• chaos191
    Hello Virgil how are you today? So I have MV-1 I did extensive research and studying up on this vape maybe like 2 months before I bought it I don't know if you remember my situation but you under that having to swap my unit out cause it came DoA. THANKS. So it's basically my daily driver I can consistently get a measured amount of medication I'm actually quadriplegic my fingers don't work so I end up needing help completely from my assistant :) it works out this is a pretty easy to work vape. So the replacement unit that you sent me right away Has been working nicely they were like night and day it's really great actually so yesterday evening with a low battery I try to vape a crucible as usual and just no vapor production seems like I wasn't getting any heat and there is still one green light on the unit. So I charged it all night I don't have a fast charger :( I went to use it and it would not produce any vapor battery was 100% through the app as well as on the unit it was barely producing any heed whatsoever. I looked at the crucible material is still green no sign of heat application at all, in a vape critic video he took the heat sink out and then you hit the Fire button in the Meadow unit that super heats turns red in his video when you push the button mine didn't do anything there is no heat production whatsoever. It seems like and I have trouble shot it my unit just went dead for who knows what reason. I love this Vape I guess I would own 2 If I could afford them for this kind of situation. I have the stealth version the heat sink is also showing and I have no even Cleaned this one There is a tiny little bit of peeling starting. I look forward to hearing from you.



    Edit This was meant to be sent as a Dm Sorry
  • UbarDog

    Made a Ticket but you Ghost guys are great on here so Im double up :D

    I got the Flakes !!! This CU has never seen ISO before and its only the 2nd time its ever been remove .

    Sad Ubar :(
  • Gonzo
    Yeah, think the stealth was a good idea but has issues. I tried to exchange the unopened stealth that I purchased for a different one but they won’t do it so guess I’m stuck with it.
  • kiddvudu2
    Really? That's kinda unheard of from Ghost CS. Did they give a reason? :chin:
  • Gonzo
    Yeah, I’ve had great service from their CS in the past so was very surprised. I could have returned for a refund and ordered a new one for a higher price, which is what I had to do in the past with the original heat sink version that had issues. I decided to register the new stealth to get the 5 year warranty and will use and return if it has issues (hopefully I’ll get lucky and all will be fine). Don’t get me wrong, I think their CS is top notch so I’m confident I’ll be taken care of if needed.
  • UbarDog
    I never C&P from E-mails to forums but with this one I simply have to. Opening line from Ghost.

    Thank you for writing in and sincere apologies for causing concern. The Stealth coating will peel/chip over time.

    If I had read/known this I would not have purchased a stealth. Being in the UK I really need stealth and this would have altered my decision. They give stealth cleaning instructions I followed this, but more carefully.

    Just wanna Add thou . Ghost are being great about it, replacement is getting sorted. Just shocked me enougth to post up
  • Stants

    I feel you pain, I've three heatsinks the og stealth one that came in the box which I've managed to get it to peel by leaving it iso (obviously my own fault)

    A replacement ghost sent me due to the gasket in the og one being a bit faulty, this had a slight chip in when it arrived where it would sit in the unit

    And a third which I bought from vapo shop which arrived with flakey paint on the rear,

    I suppose it's a wear and tear item, so I can't be too mad, but agreed for us over here the shiny heatsink sticks out like a sore thumb I get enough funny looks in the pub as it is, I have to say the ghost is a great conversation starter though

    I presume these are powder coated? As the paint is thicker on the outside than inside, my door latch is staring to chip slightly in two places but again I put this down to wear and tear
  • UbarDog

    Really trying to stay positive about this vape. I want to like it but its hard work this is why im yet to post my views on it. I stopped smoking to be healther and turned to vaping . I doubt im even 15 crusables in on this unit and I got the flakes . The fact they state that it will happen. They should just stop production and sale of that CU and only use coating they know will hold up. Stuck to the cermic and mouthpiece was black flecks of paint/Coating, Stopped only by oils . I suspect that the flecks came loose after cleaning and more so from reinserting the CU. So no oil to catch 1st wave of paticals, wonder where they are now ? In my lungs proberly. Noice!!!
  • Stants

    Mines only really been flaking on the outside, but when you shine a light into the heatsink you can see where the coating process hasn't been as uniform, I have to really agitate the inside to get anything to come off, I don't think I've inhaled any crap as it looks fairly hard to draw through the holes in the ceramic 'innards'
    I'm using the desk top as the daily now so my ghost is relegated to out and about & the odd cheeky early morning wake & bake,
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