• Karec
    i didnt say we drink expresso because contained more caffeine but i can compare the same dose/ammount of caffeine contained in a expresso and a mug... drinking in a mug its a watery coffee compared to an expresso... its simple explanation Zan... at least i made you laugh :lol: :rofl: :lol:
  • Karec
    Btw OG Latinos, let me explain Latinos Or Latino comes from Latin, Latin was the language of Roman Empire that covered mostly Europe and Middle East which are included Portugal amongst others European countries. Latin is the base of Italian Portuguese Spanish and Romanian language and thats why in Europe we are called Latinos, today that expression is used to every Portuguese/Spanish speaker especially in South/Central America but also in Europe.
    I never meant to make an POS RACIST COMMENT i apologise if i offended you or any other person here it was not my intention.
    Dont be rude and call people racist and that they talk CACA=Shit=Merda its not nice.
  • Stoneager
    I'm so boring.
    Water is my drink of choice (sad, I know) ; one cup of black coffee ( not watery ) first thing in the morning is nursed for about an hour and supremely enjoyed, especially if I have an oatmeal raisin cookie to dip . Usually one cup per day...jitters rejected. I don't drink sodas or mixed drinks but on occasion will have a Belgium dark ale. I will vape cbd after the coffee pries my eyes open and/or sublingual cbd.
    Lately I have adopted vaping thc during the day through my log only after completing my outside yard work/honey dos. So around noon I find one or two draws relaxing.
  • EconMan
    disrespecting pepsi!?Tyedyesamuraiguy

    I do! I'm a cokehead :nerd:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    you did always seem like a bitter bastard to me :rofl: :monkey:
  • EconMan

    I'm in Atlanta dude... ain't no Pepsi around here. :)
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    lol! Rc cola, when you see that in your fridge.... Youll never see it there again, shit it doesnt even have to be your fridge as soon as it skates across your taste buds when you lift the lid to a cooler on a hot day craving some refreshemnt. You dont drink rc cola, it drinks you, how a liquid can suck the moisture from your mouth is a marvel.
    The only thing worse were those out of date energy drinks i had once.... They were also "no name"
    Be careful rc could be lurking in a cooler near you.
  • EconMan
    rc colaTyedyesamuraiguy

    RC freak me out. Drank it as a kid. If you put smarties in it, it foams all over the place. Doesn't do it with regular coke.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    countless unsuspecting children have fallen victim to the dirty rc, i see it happen to kids all the time at family reuinons, that look of disapointment, the quick scan of the surrounding and finally the shady eyeballings as the cola is just left there to bake in the sun.
    The funny thing is this stuff actually tastes better piss warm!
  • EconMan

    Americans as a class of humans know nothing about coffee. SInce I'm an American, I can selff-criticize.

    First, they seem to prefer roasts that are so dark, any real coffee flavor vanishes in favor of "charcoal water." (like starbucks). I know dark roast is popular with many people, but these people don't REALLY like coffee.
    Second, 1 out of 100 drinkers seem to know how to grind properly. Other than the coffee itself, the roast and grind makes all the difference. Unless it is espresso, most people I see (like starbucks) grind too fine.
    Third, the best coffee comes from the volcanic soils of Indonesia and the mountains of South America.

    Indeed, the single best cup of coffee I ever had was in Peru. Didn't have any grind. It was served as an oil (like a distillate) in like a diner cream dispenser, along with a pot of hot water. I was skeptical until I took the first sip. :100: Nothing has ever replicated it. TIme for another trip to Peru
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    i like the classic tim horton with an espresso shot in it sometimes a double, then it truly is a high powered drink lol mcdonalds is okay too. When im not broke i dont mind a starbucks every now and then but its gotta be a double, its usally been a rough go if im getting starbucks lol
  • Stants
    Anything goes for me with a couple of exceptions, tea & coffee have to be black & I can't stand any form of cola drink, it's the taste I don't get on with.

    Tea makes me sick 1st thing of a morning, something to do with the tannins in it, so energy drink or coffee when I get up then during the day its whatever takes my fancy or what I get given if someone else is brewing up
  • fatbiker
    Energy drinks contain some nasty shit. I try to keep it all natural with both my smoke and drinks. I have an espresso machine so I enjoy capuchins and lattes with my morning vape session.
  • Baron23
    I know dark roast is popular with many people, but these people don't REALLY like coffee.EconMan

    Tell that to the French and Italians! haha.....all of them! LOL
  • BestBuds
    First, they seem to prefer roasts that are so dark, any real coffee flavor vanishes in favor of "charcoal water." (like starbucks). I know dark roast is popular with many people, but these people don't REALLY like coffee.EconMan
    :starstruck: I am so happy you said this! It's sooo true. The darker the roast the less flavor of the bean you get.

    I also am a big believer in freshness. The Coffee roaster I used to work for (name withheld, they don't deserve a plug even if the coffee is great) would have coffee roasted the night before go into their cafe side. When you make an aeropress or a French press with freshly roasted coffee you can see a head like a Guinness form because of the off gassing. Oh it's so good.

    On the herb side of this conversation I made a tincture and added it to a homemade cold brew and it was delicious. It was a cold brew iced coffee flavored with good bud. You could taste the floral sweetness of the herb, my favorite flavored coffee of all time! But I doubt we'll see Dunkin donuts have it anytime soon. :lol:
    Peru is a also one of my favs. Do you know what plantation? If you ever get to try a Sumatra or Indonesia light or medium roast it's really interesting too. It's kind of... Hmm.... Grassy? Nutty? Woody? Tasty!
  • rft360
    i have a protein caffeine mix i take every morning eating ruins my stomach in the mornings
  • Dankpup
    I would kinda agree a lot of Americans like over roasted coffee beans, but plenty of americans know good coffee, and other places over value their shit coffee, ....blue mountain, kona etc. (Japan buys up the cream of the crop of the world) I think people just like the caffeine effect and overlook the bitter acrid flavor as “just the way coffee tastes”. But it is a commodity and when prices for a pound trend up I stop ordering single origin.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Canadians just reecently got dsrk roast at tim hortons the number of people that think its stronger then regular roast is disturbing....
  • Ivan van Ogre
    If it doesn't kill ya!
  • Ivan van Ogre
    Hand grind the Whole Foods beans in the Haro Mini.

    Do the 4 minute steep, pour the coffee directly into the drinking cup until the coffee level gets down to the grinds then I stir what's left in the Pyrex 24 oz. cup and dump it all into the paper filter to drain out into the cup. This way I get all of the oils and very little of the grinds although I like it a bit muddy.

    Then I load the DynaVap 'M' (with the Titanium Tip and the Stainless Steel screen) with I.C. Collective's Crossroad Chem, a lovely cross of SFV OG and ChemDog. I pack the chamber very tight and full and I am very gentle with the flame. I do my best to micro hit my way through it with mouth tokes. The CC is a smooth toke, very gentle on the lungs.

    Coffee and weed have a synergistic effect, the high borders on the hallucinogenic at times. It can be very intense, which is why you want to stick with mouth hits. It's the safest, simplest way to get blasted.
  • 38spider
    Oh yeah, vaping and having a cup of french press before work is mandatory
  • okla68m
    Drip Coffee and Coca-Cola are the liquids of LIFE !
    Pepsi is nothing but a WANNA BE COKE !
  • MaritimeJoe
    Don't drink much coffee, but I enjoy a coke with my vapes sometimes during the week and weeknights. Weekends there's usually a cold beer on the go with the vapes. I don't think over noticed any heightened highs from mixing the two!
  • okla68m
    I have 3 bottles of Beer and 2/3s bottle of White Zinfandel that have been in my fridge for over a month. A 6 pak of Coke will last 3 days AT BEST. I don't drink it for Breakfast as some Pepsi drinkers do, that's reserved for Coffee !
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