• Law7764
    Thank you Cream City Vapes for the 20%!!! Now the waiting game
  • BlluntRapp
    Ended up returning my Hybrid this week after having it since late July / early August. As some may remember from earlier posts that I had issues with the Bluetooth when I first got it, S&B sent a RMA to the shop I bought it from but I never bothered to return it because everything seemed to be fine.

    Fast forward to last Saturday, Bluetooth goes spotty again and the air pump was making fucked up noises all weekend (a range of noises from clicking, to a fluttering sound to sounding like the thing was about to lift itself off the desk and fly). I don't know if it was just something 'loose' inside the unit because it started to come and go.

    I may be the minority but i also found using the capsules with the whip just as good or better then a full chamber. Whereas with the bag the capsule was decent (much thicker then digi or classic) but the full chamber was much better.

    EDIT: I am also a 'there is no such thing as too much weed' kind of guy, so my whip experience isn't down to tolerance.
  • upside
    The firmware update process for the Hybrid is not great. The update has 29 parts! In my case, the update failed over and over until I eventually quit the app and power cycled the Hybrid. I was half sure that it was going to brick the device but the update finally completed successfully.
  • Oscar nunez
    My volcano hybrid is home finally!!!! I want give some details about her, my volcano hybrid did not need any firmware updates like I have read from others here, she had the latest firmware on board from the factory. I also noticed the plastic from my chamber is not flexible at all like the one vapecritic had on his YT video. the plastic is very stiff and not bendable. my volcano hybrid connected to my phone very quickly and easily no problems there either. although I wish the Bluetooth range was farther, I cannot control from living to bedroom where my volcano hybrid is. I also noticed the air pump is not as loud as my volcano classic it is definitely more quiet which I like very much. I did the normal burn off as recommended, no weird smells or anything that I noticed. later on I ran a bag at 380f, man that vapor is thicker and more dense for sure, but it was a little peppery in the throat, I thought it would be more fluffy, smoother. is that the dryness In the vapor some talk about? what temps are you guys running? I didn't put a lot of product in my unit, by the second bag everything was basically spent very pop corny. on my volcano classic I was able to get a third bag out of the same amount of product. it seems the volcano hybrid extracts all the goodies out much faster than the classic. vapecritic said there is not much difference in vapor quality between the classic and hybrid, I am not an expert but I can tell the difference easily, its more dense, I have to experiment more to find my sweet spot, I had with my classic. you can tell the hybrid seems more brutal at extracting, than the classic, where my classic was more smoother I think. I have not tried the whip yet but will very soon. I am interested to try the iterations for the super bag! any tips to avoid the dryness I felt besides using a water piece? it would have been cool if S&B had a way on the app to shut off the conduction part of it to use only convection, to really see the difference, it would have been a cool option.
  • John Cocktostone
    the vapor is still dry eh? That's why I sold my classic. Too damn dry
  • Oscar nunez
    Yeah but it's better at lower temperatures, I have my eye on a magma industries obsidian water piece that's specifically made for the volcano.
  • Oscar nunez
    whats going on guys with hybrid, I am not liking what I am hearing and seeing with melting chambers and metal dust in vapor path? vapecritic what is your opinion on all this?
  • spider
    :wink: uobqstzjbuyjc9t1.jpg
    Vintage still gets the job done!

    Volcano digital, "Banana Kush" - Indica..
  • Ram1
    Hi guys my volcano classic control light has been flashing like in the attached video.. Anyone got any advice.. I don’t have the option of warranty as customs would be a huge hassle .. would appreciate any technical advice..thanks
    IMG_4293 (20M)
  • Bruce
    In my opinion the The Classic plus improved its performance and speed. But the Whip is not efficient and the platic hose for the whip ruins the taste, it loses vape. Save money get the Arizer Extreme Q. (Better and a third of the price, In My Opinion)

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • EDub
    nice clouds. Did you have to do anything special to get thick clouds like that? My OG volcano doesn’t hit like that!
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