• proc420
    Vaping seems perfect for me, but I’m not sure I have the patience to figure it out. I don’t care so much about clouds as I do getting the full effect that I would get from smoking a bowl. I thought it was just my entry level vape being crappy but I got a Firefly 2 and I’m getting the same results out of it too. Am I alone in feeling this way?

    Healthiest option sure, but if I’m not getting any pain relief what’s healthy about that?

    Efficient burn of all herb sure, but Is it efficient if I’m not getting the desired results?
  • gbpack94
    One suggestion would be to try or buy a good desktop if you havent . There are some great portables out there but IMO they just can't match the top tier desktops. And, vaping may never give you quite what smoking does. It's not like achieving exactly the same effect really, not saying you can't get very medicated vaping either, it's just different. You don't have to give up vaping. Many ppl smoke and vape. But, I remember when I was in your position. Not being that satisfied with vaping. I switched from smoking for necessary health reasons. Didn't really WANT to not smoke. It took me stopping smoking and only vaping for a while to really start like vaping alot.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    ff2 takes alot of technique, there is some good info in the threads
  • John Cocktostone
    You, like me, bought a terrible first vape. Dont give up. I'd highly recommend a 2019 Dynavap m and 2 flame torch as a starter
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @proc420 dont give up, sounds like you just need a heavy hitter. This forum is a good source of info. Dynavap, NewVape, G43, Rasta Buddha Tao (RBT Z V), Mighty, Plenty, Ghost would be good places to start.
  • Gman
    Have you tried switching to concentrates?
  • LabPong
    Healthiest option sure, but if I’m not getting any pain relief what’s healthy about that?proc420

    What type of pain are you suffering from?

    Usually...most physical pain needs a good strong vape and the correct strain. If you are just starting out.....this is very hard to get the feel for with certain vapes. Draw technique can be different from vape to vape...and in general the way you draw on a vape is so different than combusting cannabis.

    I would also suggest a desktop for any one dealing with physical pain.....the place to start with a first vape.
  • EconMan

    Do a search here on Firefly2 and FF2. lots of great threads of how to use.

    In short, coarse grind with firm pack. Slow even draw. If the airflow is too tight for you, then remove the tiny ss prefilter in the mouthpiece. Probably adds 25% more flow for those who want it. Set the temp to 380 to start, move up or down from there according to taste.

    I've used my FF2 for over a year and it is among my favorite vapes at any price and certainly my most utilized -- daily driver, hundreds if not thousands of hits. To this day, it is consistently the best-tasting vape without the use of water I've ever used.

    I will say this, as much of a fan as I am, not sure if I would recommend the FF2 for medical patients? (I'm a rec user), who generally when they want pain relief don't want the vape equivalent of an aspirin.
    I get really high on my FF2. I just love it. Are you into concentrates? IMO, it also is the best tasting portable concentrates vape I've used.

    If you are coming from smoking and bongs, I'm a big believer in the Plenty. It rips hard and long and its nearly 100% convection with a powerful heater that can handle as hard of an inhale you wish to muster.

    But you've already spent on your FF2 -- I can tell you I'm getting what I want out of mine -- so I would give it a little more effort if you can to make it work. TInker with grind/pack/technique.... you'll get it. If not, sell it (they are in some demand) and get a Plenty or some other vape :)
  • Bad Dog
    How long have you been vaping? Because if you're anything like me there was definitely a adjustment period. Vaping imo is a gentler experience, not to say it can't be powerful but it's in a different way. It's feel good and relaxing without being sedative and tiring, which is what makes it my hands favourite for daytime but I still combust at night for bedtime. For me it's not about the high ( which is still nice ) but for the burnout. That being said I do plan on getting a desktop and try just vaping
  • Detroitvapes420
    Ya FF2 worse first vape.
  • Hapo

    ..I did give up on it for a while, and life was simple, but I am back

    ...I used a Pax and an Arizer Extreme Q when in Maine but never really loved them...

    ...the Pax suked, but worked more or less, and the 'Q was ok, but they were a good bit of work compared to a bong, eh...I still have the old Pax, but I left the 'Q behind, with my old room mate, Bruther Vinnie...I think it broke, so I sent him a Dynavap and an E Nano...

    ...it just got to the point where I just couldn't do the bong with out feeling worse rather than better...

    ...I have not been able to go Full Greenthumb but I have three vapes now, one on the way, and looking hard at the another...

    ...if I had bought the Pax 3 first I might be giving up again...

    ...try some other, more powerful devices...

    ...if I had just stayed with the Dynavap and the E Nano I would have been very GTG...

    ...I went for the soon to arrive Flowerpot Shovelhead because of a flash sale it as seems to be the best reasonably priced device available right now, in terms of raw performance, and I am looking to buy a Splinter before they are all gone because it looks like a mod powered E Nano and I love the E Nano...

    ...I would strongly suggest you get an E Nano, and the "vong" attachment, and some nice 14mm glass, and rip, before you just give up...

    ...after you learn to vape and stop smoking for a while you won't want to smoke anymore...

    ...as in it will be yucky, not a former need you can deny yourself comfortably now...

    ...I am still questing for that perfect portable...

    ...did you not see this...???... :

  • Trainwreck
    get a ghost mv1 for sure. I used to smoke huge bong hits all day and tried a few different vapes and always went back to my bong. Until now......... since I’ve had my ghost I’ve been higher than I have for years and could never smoke a bong now, tastes like shit and the smoking high is like more of a muddled and stoned head on, but my vape gets me really high and tastes beautiful, I now enjoy getting high as much as being high. p.s. vaping requires breathing directly into the lungs rather than the mouth to lung technique of smoking.
  • Hapo

    ...there is a bit more to vaping than just burning something...think of it like cooking...

    ...you will literally get baked...LoL...
  • Mr White
    Get yourself a $170 epicvape E-Nano desktop if that doesn't do it for you then maybe vaping isn't what you need. Set the dial to 6 and go to town no learning curve really once you know how much to put in the stem
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