• Bruce
    The Whip on the extreme Q, is legendary. Designed to be passed around at parties. I even use the flower-bowl for aroma therapy. Thats awesome, i just put some grapefruit peels in, and the smell is really good and healthy.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • BlluntRapp
    @Bruce As an old owner of the extreme Q and a current digital and hybrid owner the EQ certainly does not even come close to the volcano in any aspect, let alone beat it in every category. I'm not saying price is always vindictive of quality (especially with butane vapes), but come on, you're saying a $200AUD vape is better then the king of desktops (my FP, evo and every other vape has not done anything since my acquisition of the hybrid). Price is the only thing the EQ wins on, but i'd rather have no vape then an average one.

    The first bag I had of the volcano digit after using my EQ nearly had me hard and I couldn't get the ridiculous smirk off my face. The taste, the potency, everything was far, far better.
  • Dreger
    I like the volcano too
  • BlluntRapp
    It also leaves me wrecked at the end of the day like no other ( if i can make it to the end of the day haha). I'm a big sport fan, but cannot for the life of me stay awake after a few seshes with this. Watch @420vapezone and see how ripped he gets and that's about how it is for me too. He is also at times unintentionally fucking hilarious.

    Also to @420vapezone I saw in your latest hybrid video when you do the super bag, you don't take the bag off and it lets vapor go through the unit. This was the very first thought when I saw you use it originally so i just take my bag off after its pumped air each time. If you are doing 10+ bags a day, eventually the vapor seeping through the unit would condense in the unit and possibly stuff it? But possibly not, as i don't see how S&B would release it if that's the case, or would make it very clear to remove the bag each time.
  • Igor
    HYBRID is an animal! Love the WHIP attachment and the fan combo.
  • Bruce
    I agree. It has been overshadowed a long time. I had used the Volcano many times. Not even close, even if they both cost $169 (USD)
  • Bruce
    Hey Blunt! Give me some credit. I have owned a Volcano Classic and Volcano Digit. I have an Extreme Q. It was a gift.

    Some of this is fact data some of this my opinion.

    Fact The Arizer Extreme Q hit 385 (F) in 45 seconds, while the Volcano took 3 and a half minutes.
    Fact The Arizer has a stronger fan and filled my balloon in a minute the Volcano DIgit 3 and a half minutes. Honest that waiting pissed me off. The extreme Q I would be on my third bag before the Volcano starts.

    Fact: The Extreme Q 3 speed adjustable fan.
    Fact: The Arizers Air Path is glass --- YUM

    Not proven yes but it looks to me that the Arizer Extreme Q is an advanced 100% Convection. The Volcano is a semi conduction.

    Fact: Price Makes ZERO Difference. I had both. I thought I must be crazy.

    In the end, Arizer is the Storz and Bickel of Canada.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Danny Murphy
    3 and a half minutes to fill a bag with the volcano? That seems a bit miss leading unless you are including heat up time, which I'm not sure why people get so concerned about with a desktop as you just hit a button, go make a coffee or something and come back to it... Then when it's at temp it can sit there for hours ready to do balloon after balloon...


    I've also had some great sessions with the whip on the digit, only downside is it only work with the fan, so you have to turn fan on and off for each hit. But man it creates some huge, strong hits
  • Bruce

    It looks good, When I had the Volcano I thought about an easy rig to make it whip style.

    I am happy whenever something in dry herb is doing well. We need companies like S & B, quite a few companies have disappeared. I root for the market because I am a fan of the dry herb vaporisation, with all of the concentrates it seems dry herb vaporizers will be less in demand. And that will include new innovation.

    So I hope S & B thrives. Like I said I am 1% who finds the Extreme Q much better. I sold my Classic.

    I think the Volcano valve system is amazing and nobody can touch that. But with Version 3 of the Extreme Q, the Glass has changed, you kinda just stick the balloon in and its ready. Still not the valve system.

    I know I am in the minority but thats whats fun about this forum you get a pretty fair exchange and that exchange helps a lot in learning about the machinery.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Law7764
    Sneaky Pete’s and Troys review has me about to buy it. Just waiting for the Vape critics review. Hopefully Storz & Bickel gives him a working unit.
  • Bud
    New unit being delivered today!
  • Rockytdogg
    It took 2 weeks to replace a doa unit...?
  • Bud
    I delayed a few days reaching out but Vapor ended up sending me a new one and handling the rest of the RMA with S&B, i had already shipped it back to S&B when they said they would send me a new one
  • spider
    So I just wanted to share some troubling news on the volcano warranty, so my switch is going out and I was going to have it shipped for repairs, apparently storznbickle doesn't pay for the shipping, so to ship my volcano would cost me 68$? And then I'll most likely have to pay that again to have it sent back, that's like 140$, I could literly buy another vape with that amount, I remember when I sent my ghostmv1 back, I was givin shipping labels that pays for the shipping, I don't understand why storznbickle doesn't do the same, the bottom line is for that much money I'm only going to send my Volcano in unless it absolutely craps out on me, anyway I just wanted to see if anyone may have had a similar experience, thanks⚡✌
  • Bud
    Just got to use the Volcano Hybrid on live stream!

  • Pud

    Yeah, that blows... thanks for letting us know. The lowest price can get away with crappy service... but not at that price point...
  • drmurphy
    you can inhale thru the whip without using the fan. the first few hits are super tasty, meaningless vapor sucking thru the hose at first. then around 3-4 hit you start to pull serious vapor.
  • 420vapezone
    awww, that's a bummer Bud!

    I'm surprised you're not feeling the difference. It should hit more like the Plenty with the hot bowl. I'm really digging it still
  • Tdog420
    Its just as i thought the first time they showed the upgrades. Dont get me wrong volcanos any version are bombass vapes. However the price is a damn joke. I can buy a vape for half the price that is more efficient and taste better. Again i love my volcano but not worth the money. The fact its not much better and even more expensive is bs. Also for that price it leaks vapor via 420 vapezone even said so and randomly has the fan activate happend to bud and troy ........ And...... App is a pain in the ass for troy as well as bud..... Come on if it was 200 maybe ok but for 700 its laughable to me to have so many problems. For a 700 price tag its a joke. I love troy and sneakypete but to say its worth the money is just a lie. Again great vape if it was half the price. 700 jajajajajajaja. If i didnt own a volcano and bought a new one yes get the hybrid but if u have volcano any version..... Nope nope nope.
  • ShayWhiteGrow
    Yo VC you might not like the new one (my first ever volcano) but the effects in your stream were priceless!:grin:
  • Danny Murphy
    I'll give it another go then. Did you have to draw really hard ?
  • Biesas

    Which one do you have? The classic or the digi one?

    If it's the classic one, you can get replacement switches for a few $ and there is a guide on how to change it, which is not really complicated.

    Not sure about the switches for the digi one, but I would assume it should be similar.

    When I got the classic and was buying all the bits and bobs for it, I was thinking to pick up replacement switches, just to have them in case I ever needed them :wink:

    Edit: found the guide :smile:

  • spider
    Hey hows it going, I got the digital, thanks for the headsup, I have seen the switch here and there floating on different sites, and there was a time last yr I was actually going to unscrew everything and do it myself but I had to make the call not to do it, I feel like it would be a little risky, and plus I literally would have to order a special screwdriver as well that has to be lined up with just there size screws, it just seems like alot, but I'll say during this process storznbickle has been terrible with there costumer service, and explaining, calling back,ect, I'm almost afraid to send it to them,
    So I've made the decision to actually hold on to it until the switch goes out completely, it actually works pretty well, but sometimes its finicky, oddly enough, holding it upside down briefly very gently seems to correct it? Heres the thing that bothers me, I pay 68$ to ship to them, the switch fix is 70$ and to ship back is another 68$, I have the warranty still in effect, but I'm sure you can see how much will come out of my pocket, I might as well wait till the switch goes completely to do this, anyway like I said before, when my mv1 needed to be fixed, ghost mv1 sent me a shipping label and paid for shipping, obviously storznbickle are too cheap to do that? Oh well✌
  • Bud
    I'm too Critical for my own good
  • Pakalolo2
    I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself there Bud...shit happens. As is, your stream last night was still entertaining and informative. As one who is/was considering purchasing a Volcano Hybrid, these two reviews were a must see!

    Now based on the reviews you, Troy snd Pete have produced thus far, for my money, I am seriously considering the FP WE and possibly adding the D-Cup for giggles and grins as an early X-Mas gift to myself.

    Vape on and....Stay Up!
  • fatbiker
    I was also thinking of buying the Hybrid. I planned on selling my Volcano Classic and upgrade. However, after Bud’s review I think I’ll pass. I’m going to pick up a DCup instead.
  • Mangu
    This is why I respect your opinion....even when other people see you for the douche you are. :lol: You can easily shill out for these guys, but you’re standing your ground. It’s just not fair to ask that price for people to run and upgrade to find that there’s really no improvement. If they want you to shill, S&B is gonna have to fork up some Budportunity; for now they have to be happy with whatever shills they got and keep it moving OR INNOVATE!
  • Bud
    I have calmed down and will make sure I do a fair review :100:
  • Baron23
    I have calmed down and will make sure I do a fair review :100:VapeCritic

    :up: :100:
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