• Tonda24
    Hi I bought Davinci iq the first problem does not work bluetooth (can not be paired) another problem I have damaged my silicone ring under the aroma chamber. No support for my bluetooth problem. On the internet I have now found a lot of information about the awful support of Davinci. Should I deal with a fix or try another brand? Davinci is 3 months old.
  • rc-01
    Davinci IQ apps seems not to be working for many months. My IQ was not heating up after 3 months, contact IQ for warranty on the website. Send my IQ photos with the serial number and proof of purchase. After a day, received an email from IQ that device is valid for warranty.

    Send Davinci a video as requested by them. After a day or two they emailed to send the IQ in with RMA no provided. 2 weeks later it was fixed and ship back to me. No charges at all except for shipping to them.

    Overall, communication with IQ is easy and each communication is kept within a ticket number.
  • trulukkyphrank
    I had also good experience with them but last time was over a year ago! I had 2 RMA and got everytime a brand new unit. ONce the vibrator motor was loose inside and the other case was a dead power button.

    try what @rc-01 stated above
  • Hapo
    ...I passed on the Davinci behind a story a sales person told me...

    ...he said he had the Davinci and at first it was good but it's heat sink or something shorted out and the battery would only last one session...even putting in a new battery would not change this...

    ...Davinci pretty much blew him off, with their best solution being to "plug it in"...

    ...some "10 year warrrenty"...
  • Dr green thumb
    and what were you buying from said salesman? Let me guess it was the pax3. I have yet to find anyone in a smokeshop or dispensary that knows anything about vapes.
  • Hapo
    ...correct...I was initially attracted to the removable battery feature...

    ...I don't think he was making anything up...

    ...he uses a Pax3 now but there was no percentage in it for him...

    ...I certainly like the concept of the Ghost MV1 but the reality of it is a bit much...

    ...I may be checking one out soon anyway, as don't think the Pax3 is all that much of an improvement over the Pax, much to my disgust and disappointment...

    ...they may have greatly improved some features but it is still like hitting a Pax, eh...
  • Dankpup
    it would seem odd to blow off a vape shop sales person, especially one carrying/selling your product , but who knows. I have I miqro and haven’t had issues yet.
  • Hapo

    ...I didn't blow him off...I followed his advise and bought the Pax3..

    ...the guys seems to be a good merchant with no bullshit to him...
  • Dankpup
    sorry, I meant a vape store employee selling davinci getting crappy customer service from davinci would seem like shooting themselves in the foot.
  • Hapo
    ...no shit...it sure put me off, especially seeing the defect rate in the Davinci...
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