• Alexis
    @Boombastik wow great work man. Terrific looking buds, you knock it out the park compared to our crummy Autoflowers.

    No way can we ever compete without the lights and nutrients, but also just proper Photoperiod strains which are not an option for us or at least a wider choice of autoflower strains which are more limited because we need early finishers which are suited to our location, there are literally dozens of autoflower strains I have come across which I had to rule out because they take a little too long or are not favorable enough in some other capacity.

    But man, your buds look so good!

    @Tyedyesamuraiguy heck those Airpot prices really are obscene compared to to what we pay here. I can understand you holding off in that case, hopefully the price will drop at some point.

    I was under the impression though that the fabric pots are quite highly rated as well.
  • Alexis
    I just did a quick search out of curiosity, there appears to be a 3 gallon one here for $20.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    hey thank you! It doesnt specify on that site but im lookjng for something the equivalent of 10 preferably 20 gal, i think that could be my problem.
    The ones ive been seeing are all under 5 gal équivalent 5 is the lowest i would go but but the bigger the better for me.

    I do love these fabric pots though, i wont be using anything that doesnt air prune ever again.
  • Alexis
    no worries sorry it doesn't sound suitable. Yes it appears that is the largest pot they do as well. But also price does go up a lot for the bigger sizes.

    Personally, it is essential that we can move our plants around freely so 15 L is our max.

    But we have yielded up to 150 grams in 15 L Airpots, and 93 grams in a 9L.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    when i have a little money to throw around im gonna try a couple, i fully expect it to be better then the fabric pots, especially inside. It makes alot of sense, weve come along way from drywall pails :rofl:
  • Boombastik

    Thanks. I didnt have a vape at the time of Fruit Punch :monkey: Throughout the grow it went from a pineapple smell to a Simply Tropical (the juice). I definitely missed out.
  • Boombastik

    Really appreciate it. I definitely got addicted to seeds, ha.

    Funny story, but my friend was growing just for the fun of it and then I stepped in because it got me interested (purchase a new light, new feeding/ tea program, dry process etc..).
    I dont like the fact we arent using the tent/ filtration I purchased, but it is what it is. Anywho, I still have alot to learn. I was told I need to get the grow bible by Jorge Cervantes. Id like to learn exactly what I am giving the plants just to understand it more.
  • okla68m
    From the Wildness of a untrained Tangcicle Clone grow to the HST/LST/Manifolding of Cherry Pie !
    Both beginning 7th week of 12/12 Flower.....
    the Odor FILLS the House with the smell of HEAVEN !
  • okla68m
    HOW do I Magnetize water with the "south pole" of a magnet...I've carried magnets for 30-40 years....used to scrap a lot of metal(don't abandon your Still for long, lol). Magnets have 2 poles, HOW do you Limit it to the South pole Only ?
  • Alexis
    hey mate. Well Im not sure, magnets do confuse me a bit, there are different types/claissfications.

    All I know is we use Neodynium magnets, also known as Rare Earth Magnets, which are the sort used in magnotherapy.

    But we simply use the Magnetic water coaster, which has a South and North pole side. We drink North pole water, cooking etc, but use the South pole side for any plants.

    Seriously, it works 100% to give any plant a bolster and pick up. Sickly houseplants shoot up in less than a day. I swear it has a substantial and instant impact.

    There is some way to determine which side is which, but that is where I got all confused when I looked into it all, so much so that even after getting to the bottom line I think I failed to remember what I possibly learnt lol.

    But there is some distinction between what they call True North Pole and geographical North Pole or something so when you are using a compass for example you need to take this into account and reverse it but my head was boggled by it all in the end.

    So sorry man I can't give you a straight, helpful answer. Im massively compromised brain function wise due to illness currently, also pretty vaped lol!

    I do know there are various and multiple ways to magnetize the water, bit I only have experience with this one out of the box method.
    I think it's well worth any grower knowing about and looking into to see what options they have a hand anyway.
  • okla68m
    Interesting, worth a shot. Got some ideas on determining polarity of a magnet. Got a few weeks left on my Cherry Pie grow, will place one and see.....will be something else to talk to daily !
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Alexis thanks for the info. Interesting about your allergies. Good you found a solution. You did not mention how many weeks in you were. I understand auto flowers can be completed in less than 10 weeks? 15 liters is 3.9 gallons. It would be easy to do a few auto flowers in small pots in addition to my bigger pots and get an early harvest.

    Nice work @Boombastik :fire:

    @okla68m looking good!! :fire:

    Well, I realized that I had been underfeeding my girls by 50% all season. Ug!!! 4 of my plants went into flower already and when I did some calculations to add in flowering nutes I realized the mistake. Glad I caught it now, and I'll have to push a little harder now to catch back up.

  • highasakite
    Happened to come across this video tonight - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL9wwQv9skM

    Has anyone tried anything like that?? It looks like amateur hour in here compared to THAT...

    Just kidding, I'm just very jealous of you guys...
    Nice work, great thread!
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @highasakite Ha Ha, if i could grow plants that big i would have a different career!

    Manipulating the plant is pretty common. I think @Tyedyesamuraiguy has talked about getting his plants to grow sideways.

    My "training" will involve trimming all the small branches out and then spreading and staking all the main branches to give each one as much sun as possible.

    Jorge Cervantes has some great videos and massive plants.
  • Alexis
    thanks for the info. Interesting about your allergies. Good you found a solution. You did not mention how many weeks in you were. I understand auto flowers can be completed in less than 10 weeks? 15 liters is 3.9 gallons. It would be easy to do a few auto flowers in small pots in addition to my bigger pots and get an early harvest.The Rogue Wax Works

    Hey man. Thanks for your comments and open mindedness on the magnets.
    We are at exactly 11 weeks today. 3 are ready. Perfect trich development. I dont want them to go any further.

    It's amazing how much they have come on in the last 2 days. Leaves yellowing fast indicative of harvest, buds swelling fat gone purple.
    Trichs are almost all cloudy but amber ones scattered around the plants in varying amounts.

    They smell divine. Exactly 77 days outdoor.
    They can finish faster yes, but need a hotter, longer day and all available sun or indoos for below 70 days.

    77 days is fast for outdoor.
    Here are some shots of the bigger Northern Cheese Haze, it's a 50/50 hybrid:

    You can see how perfectly developed it is all over. (We harvested it since I began this post esrlier lol!)

    It has come in at perfect time, the most perfectly harvested, fully matured plant we have ever chopped.
    We took the other Northern Cheese Haze as well. Just slightly more developed, with a few more amber and all cloudy.

    Again, perfectly harvested and developed. And man wow, they are PONGING! Like you know how plants smell when they are at their absolute peak potency.

    We hung them on lines in the spare front bedroom in a cupboard before we went out and when we came home the street was ponging mega outside, first few days are usually quite intense then it usually dies down.

    Not too para really, haven't been the least bit paranoid all grow in fact. It has gone swimmingly well from the start. No issue. Zero bud rot, no big problems. 11 weeks for 3 to finish fully. Just 2 to look after once the Durban comes in this weekend.

    About a week for the final 2 and voila- a comfortable year's worth of Vape fuel. I predict 10-12 OZ from all 5. Modest harvest, but real fire Autoflower, best weed we ever grew yet 100%. And plenty enough for me and my mum. We still have dozens of jars from last 2 summers. So this fresh harvest is like nice, luxury gravy to pour on top! Oh man, I can't wait to sample this crop. It's an upgrade for sure. :party: :100: :smile:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    i love some lst! The plants beg for it, its alot of work and money to get them that big, im more into the mini monsters, if mine had a better start they would be way more bushy.
    This pheno was almost pure sativa, i dont like to top but at the time the plan was indoor, and i wanted a clone so no fim for me, not a big fan of the cage either but you gotta do what you gotta do.
    This is a great example of how i like to train, lost some growth, these things went on an adventure, cold basement between two furnaces, then my neglectful buddies back yard, back home for some tender love and care, just in time to recover for flower.

    I start training them young, after they get about that tall, i switch the main cola so the others can shoot out, sometimes i block that part with carboard so it gets no light, sometimes i tie down, lay the pot on its side, "whatever the plants tells me to" :rofl:

    These two will be heading inside soon, gonna be my mothers for next year, i cant remember what pheno is in the pot but thats a clone for either twiggt or bushy, the other clone was a lonely surviour of 9, my uncle is sick so my aunt had to take care of em till i got em and she didnt do a very good job lol, in a closed cooler in the baking hot soon, suprised i managed to save it, mystery strain, ill prob throw it outside somewhere after a winter veg.

    My aji limon and my other peppers are thoroughly enjoy the trainging as well, really opened up for more fruit.


    Plastic pots are a Dying breed, i like the air prune super roots but the fabric is a little more eco friendly when i think about it and i gotta balance the perlite lol
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    i am considering doing two outdoor auto crops next summer, we will have to see how heavy the wallet is.

    Those some really beautiful plants and i really like your grow style it is similar to mine, but like most things in my life i just feel it out. Like with music i dont count anything i just groove it out.

    If you have anymore links to your approach i am wanting to read into things a little more and maybe refine or pick up some new techniques or learn why im doing some of the things i do that people laugh at :rofl:
  • Boombastik
    update... Day 21 since flip (blunicorn slightly behind) . Unfortunately, these started flowering early because of power going out couple times.


    Sugar Cane

    Peanut butter Breath

  • The Rogue Wax Works
    My poor girl! This Strawberry Banana plant has struggled but is finally growing but for some reason has the floppiest limbs. It rained really hard last night and this is how I found her. Time to start staking up the branches. Not sure how this girl is going to hold up some colas?

  • toyster
    I so can't wait to it's legal to grow in my state so I can start growing my own stuff.I always told myself if it wasn't legal by the time my kids grow up and move out I was going to grow some stuff in my house anyway.
  • toyster
    Those are some pretty nice looking plants you guys got going.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    it will make her stronger, its not a favorite technique of mine, but sometimes when branches are blocking others ill just snap it down and out of the way, when it heals it self its actually almost like building muscle in the sense that it will grow extra tissie meow a nice big ball thats able to take up more nutes and what not.

    When my plants are real young too i always pinch and roll the stem through my thumb and pointer kinda squishing whats inside for the same effect, that is about as mean as i get with my plants.

    Those ones there mother nature snapped didnt have time to find the few that i did myself, the one that didnt heal as nice came back to the house like that and i didnt notice right away, i usually wrap it in saran wrap so it can heal.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Tyedyesamuraiguy wow you really have your plant manipulated, nice! I learned about the pinching technique by accident when I bent a plant in half. I propped it up with a stick and to my surprise it ballooned up and the injury site built a bunch of scar tissue. It really helped the plant in the end. I have not used it thought since that. Something to keep in mind for next year.

    I just got the chance to stake up my girl when it started to pour!!! Perfect timing.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    i like to sculpt em.
    Do you start yours inside?
    Looking real nice btw
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Do you start yours inside?Tyedyesamuraiguy

    I have always done a mix of clones and seed. I get the clones from others. When i have germinating the seeds they have not spent more than a month vegging inside before going into the ground outside.

    Every year I say I'm going to start early and put some big plants in the ground in mid May and it never happens. What actually happens, like this year, is I scramble in the middle of June to scrap something together. In the end though, its more than enough. :ok:

    It's amazing how much they have come on in the last 2 days.Alexis

    This reminds me of a lesson a friend drilled into my head. Dont get too eager to harvest. There is a window of ripeness that stays open for a few weeks. The difference of a few days right at the end can be huge.

    @Tyedyesamuraiguy I'll assume you do seeds?
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    yeah i like to pick my faves and keep cloning them.
    Right when they break soil i hit em with fierce wind, really encourages strong structural growth. If its a clone i wait until its got a decent root system. It makes a huge difference when you really blast em in the beginning, i dont keep it up the whole grow though nice and gentle after the first few weeks.
  • Chandler
    I need this schooling
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    the most important and overlooked thing in my opinion is ph, im suprised by how many people dont check that. A good ph meter is the most important tool in the garden and is the cause of most "déficiences" you can have all the phosphours in the world in your water, but if the water is too alkaline it wont asorb it. So it will look like you need to add more but really you just need the correct ph run off.
  • LabPong
    I need this schoolingChandler

    Growing 101 by importance:
    1. grow environment (lights, tent/room, hvac)
    2. genetics (seeds/clones)
    3. nutrients
    4. knowledge....podcast/youtube grow shows (do not waste time on forums....too much bad info..but we are cool here on vlf.. lol)

    Oh.....and some $$$....then your off to the races!
  • okla68m
    I Also like to "Sculpt" them !
    20190811_154451 (225K)
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