• Thxgos
    How does one get on the g43 wait list? Bud said it was opening up again (which was music to my ears)!
  • Cl4ud3
    Just adding your name here and saying you would like on the list.
  • Bud
    Working on an update with more info please standby and thank you all for your patience!
  • Hapo
  • Thxgos
    Thank you @Cl4ud3!

    And thank you so much for re-opening @Bud!

    I was so sad when I missed it and it closed. So many people confirmed it's a game changer!
  • Azn2101
    Thanks. @Bud for continuing to work with it. If it's still possible to go with the non sled version it would be cool but beggars can't be choosers.

    Just want to confirm I'm on the "new" list or just on some list. Thanks you.
  • chaos191
    Also wanted to confirm that I'm on the list, I wanna say I think you know my limitations and you should choose witch ever is easier to use.

    Thanks a lot
  • Leguy
    Hi all,

    I wanted to ask if someone uses concentrates with the G :

    - how is it ? do you micro-dose ?
    - how does the stone works ? do you use other stuff like glass balls ?
    - Is the sled version is powered enough to use wax ?

    @Bud, is that possible you include a concentrate time with the G in a future video please ? :razz:
  • SensoryLeaf
    Was gutted when the list closed... Saw the modern cannabists stream, where @Bud said it was open... So please could I get added to the waiting list

    Could someone confirm this is the correct way to get on the list please tia
  • Terpenetime
    @SensoryLeaf Welcome to the forum.

    Could someone confirm this is the correct way to get on the list please tiaSensoryLeaf

    Yes it is :100:
  • Wallace
    As said before I would.love to be on the list as well.
    Thanks @Bud
  • LabPong
    Im single and not looking......but got a whole lotta luv sent to me in a package this AM. :love:


    Beta testing begins!
    0214201342c-01 (234K)
  • EDub
    @LabPong That’s Awesome, Happy vaping!
  • henrylefleur
    Ok this is the thread to say you want in. @Bud I want in.
  • Hapo
    ...everyone is getting excited again...!!!... .!. :grin: .!.
  • Gloeck79
    If so I want one too...lol. are you going to have an adapter plug. Meaning if you were able to connect it to say a RDK power source, you would corner the market in a simple less intrusive desktop vape and the ability to travel with it by still using the same attachment to connect to the portable power supply. So you could just sell the heating device with a universal connector. As an accessory item, could be the other connection wires to connect to the RDK, portable device, and etc.

    You may have been doing this already, but if not let me know, I can try and make a digital prototype so you know what I am talking about. I did a prototype that I think DynaVap should do and I think is possible, but I'm no electrician or electrical engineer...lol. Again, of course this all may not be possible, but should be looked into IMO. Imagine the ability to pop your DynaVap out in a self contain heating device. An electric portable pocket sized heating device, I could be 100% wrong, but throwing it out there...lol.

    I did this in an hour or 2 so its not professional, but its just for the idea of it.


    Again just a simple design to explain the idea of the device. Could have 2 batteries as example and etc...
  • Hippie
    You can power the mod version with a buck boost constant voltage step down converter
    I use a Zk-j5x v2 and a DPS3005 with 12v5A power supplies to run my G43, Herborizer and homemade things
    As there is no JST connector on the sled version you'll need to make a battery adapter or snip the wires and add a connector to power it the same way.
  • Bruce
    Show some respect, its not g43 by Vape Critic, Its THE g43 by The one only master of vape... Bud ... The best thing to happen to vape since vape the Vape Critic.
  • Bruce
    depending on price I am gonna wait until 4/20/20
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