• VapeCritic
    OK serious discussion now I really need your opinions dudes...

    What do you think can be done to make this forum better?

    What turns you off about it and what would you like to see changed?

    Please feel free to share your honest thoughts and feelings.

    I never really had a long-term plan for this forum and I've been thinking about it for a while now, but I still can't come up with the perfect formula of how to change things.

    I'll start by saying that I don't think I post enough and it's not cool and if I did it would not only make more people happy but would also avoid more issues I think. Without talking about myself too much here, writing and expressing my thoughts through a keyboard is very difficult for me to do quickly and I struggle to keep up, it bothers me a lot that i dont/cant write more posts.

    On the other hand, one of the things I really like about the current forum set up is the homepage being somewhat of a "news feed" and there's always something new being posted so it's easy to quickly scan the headlines and see what everybody is currently discussing, or at least the general topics. However, letting anybody and everybody post at the top of the site can have its disadvantages as we all know...

    Sometimes I feel that it might be more beneficial to pin all of the vaporizer threads at the top for each model and maybe that will be more useful for people, but then it takes away from that newsfeed feel and you'll have to scroll down to see new content. This sometimes leads to discussions that are not that fresh being at the top of the site, but it does have its positives too...

    The one thing I know for sure is that it is very difficult to keep track of separate categories for each vaporizer and to make sure that each thread gets assigned to the right one. That is why right now there is only a handful of general categories to choose from when you start a new discussion, but in the past I did have a longer list of subcategories in there, but over time it became very long and that leads to fewer and fewer people selecting the correct one .

    My latest experiment if you have noticed in the sidebar, I listed a bunch of popular Vapes and brands and have the links point to advanced search results for that term. This is more confusing to look at than simple categories, however the advanced search does surface more and fresher content in the results.

    So as you can see I have a lot of mixed thoughts about what to do, and sometimes I tweak things here or there to see how they go, but overall I feel like I need input from you guys so that I could brainstorm more and come up with better ways to make this place cooler to hang out on.

    The one thing I want to make sure everybody knows is that I direct people to this forum from my other website and YouTube videos and tell them to post their questions and comments here. I think maybe I'm a little numb to it now, but Internet etiquette is pretty hard to come by, so sometimes new people will post on here and they might not use the most friendly language but let's give everybody the benefit of the doubt and give them one freebie to be a douche, after that, if they don't take advantage of the opportunity and redeem themselves , big boss man will have to step in.

    To my longtime member friends who may have been caught up in some of the recent riffraff, take a nice deep breath through your loaded G43 before posting next time someone pisses you off, I have to do it all the time myself, remembering not to respond emotionally, it takes practice, you should see me trying to teach Hazel this.

    Tell me what you'd like to see guys.

  • Hapo
    ...I am rather liking the freewheeling nature of your site...

    ...things tend to find their own level...

    ...it's like the frontier in here compared to other websites like this...
  • ruju
    The main forum page could have a few header tab.
    Like "active posts" and "latest posts"..
    This is the main way I still daily posts on other forums.
    The majority of times I visit a forum page I click the "latest posts" tab first for the most recent discussions.
    As for members not always getting along, it's command in most forums and usually worse than what I've seen here. It still doesn't make it right.
    Maybe have a set of rules for posting..there may already be this and I haven't read it.
    One more thing I'd say is to encourage posters to use lol,or happy face to show the intention behind their words. My humour can be dry so I always post an lol or smiley face to show my lighthearted ness..cheers!
  • Dr green thumb

    Just a quick non moving thread on how things work for new people. Like how to tag, post videos, etc and how to search
  • Bad Dog
    I'm a new user but I haven't found it overly complicated to navigate mostly is just common sense stuff, though I have managed to make some mistakes in posting I haven't had a bad experience with anyone, I've been corrected and that was that. So far I've had a good experience here, gotten some good advice, learned a good bit, mostly everyone has been welcoming and friendly. A few pined threads with advice for newbies couldn't hurt, other than that I'm stumped for right now
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    I'll second what @Dr green thumb said. A post at the top that says "New Members Read This" with rules and guidelines. I'm guilty of making lots of newby mistakes here.
  • MothChewMoth
    Another vote for "New Member Section"!

    Also, why no more mods? I think a couple of healthy mods could help keep things in ship shape. Doing everything yourself is just too much. Gotta delegate!
  • Ctipp22
    Hmm. What would make this forum better? Probably if vape companies come out with some new quality shit orrrrrrrr some cool members make some fun stuff. Other than that its kind of sharing and helping one another.
  • LabPong
    Bud....I think you have almost maxed out the possibilities with the current website template your using. Only way to make it more categorized/organized is to use a proper "web forum" site. This is hard cause they all cost $....so to find one that works that is not too complicated or have to teak it all the time is maybe not easy?

    Not sure what is out there now a days...but I think that is really the only way to make the forum work better over all. Other than that...as a PC geek......I do not at all mind this forum running like the news ticker....I rather like it. Another forum I used to visit quite frequent has the ticker home page and the ability to go to the category setup with 1 click. If you could find a not too expensive template to use like that.....your in!

    I also agree there should be a sticky for new members or those that are not as PC skilled as others. Then the only other sticky you need is....."Order The G-43 Here- and info"
  • BestBuds
    We need a chat room :wink:
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @BestBuds thats a brilliant idea! It would get rid of the personal conversations in the threads.
  • Hapo
    ...I don't type anywhere near fast enough for a chat room...I would never use it...

    ... conversations pertaining to the topic often ad more than they detract from a given thread, imnsho…

    ...this place is all aboot personal user experience...

    ...that said, a chat room would probably not hurt anything...

    ...or you could just use PM's for personal stuff...…

    ...mods can be the death of a site...be careful who gets a hammer...



  • Cuckfumbustion
    The one thing I know for sure is that it is very difficult to keep track of separate categories for each vaporizer and to make sure that each thread gets assigned to the right one.VapeCritic
    Like nearly all of the suggestions about the navigation and .:ok: Glad I didn't have to say it. :grimace:
    Bud....I think you have almost maxed out the possibilities with the current website template your using. Only way to make it more categorized/organized is to use a proper "web forum" site. This is hard cause they all costLabPong
    I don't pretend to know code, but any template that allow more text on my PC screen would improve things immensely Y'know use the whole work-space. :cool: With. out being a prob for small screens to read. I admit than I've gotten used to FC's and Vapor Asylum's. What software are they running?

    There maybe some simple tweaks or format changes with what you have that could be the simplest and cheapest option. Just brainstorming here. Maybe click buttons that move from post to post. So that each msg is centered in the screen. As a workaround? Like say hitting TAB on your PC. Or forward/Back Top of page/Bottom of page. Have it in the banner.For Phone users. :chin:
  • Terpenetime
    As a relative newbie I’d agree with the suggestion from @Dr green thumb.
  • LabPong
    I don't pretend to know code, but any template that allow more text on my PC screen would improve things immensely Y'know use the whole work-space.Cuckfumbustion

    You can only do what the template allows.....and this is why Bud needs a proper Net Forum software. Lots out there....but what ones are decent at low cost are another thing all together.

    I have watched the changes Bud has made and easily see he is pushing the software to its ability here....which is not enough ability to make this like a normal in depth categorized site. template.
  • EconMan
    OK serious discussion now I really need your opinions dudesVapeCritic

    Excellent. Then I shall provide a serious response. A intellectual hero of mine, Buckminster Fuller, once said to keep your opinions to yourself, unless asked; but once asked, then give all you have with regards to that opinion.
    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    ― Buckminster Fuller

    Let's start with purpose. What is the purpose of this forum? I know what its purpose would be if I owned it, but I don't. You do. What is its role in the VCMU ("VapeCritic Media Universe")? A little game I play with myself that helps me find clarity in such times is to write a internal "mission statement" for whatever it is I'm developing, then I have something to look too and remember "why?" when things inevitably get confused and opaque as they can and do. The word "better" literally can't be discussed much less meaningful advice or suggestions given until what you want (not just desire) is known for all to know.

    I am a businessman first and stoner second. Three BIG business goals that IMO should be achieved FROM this forum BY you.
    1. Positive Branding
    2. Incremental Affiliate Revenue
    3. Incremental Advertising Revenue
    The forum can be a Gold Mine for you by capitalizing on the burgeoning vape markets, and intelligently creating "channels of value." If done right, you could sell this forum in several years for a pretty penny just from the expected income alone. I have a client that does $15 million per year just from an astrology forum and related website affiliate offerings. $15mil per year!
    Psychologically, if you're making direct and indirect money from it then it's less of a hassle, less like a hobby, and more like a business. I know clients who pay me are always less annoying, despite personality, than those who do not - lol. I think at times you come to almost "resent" the forum (I would) .... the work involved without a clear picture of reward vs investment....

    I have several cannabis related clients with similar problems. One, a direct competitor to YouTube, is now struggling with the very problem that made them build the site in the first place -- getting out from under YT's censorship umbrella. Seems just like YT, they needed "rules". DIfferent rules but still rules. Everyone struggles with this conundrum. As they tighten down on their controls, they are pissing the OG members off -- the ones who literally came to say FU to YT -- but their company will go broke if they don't change. Change pisses people off. It just does.

    Correct. You do not post enough. Your bad. You should keep your garden attended, regardless of your preference of how it should look. Lots of folks really do listen to what you have to say and endorse -- directly and indirectly. You have the power to promote interesting and edifying threads of content just by what you tend to join in on. When push comes to shove, it is your forum and the buck stops with you. I don't think it sucks -- I personally like it a lot -- but if it does suck it would suck because of you and you alone.

    Psychologically, ALL forums suffer from conflict because emotionally based conflict is an essential part of being consciously human. I've spent my business life working with smart and successful ADULT managers and entrepreneurs. They may be adults, but they are having the same intertemporal conflicts they had as children with their primary care-giver(s), NOW "ACTED OUT" in the boardroom. This is true be it a steril academic forum where you get "pointed" for even being slightly rude, or a near "no-holds-barred" political forum as Twitter is often used.

    People push our buttons. yeah. lol :gasp:
    What do I love most about this forum? The amazing incredible people I've come to know, enjoy, and respect and who add such lovely value to my life.
    What do I hate most about this forum? The moronic idiots who pop in and out and whose state of breathing air offends me and inadvertently push a button on my emotional engagement of the world as I wish disease, misery, and destruction upon them.

    My pet peeve are the assholes, the worst-than-trolls, the uncaring fools who like dogs eating slop are MINDLESS. Let's say there is already a healthy ABC thread running in the "newsfeed" even. A member with two posts and a like, posts a brand new ABC2 thread -- because he/she is too fucking lazy to search and lurk a little while which just dilutes and damages the discussion.
    But even non-assholes push our buttons. There are a few souls on this forum who I swear are the reincarnation of my nutty mother. :mask: Sometimes, people don't do shit to us. The toxicity is within ourselves :pray: .

    Re structure, I love the newsfeed style too.... I think it makes for a dynamic look and feel and even "ethos". I am not a fan of the "organization by product." There is more to human endeavor than devices. I prefer categories of vaping behavior since every device we love will eventually become obsolete. A device is generally a poor way to build a tribe.
  • Baron23

    Hi Bud - here is my input.

    1. I rather like the "news feed" aspect of the main page, with recent threads popped to the top of basically a flat list. While it does make finding info on specific subjects a bit more difficult as there are no real sub-forums, it also IMO helps to keep the board lively and the topics of interest at the top and easy to see.

    2. Some have mentioned FC and VAS as examples of other software, which is XenForo, I believe. I personally don't think suggest that as its $$ and requires a good bit of admin. I know you have a background in web development and IT, but I also know that Mom had to have some hard core IT assistance to get things running right and maintaining it that way. Also, while they do have "new posts" button that brings up a flat list of latest posts, subjects are a bit more broken up into sub and sub-sub forums. Again, for our small community, I rather like the news feed format.

    3. Help or Resource Pinned Post - I agree with others that a resource/help post with some basics like how to tag, how to embed media, etc would be helpful. It would cut down on some of the questions but not all of them because some folks won't find it and others won't even look. BUT, I recommend having it either in a top banner or just one pinned post at the top. At one time you experimented with a lot of pinned posts/subjects and it cluttered the main page and pushed a lot of current content to the next page. It just didn't seem to work out well and that's something to be avoided if adding a help/guide post.

    4. So, I remember when all inquiries to you on your reviews were embedded at the bottom of each review on the Vape Critic site making it very difficult for you to navigate and respond to questions, etc. Hence, this board....right? So, I agree.....a big part of this board is you and I agree that it would be helpful to this board's activity if you could be more active here.

    5. Along with #4 above, you/Hazel are the only thing looking like moderators here now. But if you managed to carve out more time for that function and got on things a bit earlier then perhaps you wouldn't need all of the "cut the shit out" posts...of which there have been well more than one, right? Compared to some other places, we are pretty peaceful, but shit storms spring up fast and grow into shit tornadoes in a hurry. A bit more presence may well dissuade this kind of behavior and, at a minimum, catch it sooner as well as provide more focused and professional content on vapes and vaping.

    6. Moving posts to existing related threads can be an almost full time job with the format of this board. Claude used to do most of the clean up of this type between the two of us (while my role was Bad Cop! haha). I just don't think you are going to solve this with the current format so maybe just clean up the worst of it (which I think you are doing now) or just let it go. On FC, for example, you can't just create a new thread under "Portables" which then forces the member to look for the thread on "x vaporizer". We don't have that functionality so my view is just let go as there ain't enough time in the day to consolidate posts here.

    6. I don't have a problem with off topic threads...."How's your Day?", "Show me your Ride", etc. Other boards have them but they are in a sub-forum. On Mom's board its the "Padded Cell" sub-forum and you can create all of the off topic posts you want (well, avoiding politics and other verboten hot button topics). I think communities like and need this non-vape related content..it helps bond the board members together and is a nice way of sharing a bit of our lives with each other. Only problems are: 1) too many will push vape related posts off of the main page which ain't as it should be and; 2) these kind of posts need to be read and moderated well as they can easily go off of the tracks. I have no good suggestion on how to handle these type posts with the software you are currently using but managing these a bit better may be worth the though and consideration.

    This is what I have for you....hope its helpful.
  • BobCat
    I would have to ask what do you want the forum to be? What is your purpose of having the forum? Knowing these answers would help for feedback to get you to that point. Your forum, you run it, need your mission statement. :victory:
  • Ctipp22
    I think having clear named threads for each device like: The G43 vaporizer, : The Flowerpot Showerhead. and then pin them to a side bar to scroll and look at all main device threads and the middle is all forum and questions and answers? Kind of like how it is now but when you click it just takes you to the Main named thread : (DEVICE NAME) thread.
  • AsUwish
    Not so much about the forum but going back to basics with more ACTUAL vape reviews.
  • Dr green thumb
    are you going to magically produce new vapes to review
  • AsUwish
    Come on man, there are plenty of vapes that are solid and don't get reviewed. Not gonna bother with a list. It was the YouTube videos, thorough and solid reviews that brought me here. Not starting any trouble, just stating what I'd like.
  • Dr green thumb

    I too came here because of the youtube reviews. But bud cannot review what does not exist. I would like to know what solid vapes that are out that has not been reviewed here. I'm not starting trouble either and I genuinely would like to know. My collection always needs some new blood.

    Not all vapes make the cut for videos.
  • AsUwish
    Not gonna go there brother but I do understand that not all vapes make the cut. I'll leave it there.
  • EconMan

    I think there is lots of room for entertaining and informative vids right now, assuming someone wants to go to the trouble of making them. Many classics deserve repeat reviews as times and tastes change, sort of like the Plenty revisited review.

    There are many creative ways to review products. For instance, could have a "battle of the vapes" "vs" series. Does not have to be specific vapes, but categories. Could utilize forum for interactivity. There is so much going on with concentrates right now. Lots of review/commentary opportunity.

    Abundant great material for reviews exist. The real question is does VapeCritic like making videos anymore? I haven't talked to him about it, but If it was me, I know I would have grown tired of them after a while and would need a break to do something else.
  • Chronic Pain
    Sure the forum could use some tweaks but as forums go this one is extremely helpful and the people are friendly, easy going and funny. (Kind of rare actually)

    That being said... I'm kind of in the @EconMan camp.
    As a Financial Investor... What is the purpose of this forum?

    Plus what do YOU really want to do? Be a Vape Critic or Vape Creator/Designer?
    It seems to me that creating/designing the G43 is giving you the most pleasure.
  • BobCat
    What is the purpose of this forum?
    Plus what do YOU really want to do?
    Chronic Pain
    Love it brother!!! We need to hound Bud until he answers! :up: :victory: :100:
  • Hapo
    ...methinks that would be a bad thing...he doesn't need more hounding...

    ...this is a thing that could require some contemplation...

    ...do you know your purpose...???...do you truly know what you want...???...

    ...aaaanyway, it seems to me that he be askin' us

    ...why are we turning it around...???...
  • It's in the details
    I love this place... it's the only "place" I've found where I can learn about vaporizers and material...
  • It's in the details
    Also.... Most of the people who've responded to my posts are clearly super geeks (in a totally good way) who know so so so much about vaping, smoking, and the vast array of concentrates. They're real experts... but I would think that for your business model, Bud -- to expand your reach...you'd want to make it easier for new comers -- people who can't really even begin to read a post because there are so many unknown terms...and references. I've become the little vape critic for a few friends and am sharing what I'm learning.... and I've thought of telling them to come here and peruse the place but I know they wouldn't penetrate in to even get a handle on what's what. Thanks for making this place.
  • Hapo
    ...they don't like it when you do that here...they like you to edit the previous post...

    ...I too like the place as it is just fine...we seem a moderate bunch...

    ...there is a lot of biased opinion floating around...you can pick up a lot of details...