
    Thanks my friend. Ya I have never grown anything. Just watched 109 hours on YouTube and read few books.
    I'm sure it's some beginner luck. Lol.

    I'm about 6 days from harvest. I have been flushing for over a week now and my goal is to get the cleanest and best meds I can find.

    Your plants looking nice also.. Keep us updated ✌️
  • highasakite
    What youtube users did you follow? I'm not going to grow soon, I'm just curious as there is so much different info out there.
  • Boombastik
    6 weeks 1 day since flip.

    Platinum Scout


    GG4 x Punch

  • LabPong
    I'm about 6 days from harvest. I have been flushing for over a week now and my goal is to get the cleanest and best meds I can find.Detroitvapes420

    I suggest 2 weeks flushing....give it a try!
  • okla68m
    My 1st grow attempt since i harvested Tangcicle and Cherry Pie in August. Yes, been Lazy(and Sick). This is a Jack Herer Clone. Looks kinda lonely all by itself. Supposed to be brought some Cheese clones, still waiting.
    Feeling Stimulated again !
  • lazylathe
    Quick pick of my ladies!
    I veg for a few weeks and then flip to 12/12 to keep them more manageable.
    They are busy stretching at the moment and have been defoliated since this pic.
    Full organics on a SWICK bed, only feeding water and giving a kelp foliar spray.
    Light is a Chinese QB clone running at 410W at present, Samsung LMH diodes.

    Growing some Pink Kush and Godfather OG.

    And a lucky pic of one of my friends burrowing through the Bokashi mycellium!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Haven't posted alot about what I got going on inside, it's not the set up I want but I do my thing and make it work in the meantime, this is some NYC Diesel really nice bud! I think I might cross it with some.of the colorful stuff I have.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    I found these hiding in my basement
  • Deleted User
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  • PAM
    cute thread, great work all , here’s a girl i harvested in january.
  • SirSixPence
    Just ordered my Seeds from crop king, went with the White Widow 5 pak.
    Price kinda hurt at $105 for 5 seeds. Got a tent and a new led light coming.
    Oh and a new ph meter and hygrometer.
    Thank you Orange man.
  • tanksndudes

    I'm still debating whether to grow this year. Two years ago I had one plant, but it ended up getting moldy just before harvest, which was really disappointing. Last year, I grew two plants. My friends and I all shared seeds from an ounce of shake one of us had. No one remembers what it was, so we just call our herb DLH, for Daddy's Li'l Helper.

    Sunlight is hard to come by in my yard, which requires a lot of effort to keep the girls well lit. Both pots fit perfectly in my kids' wagon, so I used that to motor them around the yard to stay in the sun. Luckily, I work from home and could devote the time to them every day, but it did get old. A couple times as we got into the rainy season here in Oregon, I had to go out of town for work, which meant building a makeshift grow room in the basement with space blankets. Upon returning home, my whole house—and likely my kids' clothes—reeked. So I moved the entire operation back outside, to a new makeshift grow room in my shed.

    I ended up with 3.5 ounces, which isn't a lot in the scheme of things, but it was enough for me to make a tincture and some chocolates, plus I've still got a bunch of flower left for puffing. It will last me the whole year. Some of that credit should go to my Dynavap and its frugality.

    It was a great experience, if not a little hectic. I'm not sure yet whether I'll grow again this year, but I'm also not busy, so...
  • okla68m
    Great choice, both Crop King and White Widow. Grew Crop King WW my 2nd grow, beautiful Frost covered cola's. Looked as tho I had poured Powdered Sugar on them !
    Sorry, wrong pic, this was only about 2 weeks into flower period. Hadnt frosted yet.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    This year went much better than last. No worms and no rot. Pineapple Kush, Blackwater, Sour D, 9lb Hammer and a lot of Venom OG
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