• acstorfer
    Anyone else suffer any OCD habits with their vaping routine?

    I have two issues. My first is cleaning. I clean (throw in isopropyl alcohol) my crucibles and capsules after each use. I clean my Ghost and Mighty at each charge. I clean my ProtoPipe a ridiculous amount of time. I clean my bongs all the time. Both the ProtoPipe and bong I don’t use often, so I clean them after each use. I do let my Omnivap go a while before cleaning.

    My second issue is I preload everything, everyday. My Dynastash is loaded. I fill my dosing capsule dispenser every morning, plus one in the chamber (9 in all). I have 8 Ghost crucibles. I make sure 6 are preloaded every morning, in the pic I used one already. I like to count my crucibles beforehand. I’ve gone to 11 on my Ghost but sometimes I take several days and I don’t want to risk it. I should get a second battery, but I have plenty of options. I also make sure the stash tube in my ProtoPipe is full at all times. Considering the most I ever take my vaping gear is walking my dog, in fact that’s the only time, the obsessive preloading seems obsessive. I’m pretty sure if I needed something on the go I’d just get a cartridge.

  • Bad Dog
    I started off not really caring about my vapes but now I wish I had, my crafty is now pretty stained. But I keep my dynavap and it's water piece adapter, coil quite clean. I'm especially fastidious about my dyna coil, after a day of vaping I'll soak it in a little 1 ml vile with a couple of alcohol switches till it comes out no dirtier than light beer.
  • 52
    Change bong water daily sometimes more, clean glass 1-2 times a week at least. Clean dynavap 2-3 days depending on use. Have used my flowerpot for almost two weeks and nothing really to clean, just brush out bowl and screen every few bowls, haven had the need to use iso yet.
  • treecityrnd
    I only use enails because of my OCD. I know the dab will be exact the same temp every time. Can't do butane, WAY too much variability and room for error regardless of heat measuring method. The banger is changing temps as you dab with butane, ugh. That aggravates my OCD like nothing else.

    Everything cleaned nighty in DC Clear. Can't use any vape that I can't clean 100%, so mostly glass.
  • EconMan

    You win dude! :starstruck:
  • Tdog420
    I rotate using 2 vapes a week then swop those 2 out for 2 different ones every week. I clean my glass and vapes im using at the end of each week. The only thing im weird about is i always always have 2 vapes packed on my night stand. 1 for the second i open my eyes in the morning i vape and the 2nd is back up for if i wake up in the middle of the night and need to vape to go back to sleep.
  • Baron23
    Wow, I'm exhausted just reading your post.

    Sorry, that's not me but if that routine suits you, and is not driving you and interfering in other life activities and responsibilities, then so what, yeah?

    I am rather neat including how I keep my vape equipment....but not to the extent you described.

    Best of luck
  • acstorfer
    The only thing im weird about is i always always have 2 vapes packed on my night stand. 1 for the second i open my eyes in the morning i vape and the 2nd is back up for if i wake up in the middle of the night and need to vape to go back to sleep.Tdog420

    That’s why I preload my capsules and, well everything. Still pretty much only use my Mighty once I move to bed. Especially in the mornings the Mighty is the easiest on my lungs. I make sure I have three loaded. I wake up around 2ish in pain. Then I wake up between 5 and 7 ready for another capsule before I walk Chewie. I try to go around 5 am. My stoned walks are better without other people. Well actually I use my Omnivap before sleep but after bed pretty often. My Mighty is my go to for the mornings though.

    * I also use my Mighty post mid-afternoon nap as well. By Cthulhu’s decree I love all my vapes!

  • acstorfer
    It’s just easier. Chewie is constantly telling me to do things. It’s better to just do than to argue with him.
  • Terpenetime
    I have CDO, it’s like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order... AS THEY SHOULD BE :joke:

    I do like things to be clean but I’m not obsessive about it. However, when I’m high I REALLY like things to be tidy...

  • EconMan
    Clean dynavap 2-3 days depending on use.52

    Never cleaned mine thoroughly yet. Just a pipe cleaner. Have not even disassemble my Omni yet.... don't even know how. :gasp:

    I just realized... I have vapes that bring out my ocd, and then vapes that don't? I clean my FF2 every load, perhaps because it is so easy and quick.
  • UbarDog
    All my life I have enjoyed being a scuff. Not dirty or unhygenic just on the shabby side. Dislike sharp new clothes, new decks or skates would need breaking in and the newness destroyed .
    As for keeping up apearances , Car never get cleaned, Igot an out dated phone ect. Hate cleaning stuff and I hated stuff looking too clean.
    ......But When it come to vaping I want it all to look and feel TOPS. Cleaning out all my glass and vapes then taking a ripper is the most enjoyable thing for me atm. Sparkling clean rig, Big grin and the high just seems than much higher :D
    Also nothing I have done in my life has encouraged me enough to make customised storage and stands. I have always been a little OCD with organisation and vaping seems to be a trigger for me :rofl:
  • Mr Gweilo 420
    I think you are definitely cleaning too much. I like to keep it neat andt idy. Actually, I have very piece of my vape station in exactly the same place at all times except when in use. Is Chewie your dog? Chihuahua? Try to relax your routine a bit.
  • acstorfer
    Is Chewie your dog? Chihuahua? Try to relax your routine a bit.Mr Gweilo 420
    Chewie is a toy fox terrier. Probably has a little chihuahua in him but I try to discourage that kind of unnatural ungodly lifestyle.

    I think the routine is probably as chill as possible. As far as the vaping ocd it’s important to remember I’m disabled. I don’t have a lot going on so I have to have some routines to keep me sane. In other words I need some reasons to get out of bed.

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  • Bad Dog
    I couldn't even conceive of my life without my dog! She's my best friend, physiotherapist, therapist, soulmate all wrapped up in one. If I had to choose between a dog and bud I'd pick dog every time. I find routine and scheduling are key to my physical and mental health. If you've found something that works for you, use it. Without my dog my life would be in disarray, I have a much harder time doing for myself than others.
  • EconMan

    Now THAT is OCD :lol: Damn pretty though.
    My stash is not chaos, but it is no where near that organized. I have boxes of parts - lol

    Not dirty or unhygenic just on the shabby sideUbarDog

    Same here. Messy but not dirty or filthy. I like clutter. :nerd:

    Never been a high fashion guy.
  • okla68m
    I'll AGREE with that. ...mine wandered into my life 3 years ago next month...I doubt I'd be here, had she not !
  • EconMan

    Animals can be like kids to us almost, emotionally.
  • kebcatmorgan
    @acstorfer and @Terpenetime you guys rock, that's some serious order.

    I'm like semi OCD, when I pick about what I'm OCDing about.
  • Mr White
    Not to be an asshole but it sounds like you got a little bit of a problem my friend OCD is real lol
  • Hapo
    ...I'm thinkin' if your here, you have it...
  • acstorfer
    Ever notice that blue liquid that barbers keep their combs in to keep them sterile? I wish I could keep my vapes in that. I think of way back in my prehistoric youth. I couldn’t imagine using a public phone ever again! So much coughs. So much sneezes. So many hands not being cleaned after they should be cleaned. Oh my god! I have to take a shower just thinking about it!!!!! Do I thoroughly wash my dishes prior to the dishwasher? Yes! Is it overkill? How could it be? We are living in the golden age to kooties my friends.
  • Chronic Pain
    We are living in the golden age to kooties my friends.acstorfer

  • Chronic Pain
    I just think you are extremely organized, which I envy!
  • 38spider
    I definitely have vaping ocd, i clean my ghost heatsink and crucibles way more than they need too, im obsessed about what grinder to use for each session, i put way too much attention on stirring vrs not stirring , i got into vaping to medicate but dam i put myself through the ringer, lol...
  • Biesas
    I would guess that more people on here do have vaping OCD as opposed who don't. :joke:

    I'm pretty certain that I do have it.

    I brush out my Mighty and the CU after every session (even though I'm using the capsules exclusively)
    The CU doesn't get used more than 7 days before being switched out for a fresh one.

    Volcano chamber brushed out after every use, even though I only use it with the dosing capsules, same like Mighty.

    The Ghost heatsink's bottom gets wiped and the crucibles get brushed out and sprayed with ISO after every single use.

    The Dynavap and the Tera don't really get cleaned that often as compared to the other vapes, but then again they don't get used as often :sweat:
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