• Stants
    These have dropped to around £100.00 where I am, is it worth picking one up at this price as an introduction to desktop units ?
  • Robo7676
    Most definitely worth it as long as you get DDave mods for the Q, even if you grab only the 18MM mod set for $15.00, turns the Q into a real cloud maker.
  • BestBuds
    I definitely think it's a worthwhile buy. The DDave mods are good but not needed. Maybe get the DDave mods after you get a handle on the vape itself more. That way it will re excite you for this great vape. The price keeps going down because it's old, this is what we should be seeing with the volcano. :roll:
    It doesn't produce the best vapor but it's not bad it's quite good in fact. But for me if I want to rocket off into oblivion a few bags will do it.
    It's great for having some buds over and passing a bag or two, maybe the whip.
  • Stants

    Thanks for the info, I love my ghost but when people do come over it's more of a hassle showing them how to use it and get the technique down, would love to be able to have a session vape that's easy to use for novices
  • martinstraka8282
    I love mine and picked up the DDave mods for it. It's my heaviest hitter and I really enjoy the big hits through my biggest bong.

    For the price, it's a steal imo.
  • OhHello
    Definitely worth it, I paid $100 new here in the states and best bang for the buck
  • Jory
    Where did you find it for $100 at? It's been about $150 everywhere I've seen. For $100 I'll order o e today.
  • OhHello

    Dankgeek with points
  • Trix
    I think it’s a fantastic vape. As others have already said the DDave mods definitely improve the overall density of the vapor as the bowl is much closer to the heating source.
    IMO this is one of the most versatile multi functional affordable vapes on the market.
    Several forum members speak very highly about the Extreme Q myself included!
  • Stants
    Payday today so, once I've paid some bills I'll see what's left in the pot, the hardest things going to be hiding it from the misses :rofl:
  • treecityrnd
    maybe this is why I'm single :chin:
  • Jory
    Thanks. I've never heard of them before. I'll have to check it out though. Thanks
  • Stants
    Got one coming in the post tomorrow, one turned up today but they shipped the v tower instead of the extreme, can't fault vapefiend's (uk) customer service, as long as they'd received a proof of return postage they got the correct one on a 24hr service to me no questions asked, also got a ddave type mod from a uk seller & smaller glass screen whip attachment arriving,
  • Bruce
    I have the Extreme Q 7 years. I have owned a Volcano and other desktop dry herb vaporisers and the no question the Arizer Extreme Q is far better than the S and B Vapes. Just my opinion
  • 22spider
    The one thing that I have extensively heard about the EQ, is you definitely want to invest in the ddave mod, it basically makes everything function way more efficiently, I was actually going to buy it for my next vape but I changed my mind to the weedeaeter now✌⚡ddave is always updating his mods and he just came out with a direct glass draw with balloon function, I would def check him out if your going that direction
  • Brian420PM
    I just got the Arizer V-Tower with the DDave mod. I didn't want the Q features of an adjustable fan and bag options. Love it, my long search for a desktop flower vape is over.
  • Biesas

    If it ain't a secret, where in UK did you find the ddave mods for sale?

    I considered getting the Q before purchasing my Volcano, but now thinking of thinning out my collection of vapes or replacing the ones I've got.
    For example if I would sell my Volcano, I could get the Q and an OmniXL for roughly that amount of money :wink:
    Still need to free myself of my sealed Tera :groan: it's been sitting in the classifieds for nearly two weeks, looks like it's gonna have to go on ebay...
  • Stants

    Hi mate, I'll put the link up for you it's an ebay seller, as far as I'm aware it's basically a shorter stem I'll need to put my own screens in but it was only £8.00 so if its crap I'll stump up for a genuine one and play the duty & customs roulette :lol:

    I bought a ghost earlier in the year to replace my boundless cfv but trying to tell people how to get good hits is a pita, a volcano was a bit out of my price range at the mo as I'd like the hybrid but I can't justify 550 for something that will mainly be used for friend sessions, daft thing is with extra battery 2x crucible dispensers I've nearly spent as much on that than a volcano would have cost but it's all far easier to hide from the misses.

    Was contemplating the terra before the ghost, think theres not too many uk members here so the sale section may not be as busy as our US friends glws!

  • Stants

    Believe it it not there was only £10 difference between the two here at the moment, I went with the fan assist as it may help my misses as she has no draw capacity in her so this way she'll be able to just inhale naturally from a bag or the whip
  • Stants

    Here's a comparison picture for you mate,

    'Nockoff ddvave' on the right tum70xodg3c6d0wf.jpg
  • Stants

    1st one of these for nearly 20 years
    Not sure why it's been that long since I had one,

    Run a bolw of stardawg through the nock off ddave mod & whip with and without with fan assist

    Now trying the cyclone with balloon,

    For a hundred quid this thing is brilliant,
    20190816_133601 (177K)
  • Igor
    Definitely, tons of people have them and I get zero complaints
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