• bulllee
    I just saw this on Puffitup with a price of $999.00 no photo, or description. Just wondering if anyone has heard, or knows exactly what they plan on offering.
  • BobCat

    I don't know why PIU has $999.99 which I saw too. Essentially, it's a Fury 3. Here's the Healthy Rips Post:

    HealthyRips.com said: ↑
    Hi All! Sorry about the 'tease' yesterday - it was simply meant to let our FC friends know that we have our FURY EDGE just about ready for release. Our FURY EDGE is the third progression of our original FURY. It is built on the same proven FURY platform, but is slightly taller (10 mm) to allow for a much larger battery. We also packed it with all the features that you could possibly want in a vaporizer - especially in the $150 range.
    Here are just a few of the eight upgrades to our FURY EDGE vs our FURY 2:
    2300 mAh Lithium Polymer battery - almost 50% larger than our FURY 2.
    Accessories Attachment for the glass accessories - inspired by a @Vape Dr. design (thread post #361).
    Haptic Feedback vibration when turning on/off and when reaching set temperature.
    USB-C Charging for fast charging and non-directional plug into the unit.
    We are extremely confident in a very smooth transition from our FURY 2 to our FURY EDGE - similar to the natural transition from our FURY to our FURY 2 two years ago. Our FURY EDGE is our HR design and is contractually exclusive to us - we are not allowing rebrands of this device.

    In the spirit of peace, we are reluctant to give an exact date of our FURY EDGE release. However, as we approach the FURY EDGE launch over the next 4-5 weeks, we will continue to post information, pictures, and videos. We sincerely hope that this is enough information to satisfy your curiosity for now :).

    All the Best!
    Healthy Rips Team
  • Chronic Pain
    Oh No!
    First the G43 Portable :love:
    Now the Fury Edge (a.k.a Fury 3)
    I think my V.A.S. (Vaporizer Acquisition Syndrome) is starting to kick in again... :joke:

  • LabPong
    "It is built on the same proven FURY platform"

    So your going to get the same exact vapor.........meh.....next!
  • bulllee
    It's not even the holiday season ! :rofl:
  • Chronic Pain
    FURY EDGE Coming Soon… $149

    Healthy Rips says they will be releasing their FURY EDGE in 4-6 weeks.

    First Look Video by Randy at PuffItUp!

    Here are the main features of our FURY EDGE:
    1. 100% proprietary - designed and owned by Healthy Rips by Green Curative, Inc.
    2. Accessories Attachment for various glass attachments/mouthpieces.
    3. 2300 mAh battery (vs 1600 mAh on FURY 2)
    4. Haptic feedback: Vibrates when turned on/off and when reaching set temperature
    (vs LED light on FURY 2).
    5. 5 minute session timer (vs 4 minutes on FURY 2).
    6. OLED flip screen: Hold power button down for 3 seconds.
    7. Mesh stainless steel screen on Accessories Attachment and Mouthpiece for better airflow.
    (vs stainless steel plate-screen with holes on our FURY 2)
    8. USB-C Charging: Fast charging and non-directional (vs USB on FURY 2)
    9. 3 Clicks to turn on/off.
    10. Completely isolated air path.
    11. Stainless steel chamber.
    12. Stainless steel coil.
    13. Stainless steel vapor path.

    Info From Healthy Rips Blog 7/15:

    Info From PuffItIp Blog 7/13:

  • bulllee
    Will my attachments for the Fury 2 work on the Edge?
  • Chronic Pain

    I don't think so, but I'll ask Randy over at PuffItUp since he is testing it out for Healthy Rips.
    It would be nice though since I own the Fury 2 attachments also. :sad:
  • Raven907
    Curious what fury edge users think of this. Wanting another vape.
  • bulllee
    It's a fun kinda vape. Works great with the wpa. battery life is better but still lacking imo. There are a lot of other vapes I would get right now. #1 being the Ghost MV1 for $175 comes with a dispenser. The edge was $160 if I remember. i would spend a little more and get a ton more in performance. The Edge is like a Volkswagon bug and the Ghost would be a Shelby stock Mustang ! The Edge is very good for what it does mainly a back up, vacation kinda vape. :cool:
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