• Hapo
    ...or maybe tommrow...New Vape is having a 27 hour 20% off sale on the 10th...

    ...which one would you buy...???...I am leaning twords the V Rod.......BUT...

    ...will the D cup smoke the V Rod...???...

    ...I saw Bud messing with the Weed Eater and caping it n shit...what would Bud do...???...

    ...this could be our big chance...the more you spend, the more you save...!!!... .!.:D.!.
  • Cl4ud3
    Use the flowchart to help decide which you need.

  • Mangu
    Guess I’ll be owning one soon... I’m thinking VROD since it’s the biggest and baddest(?, in a good way).
  • welshman
    Dcup if you are only dabs
    Vrod if you both
    Weedeater/showerhead if you flower only

    If you can only get one = VROD

    if you can afford two or are going to get another later personally I’d go showerhead and DCUP

    A couple of thousand £ later and an unhealthy NV addiction = get them all

    @zancru level = get them all and some more than once
  • Hapo
    ...is it really that simple...???...the D cup must offer something for the price...

    ...wouldn't the "smart" thing to do be to get the Weed Eater and the D Cup and forget the V Rod and Shower Head...???...
  • welshman

    Depends on what you consume. If you are like 20/80 dabs/flower then the dcups quite expensive for only 20% usage.

    If 50/50 and got the cash I’d go showerHead and DCUP

    if 80/20 dabs/flower then dcup and weedeater or just vrod
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Just buy the vrod if you plan on using concentrates often. If you hit a dab every once and a while get the Showerhead. Buy it for 20% off that's a fucking bargain right there. This thing takes vaping on a whole other level
  • Hapo

    ...thanks for that chart...burning issues remain...

    ...what size terp pearls would Bud use...?!?...5mm or 6mm...!?!...how many holes in the cap...2...3...4...!?!...AAARrrggg…!!!...
  • welshman

    Not sure what size bud would use but I’m using 5mm silicone carbide ones from 710coils in my vrod

    Holes in the cap is personal preference really, 1 hole more restriction => 4 holes less restriction. I went two and that’s fine for me although I like the idea of a more restrictive 1 hole to alternate with
  • Hapo
    ...yea...it's tomorrow…the sale starts @ 12:01 am...

    ...I missed the 20% deal at DynaVap…

    ...thanks for that...what do you think will spin the pearls the fastest...???...

    ...the bundle comes with a two hole cap and no pearls...
  • Hapo

    ...thank you...I got a kick out of that flow chart...

    ...are you sure...???...yes...no...maybe...$$$...LoL... .!.:D.!.
  • welshman

    Sorry man can’t help you there, I only have the 2 hole angled cap (VROD) and the old original one hole non-angled cap that doesn’t spin pearls so not sure whether more air pressure (1 hole) would spin them more than more even pressure from 4 hole.

    To be fair though the pearls move easy enough in the vrod with the 2 hole and you don’t need them to spin really fast as that’ll splash the dab about a bit. Just enough to get them moving increases the dab surface perfectly
  • Hapo
    ...for some reason I was thinking three holes...

    ...Old Hapo woud have just bought them all and issued a barely lucid report...

    ...New Hapo will be lucky to get out a less lucid report on one...

    ...I'm collecting some bottles and cans as we speak here...

    ...I don't know if I wasnt to miss this BIG SALE...

    ...then again...we save even more if we buy nothing... (grin)
  • Hapo
    If you can only get one = VROD

    if you can afford two or are going to get another later personally I’d go showerhead and DCUP

    A couple of thousand £ later and an unhealthy NV addiction = get them all

    ...I missed this part...

    ...if you don't mind me soliciting biased opinions from you, what makes you prefer the Shower Head to the Weed Eater...???...

    ...I was considering the Weed Eater / D Cup option...

    ...how much better is the D Cup than the V Rod @ concentrates...???...they seem to use the same dish...

    ...I will probably just buy the V Rod anyway, or go sulk with my E Nano and buy nothing, but I am highly unpredictable, even uncontrollable, which should explain a lot...
  • welshman

    Well I had a showerhead and I am literally, as I type this, hitting the weedeater (while the VRODS in a jar of iso after a few weeks of heavy dabbing). The weed eaters great and completely open airflow whereas I like a bit of resistance like I’m milking and then pulling a bong through. So I tend to permanently cap (the VROD which Is what I hit most of my flower through) and as it stands currently the weedeater doesn’t have a purpose built cap whereas the showerhead does (the vrod ones actually work but it’s not a secure fit and it’s another loose bit of hot Titanium to worry about)

    Otherwise IME they are pretty much identical in performance.

    The DCUPs the only one I haven’t bought because I just don’t have good enough access to concentrates and sometimes I just like to go 100% flower and even out my tolerance a bit. Saying that though from what I’ve read the DCUP is some amount smoother than the VROD for dabs as it’s not reheating the vapour on the way through as much.

    Also DCUP dish is 2mm bigger (i think) and is flat across the bottom (meaning much more surface area and I guess less titanium in vapour path) whereas the vrod sic dish (and other materials but definitely get sic in the vrod) has a hole in the middle where the vapour goes (and the nut screws to hold the dish down)

    Edit: also for the DCUP I’ve heard the obsidian is really good and requires the least maintenance.
  • Hapo
  • Illinois
    you program for a living?
  • Cl4ud3
    It's not my work, it's direct from the NewVape710 Instagram
  • Baron23
    Yeah, somebody on FC put it together and posted it there....then it spread.

    Nice little decision tree.
  • Terpenetime
    Do you make a saving by buying one of the bundles or are they just a way of cutting down the complexity?
  • Hapo
    ...I don't think you really save anything...some one here suggested I just buy what parts I need/want...

    ...the essentials bundle does seem pretty well though out...

    ...the only extra bits would be the two connectors not in use...

    ...it comes with 18mm male, 14mm male, 14mm female bowl connectors...

    ...I am trying to decide if I really need that case...

    ...I am thinkong we would prefer two extra screens, two terp pearls, an NV sash tool, $4 less shipping, and $49.50, to the case and two connectors for glass I don't have...

    … the two extra connetors retail @ $20 each...methinks we are getting at case @ $30...

    EDIT for bad math n shit
  • Terpenetime
    Can anyone tell me if this is a cohesive set up please?

    Auber 300k E-Nail (9319)
    20mm Coil (9323)
    Flowerpot E-Nail Handle (2943)
    Showerhead 20mm Head (9213)
    Flowerpot ShovelHead Bowl (3097)
    Flowerpot Shower Handle (3085)
    Titanium Shower Cap Carb Cap (3096)
    18mm Male Post (3098)
    Safety Stand & Debowler (3004)

    Also, which screens would you recommend... the normal (9231) or double weave (3103)?

    Have I missed anything?
  • welshman

    I’m about 80% sure you get a Solid Handle (3085) with the bowl (3097) unless it’s changed.

    I would definitely go double weave, they keep basically all solid bits of material out of the rig and last ages when looked after

    Otherwise thats everything you need up to the glass
  • Terpenetime
    Thanks @welshman, much appreciated.
  • Dr green thumb

    Personally I went the weed eater route it's cheaper, lighter, better flavor and hits just as hard as the flowerpot. When you order the auber controller select the coil from the dropdown.

    Quick tip, the weed eater and vrod share most parts all you need is the top, nut, and sic dish
  • Chronic Pain
    I own all 3 (VRod, WeedEater & DCup) and just about everything else NV makes.
    Excellent Quality, Great Manuals & Tutorials, and you can buy just the parts you need.

    Here are the Instruction Manuals for each. They should help. Plus a couple of videos.




    Video: WeedEater vs VRod

    Video: DCup
  • Hapo
    ...how long do the screens last...???...if you were pinching pennys would you get extra screens or a fine grinder...???...
  • 52

    Get a blemished fine grinder for half price($25). Search the NV page for grinder if you haven’t already seen the offer.
    Dual weave screen, get one and get an extra.
  • fatbiker
    At a 20% discount I’d buy the VRod, which can do both concentrates and flower very well, and the necessary accessories to go with it. I bought a VRod six months ago and have enjoyed every minute with it. I previously used a Volcano as my daily desktop. Needless to say, the Volcano is back in the box it came in. Which reminds me, I need to get it back out and try the Volcano again. I forgot how well that unit works since my VRod arrived.
  • Hapo

    ...too late...I missed it...I would have gove for that...

    ...I did order a V Rod...the Flow Chart did it...LoL…

    ...I did fuk up my order too, ordering two 14mm male connectors by mistake...

    ...I couldn't cancel the order or anything so I left/sent messages asking them them to fix it...

    ...I wondered why the cool little scoop didn't fit in the budget anymore... (DOH!)
  • 52

    Too late? Missed what?
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