• SouthboundPachyderm
    I added racing stripes to the handle... ya know, to make it faster :rofl:
  • MothChewMoth
    I currently own two of these bad boys, and here are my thoughts from my own personal usage.

    TL;DR - The G43 is an absolute powerhouse portable(ish) vape, and IMO stands alone due to it's price/features. It can be hit a number of ways, with your material in just about any state. It does require a rig (or j-hook) to operate. If you want the power of a desktop that is still technically portable, you need one (or several) of these in your life.

    Vapor quality - Phenomenal. Top tier flavor that I would rate as equal to (or better than) my Evo, for comparison. Your cooling method of choice is really the only thing (imo) that will change your vapor quality for this vape. This should be obvious, as there is no native airpath past the glass joint and requires a rig or j-hook of some kind to use.
    Grade : A

    Design - I think this has been knocked out of the park. It's extremely bare-bones, but that is part of the appeal. It's very unique looking, and I get a LOT of questions about it from folks who have never seen it before. It's got a massive chamber too! There are a couple of tweaks I'd do based on my usage, but it's very well thought out and looks beautiful.
    Grade : A-

    Power - The G43 does not use it's own power source, but instead is connected to a box mod rda in it's current version. With the mod, once configured, it works like a charm on unprotected 18650 batteries. I personally love the adjustable nature of the box mod, but I'm interested to see how the new (original vision) version of a protected battery in a holder works.
    Grade : A

    Cleaning - Cleaning is basic for the most part. There really are three cleanings I personally would do on the G43; a simple brush-out and perhaps a blast of canned air, a wipe-out with a q-tip of ISO after the former, or an upright soak in ISO. The REAL deep clean is to take it apart, clean all the parts, then re-assemble, but I've had my OG since January or so and it's never been anywhere near dirty enough to require this.
    Grade : B+

    Usage - Heat-soak for 4 minutes. Insert into your vaping rig of choice. Inhale. Good times :)
    The most difficult part of the current iteration is the mod configuration, and if you buy one from Bud he does it for you! If you've never messed with a mod at all (I hadn't) it seems a little overwhelming (but isn't). The updated version with the battery sled completely eliminates this setup and turns it into plug n play, so I'm very interested to try that. The only downside here is that the small middle portion of the glass slide containing all the glass balls gets hotter than satan's asshole after eating a Carolina Reaper while vacationing on the surface of the sun. It's a very small portion, but it does require minding if you don't want to change your fingerprints for a couple days. For concentrates, a healthstone that fits is needed (Bud sells them at a great price). Using this method you can do double-deckers of flower and concentrate in the same load. KILLER!
    Grade : A-

    This is seriously such an amazing vape, and it's only $99 (plus the mod and rig if you don't have em). Even with the added cost of a mod and rig ($30 for the mod, $30 for a DHGate rig), $160 out the door is a crazy good price. $10 on top of that to do concentrates in it? I can't think of one other vape that can do all this stuff at this price point. It's extremely versatile, looks cool, and hits like a truck. If you're lucky enough to get ahold of two of em, DO IT! This is one of those vapes that absolutely everyone should try at some point. I'll leave you with a few shots.

    Dual G-43s, aka The Terminator

    OG shot with a dual-matrix rig

    Shot of my newest one (no quick connect) in a custom stand by Timberhead Designs (https://www.instagram.com/timberheaddesigns/)
  • John Cocktostone
    is the Timber guy on here? I dont have IG but want to order one of these
  • Cl4ud3
    He's not on here at the moment. Maybe he will make an account but I have sent him a message saying someone here is interested.
  • MothChewMoth
    he's not on here or FC much (if at all), but you can get him at . He's also got a shop up on Etsy at https://etsy.me/2SsYcR9. I had a really excellent experience with him!
  • Lucic and Chong
    Awesome write up @MothChewMoth! I don't have much to add after such a great post.

    The G43 is an amazing vaporizer. It's raw, yet classy and elegant, plus it hits like a truck. All glass and pure convection produces top notch flavor. @VapeCritic really knocked it outa the park with this one.

    I really like the semi portability with it too. It's not exactly what I'd be taking on a hike, but it's easy to take somewhere where you're planning on being stationary. I've easily taken it to beaches and parks a few times already.

    It's always my first choice for chilling on my patio with my tomato and pepper plants.
  • Chandler
    On first use, did yall do any cleaning? Soak the screens in iso, rinse, dry, load, rip G43. Miss anything?
  • Bud
    I did a 15-min burn in already so you're good to go, just load and vape!! first hit should taste :ok:
  • Chandler
    @VapeCriticthank you! Looking forward to it!!
  • MothChewMoth
    confirmed, both of mine were clean as a whistle upon arrival!
  • Ernie1086
    Hey guys question? I got my p80 with the g43. I know wanted to see if I could use the mod on a mistvape impcognito without messing up the g43, like is there a way to set up a different profile on it while leaving all the g43 stuff alone or is this not really
  • kebcatmorgan
    G43 is so beautiful, so powerful, so easy to use vape, that there's not much you can say about it. It's idiot proof and anybody can hit it (if they have the balls to) and be very surprised by the results.

    There's only one thing I kinda don't like and that's the heat up time. I get it, it's powerful and needs to soak the heat for some time to have that vaporization hotness. After that it's basically a symphony (not glass symphony :D ) of clouds, taste and medication.

    I use it in my small rig, but sometimes there's a need for that awesome 18mm J-Hook, and that's maybe even more satisfying than the rig.
  • Chandler
    So many pages... Can yall direct me towards instructional videos for the G? I see the demo on page one, but i know I've come across more in depth vids, now can't find em.. Thanks
  • UbarDog

    Heyo Chandler

    The Links to the current G-43 Videos are in Opening Post.

    You have watched these and they don't help you enough?

    There is also this one from Offcial thread

    What are you struggling with ? Hope we can help.

    Have a great day, Ubar.
  • bum karacho
    Tasty steam maschine!
    Vaporist must have!
    Bud is a genius!
  • UbarDog

    Short instructions

    With mod's follow step 1-7
    Sled mode - Replace step 1-3 and just insert battery.

    1- Turn mod on (5 clicks)
    2- Set the wattage you want - They come set at 11.5W
    3- Set Cruse. This has been described as BETWEEN a click and a hold. A prolonged click.
    4- Load G. Remove basket screen, load flower, Replace Basket screen
    5- Wait 4mins - Longer is better but 4mins is ample .
    6- Draw.
    7- Stir when needed

  • Chandler
    Thanks @UbarDogi must've been a lil medicated when I was combing through looking for vids... I think I was looking for direct videos like the demo opposed to links, when links is what I needed. Thanks for the quick run down. Sounds so simple, it's using the mod which is new to me. SOON!
  • Baron23
    Ran my G43 last night and, as we are all used to, it looked like a house afire! LOL

    Run with .2, 13W, 4 min preheat and crushes the load in two draws, a stir, and a clean up. Just pure power.

    I did have an issue with my G43 starting to run cooler, Bud determined it was the mod, sent me another, and its back to industrial smoke looking city!! Yeah!!

    I do think Bud's on the right track with the protected battery sled version. While the mod is nice, it may well be that I screwed something up in the config of my OG P80 that caused it to run cool. Battery sled is simple and elegant with little to nothing to fail aside from mechanical failures. I look forward to that coming out.

    @VapeCritic - yo, Bud...do you want the old P80 back? Should I mail it to you? Seems like you might be able to find what I did (or not) to it to screw it up? Or not worth it?
  • UbarDog
    G-43 is eggcellent

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    :rofl: You so punnyyyyy. :rofl:
  • Gryfin
    Been busy with life lately.. but my G43 has been very faithful. Tasty hits every time, and larger clouds than my puny lungs can handle, haha. Especially the first hit. I let it heat soak for 10 minutes at 13.5 watts. This works best for me. I think my mod might be running cold but it doesn't bother me at all to wait a bit longer, and when its hot it stays hot. I've been using only the J hook so far, but I'm thinking about getting a rig soonish. Great little thing, hasn't broken yet despite me being very accident prone. No complaints
  • Bruce
    I am excited about this vape.

    Can I low dose? I dont want to fill it all the way.

    If I use it with the J Pipe is the temperature adjustable ?

    If I use it with the J Pipe (I Love Glass)... it would seem this might be more of an Arizer Extreme Q but portable ... does that sound right?
  • Ginny Vapes
    I have been so clumsy with this. I dropped it and the atomizer read "no atomizer" I got it to read and started the mod up and it again read "no atomizer" one of you told me to make sure and adjust the tightness of the atomizer. that didn't make a difference. I don't mind buying another if I need to but anyone know if I need to? I'm wanting to make a purchase to update my G43 accessories and want to get another atomizer added to the order if need be. I am dying to try my G43. !! :blush:
  • Chandler
    @Ginny Vapes you dropped your G before blessing it? Before the christining, before its inaugural journey, before it was able to first produce this fabled insatiable vapor that seems to be driving vape enthusiasts everywhere nuts!??
    Very Sorry for you if that's the case bro. I'm positive you'll be set right. However, in the mean time feel free to live vicariously through me, as my package has been delivered and I'm soon to get home! :nerd:
  • Ginny Vapes
    Indeed, I did forget to bless it. My G43 is perfect, think I will just buy a new mod. oh yea, that's for sure....but, it's my fault... Enjoy
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