• Tyedyesamuraiguy
    ive never personally grown plants quite that big, i always liked the cover of a basement or garage, but i have seen them its a sight thats for sure :starstruck:

    More pot more roots more pot :joke:

    @The Rogue Wax Works have you seen those smart pots they are intresting they are very small and compact but the way they air prune allows for a plant that would need a far larger "regular" pot.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Tyedyesamuraiguy yah I use the knock off brand of "Smart Pots", They are cheaper but a little thinner.

    They air prune the roots and breath and let the soil dry to help prevent root rot. They also tend to keep the soil cooler.

    More pot more roots more pot :joke:Tyedyesamuraiguy
    You got it!

    And while a plant hat big is truly a sight, its too big to manage in my opinion.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    The girls are growing!!
  • EconMan

    They look pretty! I'll take the one on the right's hand in marriage. I'll gladly pay a dowry :joke:
  • Baron23
    Smart pots have also caught my attenion but the price is insane, i found out that these encourage root pruning as well.Tyedyesamuraiguy

    Aren't smart pots just a brand of fabric pots? I really don't know anything about this so my question is genuine...if a bit stupid! haha
  • John Cocktostone
    I've been growing indoor herbs for food. Someday I will grow some real green. Debating a Seedo. I dont care about cost but more ease of use. I also dont care about yield.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    there are no stupid questions just stupid answers :joke:
    I did a search for what i i was talking about and see the confusion. These bady boys are what im talking about, if i had to guess that pot is under 5gal and it equates to something alot larger then that im not gonna guess lol! The roots come out of the holes "die" when they get too much air then branch out, the roots never run into the side of the pot and start wirly twirling allowing alot more growth.
    Its fascinating im prob a little behind on the times i had to take a bit if a break, but man nobody was talking out these years ago im loving the advancements!! And see the benifits just from the fabric, they do the same on a smaller scale.
  • Baron23
    Ah, never seen those before. Found them...they are called Super Roots, maybe

    I was thinking these:

  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    indeed! Thats what i am currently using, i only bought the 10pack so i have two of the same plant but one in a regular plastic pot, while both are happy its clear who is happier, no more plastic pots or drywall buckets for me those are obsolete.
    Those super roots are expensive, i saw them sold as smart pots while online thirfting :rofl:
    Then i was in the buck store and i saw a nice weave basket and thought id try that sometime its pretty much the same idea :snicker:
  • Gonzo
    Smart pots are great but you have to make sure you allow drainage on the bottom or they get moldy. I use a wire baking rack under each pot to give it enough room for air to circulate underneath.
  • Baron23
    Great tip, thanks!
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Took the dog up the hill for a walk and shot some photos of the farms around my house. These are actually medium sized farms. The cars and trucks should give you a good sense of scale. And that is I5 running through the photos. All those farms are visible from the freeway.

    A garden by my house

    This farm, in the center of the picture, left 200+ lbs to rot in the fields last year

    Everything in the middle of the picture that looks like fields are and will be planted with CBD

    Giant field of CBD (white)

    This is a friend of a friends farm. My friend told me this guy has sold thousands of pounds of CBD flower to the federal government.

    The farm on the left always has nice looking plants

    CBD farm right next to the greenway that goes from one end of the valley to the other
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    :eyes: casing the place? :monkey:
    Jk, beautiful pictures! Its amazing how far the world has come in just a short time. :strong:
  • okla68m
    "Smart Pots" is just a Brand of "Air Pruning" pot's, made either from Fiber or Cloth...my 1st ones were like "Felt", currently using a USA made Plastic Mesh pot....LOVE THEM....Totally Eleminates OVER WATERING (but, they'll Dry Out Quick Also), Stops Root Circling. When the Root contacts Air thru the material, the Root Stops growing and Another Root takes over, creating a MASS OF ROOTS (using MYKOS) the shape of the pot.......pic is of Root Ball of plant from a 3 gallon "Smart Pot"....."Where did the Soil go ?"zxpsjxceddwtduz9.jpg
  • EconMan
    I dont care about cost but more ease of use. I also dont care about yield.John Cocktostone

    Truly, a man after my own heart :100:
  • Chronic Pain

    Your images look a lot like what is happening in Santa Barbara County. The LA Times has a great article on how Santa Barbara County's famed wine region has become the unlikely capital of California’s legal pot market. The county farmers are also setting up the world's largest pot farms. Go SoCal!

    As a native SoCal (I have a home in Pacific Palisades) I have driven through the area hundreds of times and it's interesting to watch the pot farms taking over all the vineyards. The times are a changing...

    I've invested in a few farms also because my ROI (Return on Investment) has been great.


  • UbarDog
    Just a Quicky.
    Over here and across EU we have something called "Agricultural subsidy". I believe USA has similar?

    " An agricultural subsidy (also called an agricultural incentive) is a government incentive paid to agribusinesses, agricultural organizations and farms to supplement their income, manage the supply of agricultural commodities, and influence the cost and supply of such commodities. "

    Basicly We pay farmers to grow needed food rather than "cash crops"
    I feel that with all this mass production of canabis rather than food might have long term repercussions, at least financial - maybe more .

    Just some thoughts nothings more
  • LabPong
    Ubar...we have the same thing here in USA......but we also have more farming land than we can use up...lol We can grow stuff at any time pretty much.
  • UbarDog

    Size or amount of land is not the Issue . Its £/m2 proffit

    A 1x1m patch of corn is worth ? lets say £10
    A 1x1m patch of GSC lets say £1000.

    You got 100 x 100 m of farming land. What would you grow ? A £1,000 worth of Corn or £100,000 of legal canabis. You may have all the land in the world but why preform the same amount of work for less .

    If every one makes this choice then who is growing corn ?

    Anyways back to Garden Pic's
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Chronic Pain thanks for the reply and pic. My mom lives in Half Moon Bay where they grow a lot of flowers in greenhouses. They are now converting a lot of the greenhouse space to cannabis.

    Thats too bad if they are displacing the wine industry. People traditionally grew pears here. Over the last 20 years people have been pulling out their pears and planting grapes. And now cannabis. We will se where it all goes.
  • Chronic Pain

    Wow! What a small world. My Aunt & Uncle live in El Granada. I used to spend summers up there all the time as a kid. The annual HMB Pumpkin Festival was always my favorite time of the year.

    Anyway... I always figured it was only a matter of time before all those nurseries along route 1 and the ones off highway 92 would want in on the cannabis business.

    I know the cannabis industry isn't to happy with all these farms coming on-line though. Prices in Colorado (my brother lives in Denver) have really dropped. Though I hear lately that the prices are beginning to stabilize a bit.

    I wonder if the wine industry likes the change over. Less vineyards = Less competition, which leads to higher prices for wine.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Wooo these girls are getting big!! (The one that sits lower is actually bigger) Trying to pinch some pennies to get em in some bigger fabric pots. Even if they have to stay in those 5 gal pails they are going go get hefty!
    Im going to try something new to me this year, im going to give "re-vegging" a shot after i harvest im gonna put these guys under a 20/4 light cycle and turn them into mothers, make some enviromental changes in the basement and get a good head start on next year.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Tyedyesamuraiguy looking good!

    The girls are growing up

  • okla68m
    Known Seed Bank
    Known Strain
    2 seeds soaked
    2 seeds Popped within 24 hours of each
    Solo'd the same
    Transplanted the same (pot, soil mix)
    Watered, Fed, Manifolded the same
    Flipped to 12/12 the same
    EVERYTHING THE SAME.....YET......One us GOLDEN in color and the other a lush Green. ..
    the Green one has always been a bit smaller, from first into soil Bends in sprout.....Both covered in Flower and seem healthy, smell Super, getting covered in trichomes, again, the Golden one, ahead in developing over the Green. . it's Not Nitrogen defecincy, gave it plenty and pH always 5.6-6.5 range.....
    Different Pheno ? Whatever that is, lol (newbie to gardening still)...! They Look basically the same, structure and growth/flower style except for the color.....was turning overall Golden color before flipping, tried treatment, just grew more.
    It's "Cherry Pie" !
  • Dr green thumb

    Temperature is the usual culprit with one plant being warmer or cooler than the other.

    Or the seeds are different.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @okla68m Its all about each seeds expression of its genotype and phenotype. Being that each seed is unique genetically even if it is from the same plant. Kind of how my oldest kid looks exactly like me and my youngest looks exactly like my wife.

    Growers here use clones so that every batch will look exactly like the last one and what the consumer is expecting.

    This article explains it pretty well
  • okla68m
    Seriously, I'm ducting in house A/C into the tent, 6 in duct, set at 79°...the plant in question is next to the duct.....I'll switch them tomorrow''s light cycle and see what happens....the exhaust I'm using is a 6 in 240 cfm....the tent is 2x4x5=40 cubic ft....i.e. the Walls are being sucked in, lol. Light is a HLG QB 288 V2 Rspec....260 actual watts.
    Interesting thought. Basically, that is the Only difference....distance from incoming cold air directly at pot level.....didn't seem to make a difference on last crop of White Widow....
    Worth a shot.....and Yes, here we go agan with Same Strain, Different Pheno !
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