• BobCat

    The word "better" literally can't be discussed much less meaningful advice or suggestions given until what you want (not just desire) is known for all to know.EconMan

    I'm kind of in the EconMan camp.
    As a Financial Investor... What is the purpose of this forum?
    Chronic Pain

    these answers would help for feedback to get you to that point. Your forum, you run it, need your mission statementBobCat
  • Hapo

    ...awesome...a keeper...
  • Hapo
    ...you could have a general forum called Vape Talk...

    ...then sub forums for specific vapes...
  • zancru
    Liking the new font.
    Nice start.
    Keep going.
    Stay vaped.
  • Gonzo
    @VapeCritic I personally like the forum as it is. When I try to read the other vape forums it is not a format that I find useful.
  • Ctipp22
    actually I agree with this as well. Other forums setups aren’t quite as user friendly and clean looking.
  • Señor Negro
    Ok I'll try to make it brief, but I don't think I'm gonna be succesful :sweat: EDIT: I really need a facepalm emote :fear:

    Main problem with the forum, for me, it's the forum itself :scream:
    But don't panic, I'm not that hater (I really am but here I behave :halo: )
    What I'm trying to say is that I'm 200% agree with when he says this forum page template can't fulfill the needs of this community.
    I know that's not what Bud wants to read but I think I've already said it in the past and I've been watching patiently since then all tweaks that were made but as Bud himself says he can't be completely satisfied with any config, because IMHO there are not enough config options.
    So, for me, the best option would be a complete new forum. That would be step only 1 of many tho ...

    It would take patience, $$, time, effort and some help. Probably will take some time to get used to it but if we are trying to look forward more than just a few steps ahead we will thank for it on the long term.

    Only then, in my opinion, we could be start to talk about interfaces, disposition, subforums and all that stuff, because with a more organizable system new posibilites would be available. Here are my thoughts about the current display, and what would be my ideal on paper:

    First of all I have to say I did not like the layout when I joined the forum. It seems so chaotic for anyone not looking for what the last posts are. And even then it could be even more confusing when someone pumps a 3yo post with a line. I could blame the user for that but thinking about it with some perspective it's only a shared guiltiness with the layout itself.
    Nothing too serious, I got used to it and now I can even say I see the benefits it has for a small community like we have here.
    BUT, I think it's still not enough. Specially for new people.
    We need a visible categorized hierarchy of subforums for vapes. Search functions are not capable of making exceptionally accurate results, specially for non tech-friendly people.
    That will not only allow to be way more easy to look for specific content but it will help too for avoiding the many duplicate posts/subjects/questions there are around here.
    Pinned and/or FAQ for most popular vapes would help too.
    Any kind of highligthed 1000% visible distinction between vape talk and off topics.
    I think most of us will be agree to mantain the new-feeds section fresh and as our main menu but a more highlighted and organized categories section is a must.

    Regarding what others have been said:

    To my longtime member friends who may have been caught up in some of the recent riffraff, take a nice deep breath through your loaded G43 before posting next time someone pisses you off, I have to do it all the time myself, remembering not to respond emotionally, it takes practiceVapeCritic
    :clap: :100:
    Decided to breath vapor everytime someone pisses me off since the last riffraff I had here and now I'm waaaaaaaay happier :starstruck:
    But my pocked looks emptier and my tolerance is raising :groan: :lol:

    I'll start by saying that I don't think I post enough and it's not cool and if I did it would not only make more people happy but would also avoid more issues I think.VapeCritic
    You can't be everywhere man! We all wished that at least once but it's not possible :scream:
    Don't wanna be your mom nor tell you what to do but I think maybe you should consider making some kind of schedule taking in consideration the priority of the tasks, estimated time of accomplishment, and help available if there's any.
    What I'm trying to say is that if site administration+forum moderation takes you too much time and if we consider that 'less important' than the active presence everyone can see maybe you need to re-structure your time or get help for those tasks.

    you/Hazel are the only thing looking like moderators here now. But if you managed to carve out more time for that function and got on things a bit earlier then perhaps you wouldn't need all of the "cut the shit out" posts...of which there have been well more than one, right? Compared to some other places, we are pretty peaceful, but shit storms spring up fast and grow into shit tornadoes in a hurry. A bit more presence may well dissuade this kind of behavior and at a minimum, catch it sooner as well as provide more focused and professional content on vapes and vaping.Baron23

    That's another delicate matter on this site.
    When I've arrived I was (and still are) extraordinarily surprised this forum actually worked with this loose moderation. I'd left online communities loooong time ago because I could not stand how toxic those could go so quickly, but the good vibes in here took me and made me stay :up:
    For this community to work correctly (and that means that eventually we will have our 'ups & downs') and I say this even if I can see the miracle happening in front of my eyes, I strongly believe we need more and stronger moderation. "Boooooo :down: "
    Bud should't be wasting too much time and effort on moderating on top of all he has to do, and the "divine trinity" "Budchrist&VirginHazel" + "BadBaronCop" + "SpyClaude" was really, really nice but way too much demanding for them.
    We need more mods, mods that could take those roles:
    The BadCop enforcing the rules and using his whip to fustigate. Roaaarr!!
    The Spy who silently moves threads or hide 'em preventively to avoid toxicity. (Sometimes the best mod is the one that no one knows it's there :wink: )
    Mods that had some kind of 'freedom' of criteria not only to free Bud from more work but to make 'em faster and more effective.
    Mods that should be on different timezones to somehow (to some extent, don't go mad either :sweat: ) cover more hours. I insist on this point because if you can get rid of a problem quickly, take disposal of it and cover all the bad vibes they won't spread. Sometimes ignorance is happiness and this way the forum has a stronger sense of profesionality as Baron said before (not in the same context I know but to me that's a remarkable point too).
    This can sound harsh, but the real situation here doesn't actually require a extremely strong position. Do I sound confusing? :sweat:

    My final goal is just to have a strong-defined basis to be able to step up quickly and decidedly in case it's neccesary. And when it's not just let it loose as it is almost always.
    Which leads us to the next topic, rules:

    As I said before, a strong-defined basis is required to stablish some red lines anyone should not cross. Those lines could be far enough to let people express themselves in a polite way but in any case they need to be clearly visible all time (we know there are people that won't read the rules but that's still not an excuse, specially if it's extremely visible) and there should be "active" ALWAYS and for EVERYONE (except Bud and Hazel as we are just their guests).
    That's so important, imo, because if there's a crystaline understanding of what do people can and cannot post there should be no doubt of when a post could be reported. Quite difficult to define but after that plain and simple to apply.
    We need someone to enforce the rules and maybe, if it helps definitions even further, we could apply a "penalty system" when a number of "calls" and some pre-defined listed restrictions to accounts that love to ride on the dark side.

    About trolls I spent some time forging the idea of a new thread (that won't happen soon because all my energies are being completely drained with this massive post :groan:) so I won't say much this time because I'm that a nuisance that I just had to erase some text because I reached max. lenght :scream:
  • EconMan
    This vid is enjoyable to get high to and ponder the sliding-scale of the most ancient paradigm of human governance.

  • Señor Negro
    Clear example above. :ok:
    I would move 's post to an off-topic thread and PM him to tell him why (even if it's obvious to me in this case).

    Nothing personal, just stating clearly what I would do to keep some order. :chin:
  • Baron23

    hahaha...Yo, Bud....you asked for input, some folks took their time to make a thoughtful reply, then.....crickets.

    What do you got for us, bro....what do you think of the input you have gotten?
  • Hapo
    ...it's a lot to digest...he might be best off to just leave it alone...

    ...whatever he does will bear some due consideration...

    ...the Vape Critic is not prone to spouting off poorly thought out bullshit...

    ...when he does that it is well thought out...
  • Baron23
    Thank you, Bud :roll:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    fuckcombustion is intimidating and one thread has so many posts!! I am sure there is lots of good info on there but i personally just dont feel the vibe.

    The atmosphere here is great its almost like an immediate family celebration versus a family reunion.
    @VapeCritic at the moment i dont have any inout for you. All i can say is that you do an amazing job, people that are really good at their jobs are still not perfect i respect that you want to make positive change and that you value our opionon so much, see us as peers and take our input into consideration. Im rooting for you budday, you will achieve your goals and im happy to help in anyway i can.
  • Gonzo
    Yes, that's exactly how I feel....so much easier to find content on this forum versus FC.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    ther are others theyre just most popular so they get most of the guff :joke:
  • GuiltybyDsign
    I’m just glad the forum is here. Thank you, and keep up the great work
  • meeemeee
    A hangout room. Chat room. Video or stream chat for everyone I share stuff and hang out make vapes vids
  • Baron23
    fuckcombustion is intimidating and one thread has so many posts!! I am sure there is lots of good info on there but i personally just dont feel the vibe.Tyedyesamuraiguy

    Well, we all have our preferences and we are entitled to them.

    Personally, I have never found the need to promote VLF by negative comparisons to FC. And I'm not saying you have. But I do see that from time to time...people putting down FC...I guess to make themselves feel better about their membership here...maybe?

    They are just different forums....satisfying different preferences of different people. One is not the bad guy and the other the good guy. Just different.

    The reason that threads there have so many posts there is that they actually keep ALL vaporizer specific posts in the one thread so, for example, everything that has ever been posted on the Grasshopper is in the Grasshopper thread under Portables.

    This is a HUGE source of information and a GREAT deal of expertise, experience, and "corporate memory". More than anywhere I have found.

    While the threads are long (NOBODY is reading 980 pages on a specific device to catch up! haha), one can read the last (fill in the blank) pages in a good faith effort to educate oneself and can use the search function for the same purpose. I think that if someone makes at least a small effort to dig out info on the subject of their choice, then FC members are more than willing to help.

    I do like the friendly and more family atmosphere here.....but I also like that FC doesn't have much of the horseshit we have going on here from time to time. Its actually moderated and they actually enforce their published rules. With over 50K members, this is absolutely required lest the board descend into chaos and fighting.

    If you select the "new posts" button at the top, you can get a flat listing of posts in chrono order. Alternatively, and something we don't have with the software used here, the posts are well organized into sub-forums and specific threads so you can zero in on the area where the info of interest to you resides.

    I do participate in VLF rather frequently and have since its inception. I love it here. But I also participate on FC and find that to be informative and fulfilling also.

    P.S.: Ah, shit...Bud, if this post is too off topic, just delete or move it...but it does kind of go to different aspects of vape forums, etc.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    I have never found the need to promote VLF by negative comparisons to FCBaron23

    I wasnt trying to be negative twoards them, they are just the most common name like i specified in my later post, grasscity now has come into my mind as another that i dont personally care for.
    I am only able to use my mobile phone as well so this could be my main problem with using fc.
    I also acknowledge they have useful information i just prefer here. There have been instances where i lurk fc but not too often.
  • MothChewMoth
    you, as per usual, stated my thoughts better than I did myself. :clap:
  • Señor Negro
    P.S.: Ah, shit...Bud, if this post is too off topic, just delete or move it...Baron23

    The only part I do not agree with you, my friend :wink:

    Comparisons and "vs" are sometimes a good way to achieve a better understanding.
  • Baron23
    I wasnt trying to be negative twoards themTyedyesamuraiguy

    Yeah, I know, brother from another mother! haha

    Really, not picking on you.:sweat: :sweat: Seriously, its all good! You just happened to get in the cross fire! :scream: :rofl: Really, not picking on you and I'm sorry if it seems like I singled you out, not my intention.

    Personally, I have never found the need to promote VLF by negative comparisons to FC. And I'm not saying you haveBaron23
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    no way, im cool with it the words needed to be spoken! :100: i knew what i was getting into :monkey:
  • Stu
    [quitely backs out of the room]
  • Baron23
    :joke: :lol: :sweat: :joke:
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    My perspective as a newb to all forums and Vaporizers (i know you guys want my opinion) :lol:

    ↪Gonzo fuckcombustion is intimidating and one thread has so many posts!! I am sure there is lots of good info on there but i personally just dont feel the vibe.Tyedyesamuraiguy

    Thats how I ended up on VLF. FC seemed so huge and hard to navigate plus for me the colors and the look turn me off. I found VLF much more inviting visually and in terms of navigation.

    @Baron23 totally agree with what you said about FC. I have learned my way around and it is a wealth of info with many cool, knowledgeable people.

    The atmosphere here is great its almost like an immediate family celebration versus a family reunion.Tyedyesamuraiguy

    This single thing is what makes VLF superior to FC IMO.

    But, just like your real family, there are people you wont like, or agree with their opinion. I stopped trying to change peoples minds a long time ago. Someone asks my opinion? I give it to them. They dont take my advice? Cool! Unless their actions have a direct effect on me or my family I let them do their thing. EVEN IF I THINK THEY ARE WRONG. All you can do here is give your educated informed opinion. If you say buy a Z and they want a Pax 3 i dont think anything is going to change their mind.

    And lastly...........JUST DONT FEED THE TROLLS. The more you respond the more they troll.

    I love this forum and the only thing i would change is to try and encourage people to focus on the positive. This is my escape from the real world. There is so much negative shit to deal with in real life. Cant we just vape a bowl and all get along.

    BTW I know I'm guilty of lots of newb mistakes but I'm learning.
  • GuiltybyDsign
    Cheers to that my fellow newbie xoxo
  • VapeCritic
    Thank you everyone for your feedback! :strong: :strong:

    Live streaming today at 3:30pm ET to go over this thread!
  • EconMan
    BTW I know I'm guilty of lots of newb mistakes but I'm learningThe Rogue Wax Works

    Not you personally, but in general this is exactly the eternal debate, not just of forums, but within just about all forms of human organization.

    Clear example above. :ok:
    I would move ↪EconMan's post to an off-topic thread and PM him to tell him why (even if it's obvious to me in this case).
    Señor Negro

    Indeed. I agree, a great example of this discussion.
    TO ME that vid was directly related to the discussion at hand and is anything but "off-topic".
    But I accept it is bothersome to you. If I was told "why" it was being moved I would get all "buthurt" and would argue aggressively because the "Anarchy vs Order" dichotomy is something obviously related to both the discussion, and my first post on forum ideology of "what is the purpose of this forum?"

    So indeed, this is a great example.
  • Señor Negro
    In that case I guess I should feel relieved for not having to start an endless discussion :sweat: