• The Volcano
    Model: Volcano Vaporizer
    Variations: Classic, Digit, Hybrid
    Category: Desktop
    Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
    Where to buy: USA & EU dealers *see promo page for 15% off code

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    @VapeCritic's Volcano Vaporizer Review

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  • Baron23
    Ok, so this is really old....but this is my original...somewhat naive and I would probably write it differently today, but here is my OG review attempt on the Volcano (I was bucking for Bud's job at the time! haha).

    In particular, I now run my 'Cano at max temp and pull a really thick bag and maybe a clean up. Just how I use it these days and the vapor is about as dense as anything I have used.


    And pics as requested
  • fatbiker
    Anyone buy a Hybrid yet? If so, let’s see it! I’m anxious to read/watch some reviews.
  • bum karacho
    I use my volcano like an overdoser .if i want to use a lot in 10minutes like 0.7 to 1.0g i go volcano. This big bowls are so strong that i have to use like 4 and a half on the volcano classic dial..normaly i would go 5 or 6 for microdosing..my reason to use vapes is that i am sleepless.0,7 heavy indica in my classic sends me to sleep in short time.
  • bum karacho
    @VapeCritic Bud should do a review for the hybrid! Soon!
  • Baron23
    I'm with you, brother. For many, a Volcano is a mild vape run at low temp.

    For me, at 446 on my Digit, its a hard hitting, weed eating, big load, night time med, vape.
  • 420vapezone
    I'm loving my hybrid!
  • kebcatmorgan

    hey Troy, will you do some comparison with the OG/Digit ones?
  • Pud
    +1 for the comparison and hybrid info
  • 420vapezone
    you bet your ass i'll make a comparison. Although I don't have the digital, so it will just be a Classic vs Hybrid video. It's ok I think because the Digital is being replaced by the Hybrid
  • Pud
  • Taranta

    Is that a young stoned Troy on the pic ? I really cant tell.
  • Baron23
    Nah, man...that guys pic is all over the internet.

    Here is an example from google
  • spider
    I use the volcano digital as a semi, daily driver and one of my concerns has always been the solid valve seems to have a much better system for microdoseing with the plunger, the digital has the liquid pad which is ok but i wish they could incorporate that same plunger valve system with the digital, it just seems a lil more efficient..
  • fatbiker
    Anyone try the Magma Industries water adapter? If so, what are your thoughts? I’m considering buying it.
  • 420vapezone

    I have their Obsidian bubbler and it works well.
    It's not as drastically needed on the Hybrid as it is on the classic/digit
  • BlluntRapp
    Has anyone had problems with the app and the hybrid? I got mine yesterday, connected it simple as. Today I go to use it and it doesn't connect, so i uninstalled the app and reinstalled and when i go to enter my serial it has already been entered... and that's where i'm stuck...

    I have tried the crafty method which s&b recommend if you cant get that to connect, but it's still not working.
  • 420vapezone

    happens to me. i just restart the app and volcano and it works
  • BlluntRapp
    @420vapezone I've been in contact with both the German and US branches of s&b, they cannot determine what is wrong with it, after multiple emails all i got was 'we are passing it onto our response team', and that is it. It appears the blutooth has shit itself.... after about 2 hours of operation.

    On another forum there is 1 bloke who said on the second day his would not even turn on and was deemed completely dead, the quality at s&b has obviously dropped dramatically since Canopy Growth came into the picture.

    Luckily I live in Australia with good buyer protection laws and the official retailers i got it from will refund me when i take it in
  • 420vapezone
    That sucks about your device. I'm glad my device has been functioning mostly flawlessly. Sometimes the app won't connect, but almost all of my bluetooth devices are equally unreliable.
  • Baron23
    the quality at s&b has obviously dropped dramatically since Canopy Growth came into the picture.BlluntRapp

    Don't you think that might be a bit of an overstatement give just two data points?
  • justjustin
    Super happy with the Hybrid! I had the Digit before and I never was blown away by it but the Hybrid works much better for me. Love the heat up time and the whip. I am able to use far less material with the Hybrid than the Digit and it always comes out evenly heated and the vapor is always top notch. I'm experimenting with the reducer and regular chamber for small amounts and so far, I havent noticed a huge difference in extraction or vapor quality/production. Anyone else using both or can comment on the added conduction heAt with the Hybrid?
  • Danny Murphy

    I like my digital volcano and there is no way I am buying another, almost identical unit, for the whip so I thought I would buy the whip kit and see if I could just stick it on top of the digit. Although the valve fits perfect, the bowl design is to narrow and isn't screw fixed so the weight of the whip just pulls the bowl off :(
    However after quickly modifying a spare pc fan guard and finding an elastic band... I am in business ha ! Works really well but you have to use the fan and run it a few seconds before starting your draw.
    Its a bit of a rough, workaround but I see it as saving £500 and bringing a new lease of life to my volcano
  • Baron23
    HI Danny - I too have a perfectly fine Digit so can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on...as you said...an almost identical device.

    I'm not so much desiring the whip as I am the hybrid heating which I have long thought is the optimum method for good and full extraction. I even top my Mighty loads with a liquid pad just to get that small extra bit of conduction in the later part of the session.

    Did they grab the brass ring with this incremental design update.....well, not really, IMO. But, I think this is rather expected with new ownership. Get something new on the street asap to make a bit of noise and in the background work on the next truly new device.

    But I have NO inside info and will have to wait and see like everybody else.

  • 420vapezone
    I launched my youtube review.
    I personally feel that the price is worth it, even for owners of the classic/digit.

    I wasn't expecting such a massive improvement in the vapor and the experience, but they delivered it.
    Also, the Workflows and Iterations within the app are extremely useful.
    In my video (towards the end) I demonstrate a single bag extraction that uses several temps ranging from 350 to 420 and produces incredible vapor.

  • Baron23
    hahahahaha...you were SO faded at the end of that review! haha

    I certainly will not dispute your contention that the classic vapor is more dry than the hybrid, but I do agree with you that it makes no sense. I can see no reason for this.

    Have you ever tried putting a liquid pad in the bottom of your classic chamber, preheating it with blown air, then loading and vaping. I would think that this would def add some conduction. I mostly top Mighty loads with a LP and the difference is clear in the AVB.

    Thanks for the very thorough review. Enjoyed it....and you searching for words at the end. haha I couldn't do all of those bags, personally. I would fall over.

    P.S. - I do have a Digit and basically run it at 446F start to finish and it does generate some seriously thick bags of vapor.

    Cheers and thanks again.
  • Magicman
    He says it's worth $700.00. Troy is most likely right.
  • Bud
    Great review bro and sick thumbnail!
  • Biesas
    Haven't had the chance to watch Troy's review of the Hybrid just yet.

    Though I would like to share how I use my Classic.

    I use it with the chamber reducer and the dosing capsules exclusively.
    Usually I'll start at 6 on the dial and increase it by one after each bag, till I hit 9 on the dial, this way I'm able to get 2 very good bags, 1 so so and 1 wispy bag.
    But sometimes I'll run it at 9 for all the bags, this way I get 1 amazing super flavourful bag, 1 thick potent bag with not much flavour and 1 wispy bag.

    What I do, that I suspect almost no one else does, is that I heat soak the empty easy valve chamber by putting it on the unit and turning on the airpump for about half a minute and I'll repeat this two or three times.
    This way the big metal ring in the chamber reducer gets heat soaked and I personally feel that this adds a bit of conduction to the vaporizing process.
    Cause once I pop the capsule into the heat soaked chamber I'm only able to hold my finger on the capsule for about 2 seconds before it gets too hot to touch.

    I love my Volcano, it was the first vaporizer I have ever tried, on a trip to Amsterdam in 2012 (participated in the Cannalympics 2012 :starstruck: got a medal for it :cool: an my mate won a cup for taking the longest hit on a bong, something like over 52 seconds, got nicknamed Iron Lungs by one of the coffeeshop owners)

    I own the Mighty, Ghost, Tera, VapCap M19, Haze V3 and the Cano blows all of them out of water by the strength of effects it has on me and how pleasurable it is to use one. Maybe not a fair comparison of a desktop vs portable but that's all I've got to compare it to. I knew I was getting only one desktop vape and I knew it might as well be the Volcano :smirk:

    Sorry for the long post :monkey:
  • Pud

    That’s the setup I was curious about... did you have to buy it and add these accessories? I haven’t seen a package that includes the chamber reducer
  • Biesas
    Capsules I already had from when I bought them for the Mighty and the chamber reducer was around 10£.

    When I got the reducer I as well picked up the replacement housing for the easy valve for around 6£, this way I've always have the full size and the reduced chambers ready to go, all I got to do is twist off the top part of the chamber and place it on the preferred size lower part :wink:
    Hope this makes sense
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