• Ctipp22
    New vape stuff is my favorite but it is very pricey stuff.
  • 52
    Haha, I just checked the WiFi remote outlet app I use my FP on. Didn’t know it kept track of this stuff. 17 hours a day average, lol.

  • Pud
    and this is one of the reasons I hate using an app for a damn vape... or any appliance.. it’s just an unnecessary expense. I’d rather they sell it to me for less money
  • 52

    Lol, it’s not a vape app, it’s a smart outlet. It has no idea what it’s turning on.
  • Pud
    Haha!... I made an assumption since seems all vapes, pids, etc are jumping on the app bandwagon.... my bad..... but I still don’t like it! lol
  • Stoneager
    This thread has been around for awhile so I feel it's ok to ask a novice question: with the v-rod, do different forms of consentrates require different temps to extract efficiently? I'm using temps between 620-640 (wife's lungs don't do too well with higher heat) and getting pools of unvaped trates. Possibly just what happens with different types of trates?
    Just hurts spending $$$ for consentrates for less return than expected.
    Are my expectations too high? What may I need to change or is this experience normal?
  • androponic
    Do you use terp pearls?
  • zancru

    I own 5x NV FPs.
    Take it as you wish.
    Here’s my advice.
    Be sure your VROD dish it’s well hand tight, and to be sure, CAREFULLY, you can try to fasten it tighter, CAREFULLY, with pliers, CAREFULLY.
    Then proceed to hand tighten again, the whole VROD assembly.
    The less moving parts, and rattling, the better for a VROD.
    The temperatures you mentioned, are in the range, I even go higher for flower, 666F, but you’re ok with less, or even lower temperatures if you’re inclined, and your technique is proper.

    You might be dabbing on the plus size dabs, if you’re getting pooling after.
    Go for rice grains size dabs imho & e.....
    NV FP products, excel in microdosing, both flowers & concentrates.
    Of course you can do giant globs of concentrates too, or load 0.5g flower and rip it, but you’ll need more technique, and experience, to not make a mess, combust, or both together.
    Trust me, leave “globs” and big dabs for when you’re really experienced with a device.
    Regular sized dabs are ok.

    A regular sized dab, like a rice grain size dab, usually comes, from squishing, at least a big nug of weed.
    You’ll probably need at least 2g of weed to create a nice big rice grain size dab.
    Have you ever tried to vape 2g of weed at once, in one lung busting hit????
    Imagine that.
    Don’t you find it wasteful???
    So, why people go for big globs, giant dabs???
    Wasteful in my honest opinion.
    Less is more my friend.

    CARB CAP!!! Use it!!!
    Remember to carb cap for concentrates too.
    If you don’t use a carb cap for concentrates, you’re definitely not doing a normal dabbing technique.
    And it will require higher temps, and definitely will pool concentrates, and will taste harsher.
    I’ve used balls too, but they are messy and they tend to splatter oil around.
    I keep getting better and consistent results, by microdosing, and proper technique.
    Rotate that cap.
    Play with draw speeds.
    You’re on the way of getting there.
    Keep trying.
    If you’re still not getting decent results, could be low quality concentrates, but I tend to get the opposite results with low quality concentrates, less pooling, more drier & harsher after results.
    Everyone gets different results too.
    I’m in the border, of the best states in the world for greens at the moment, period. WA & OR, can’t get better than that. Period. Flower or concentrates.
    I’ve seen all qualities.
    Stay vaped.
  • Stoneager
    Thank you for your input...much appreciated.
    I have a couple of terp balls and used them once. Couldn't see them move around with carb cap on and couldn't notice any appreciable advantage in use so I retired them. 3mm if I recall.
    I know I super size my dabs. Soooo hard not to. I use a carb cap while dabbing but not doing flower. From my perspective I have good success with flower but hit & mostly miss with trates. I have noticed that the FP screw together system has a tendency to loosen with thermal dynamics, so I do tighten as necessary.
    Dab size will be reduced!
    I do think I need more experience. Putting in more training hours. Starting a "Go Fund Me" account dedicated to concentrate usage. :wink:
  • Mangu
    I find that dabs on the vrod don’t exactly work like everyone might expect. Don’t get me wrong, I think twaxing is the way things should be so I love it, but it’s not the same thing as dropping your dab into a hot bucket and seeing the entire thing disappear almost instantly.

    At about 650, where I use my v, the flower with carb cap is usually mostly roasted after a nice steady draw from me, but I can clearly see the green ring around the bottom where hot air doesn’t seam to always work itself through (I’m using the glass bowl). What I do to address this condition, and it does come with its own compromise, is leave the hot head on your bowl for 25-30 seconds, and then take a good second rip.....sometime I’ll repeat for a third one, but not often. The compromise here is that obviously the second and third pulls doesn’t taste anywhere near as nice as the first, but at least I don’t waste the reclaim and the partially unvaped abv.
  • Stoneager
    Really good info... Thanks!
    Seems like there's a debate on whether the carb cap should be used for flower. I would think whatever works... works.
  • cvs8floz
    I only use the SH with flower and always use the carb cap and the glass bowl. I start my sessions at 610 and gradually lower the temp in steps after each bowl and normally end up at 575 or so. I start my draws as soon as I see or smell vapor coming through the carb hole. I normally don't even clear the glass between pulls except for the last one. Thick vapor and much less effort for your lungs vs using uncapped, and you can vape at lower temps.
  • 52
    I usually load a bowl about .2g before bed. Last night I loaded .05g three times under my Vrod expecting to vape a forth but forgot :starstruck: :starstruck: :starstruck:
  • CookieMonster
    Hi there. I decided to give my herb a better treatment so I'm considering buying the NV FP. I'm debating between the VROD and the WeedEater, so I could use some advice. I'm gonna use it mostly for flower, with an occasional dab if I go for the VROD.

    1. Do you find the WE better for flower than the VROD? Is the lower draw resistance of the WE actually an advantage? Some people mention having to take slower draws with the WE, or using it with a carb cap. Doesn't it counteract the advantage of a lower draw resistance?
    2. Does the VROD retain heat and maintain constant temperature during draws better than the WE?
    3. How different is dabbing with the VROD compared to the good-old blow torch?
    4. Can someone actually feel the taste of titanium when vaping? On a blind test, would you be able to tell the difference between the FP and an all-glass vape?
    5. How come the temperatures normally used in the FP are much higher in comparison to temperatures used in other vapes, e.g. the Volcano Hybrid?
    6. In this post, @52 measured a difference of up to 230°F between the PID reading and an external thermometer. Is this an issue?

    Finally, if someone owns both models — which one do you like more when vaping flower?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thanks, CookieMonster
  • 52

    To be honest, for flower only I might build a WE from parts and use the Vrod diffuser with the WE nut. I had mine setup like this for a week or so by just adding the WE nut to my Vrod and really liked it. The extra mass in the center of the Vrod diffuser holds more heat and having one less hole restricts the airflow a little. I stir between every draw so I never notice uneven abv at the end of a session. You can achieve the same airflow restriction by plugging the center hole with their $1 plugs but you don’t get the extra mass of the whole center hole being solid. The setting on the PID is obviously not the temperature of the air going through the bowl.
  • CookieMonster
    Thanks for your comment. Did you notice an improvement in vapor quality after replacing the VROD head by the weedeater nut? And do you think the 18 holes of the VROD difffuser lead to significantly better heat retention, compared to the 19 holes of the WE?
  • 52

    No nothing seriously significant. I’m really just splitting hairs. I believe you can tweak any configuration to produce the same results. Basic answer is the WE, Vrod and I’m sure the Shower Head(just never tried one) are all excellent flower vapes. You can’t go wrong with any. If you think you might dab get a V or SH, if flower only get the WE.
  • zancru

    Or you can always improve yourself, and try better pastures... and be part of the Dracarys team!!!

  • CookieMonster
    , that's fucking crazy. This guy must have had a total brain reset after this session. If I spend enough time here, I might end up having the same gear. There's always a next step, right? :)
  • zancru
    The power of the WeedEater with a glass bowl!!!

    The magic vape lighter!!!

    Very good flavor, uncapped, at 666F....
    I’m using a Ti screen, on top of the native glass screen, flavor seems the same.

    Mix of strains....
    Dutch Treat bottom...
    SleeStack top...
    Dense vapor.

    Stay vaped!!!
    Mantente de la mente!!!


  • 52
    Used a Pax 3 for two full days because it was new to me and I wanted to figure it out and get it dialed in. Went back to my Flowerpot tonight and all I can say is the proverbially...Wow!
    I will never regret this investment!
  • Hapo
    ...I just logged in to say that my V Rod is packed up and the E Nano is still on duty...

    ...once the novelty factor was over I ended up reaching for the E Nano to spare my lungs/throat and conserve my stash...it is possible to micro dose with a Flowerpot but the device does not encourage this...

    ...it seems that I need to need to move a lot of hot air with the Flowerpot compared to the E Nano to get a good hit...

    ...I was not so favorably impressed with dabbing off the V Rod even with the SIC dish and ended up just putting concentrates in with the weed...I seemed to get a lot of thin harsh hits and cook off a lot of the material...maybe I needed more heat...I've tried up to 660 on the PID...

    ...IMHO the weed eater should have a carb cap...I uses one every time on the V Rod...

    ...it looks like most people use one of some type with the Weed Eater...

    ...I just gave my Pax 3 away...
  • Dr green thumb

    I never carb the weed eater and get large dense hits. I use the vrod and weed eater almost exclusively with the only exceptions being dabs and when I'm not home.

    I'm not saying these vapes are for everyone but everyone should try one sometime as they really are heavy hitters.
  • Hapo

    ...I would agree if it did not involve marriage...

    ...if I had to pick one word to describe the Flowerpot it would be "ridiculous"...

    ...IMHO it is not for everybody...

    ...I had two Hyabusa motorcycles...I would/have said the same for them...ridiculous…!!!...

    ...considering the price point I could bitch aboot some quibbling QC issues but they are really not issues...

    ...I am just pointing out that I had to put it away for a while and have been unimpressed with the dabbing experience...I am having better luck with a SAI Topflow...at least I am not cooking off all my shit...I did need some help with that too...at first I wanted to send it back...!!!...

    ...I seem to be reovering while using the E Nano...my stash is lasting a lot longer too...

    ...I was afraid maybe I was going to become vaping statistic...

    ...thanks for the user info...do you cap the V Rod for weed...???...
  • Dr green thumb

    I use the vrod both with a carb cap and without for flower. The dab experience with flower and concentrate is very good in the 550°f temp range and I vape just flower at 655°f

    My preferred dab method is with a quartz banger and torch. No method I have tried delivers the potency and flavor of a cold start low temp dab.

    Proper banger and heating techniques are a must.
  • 52

    He is just being a hater again.
  • Baron23
    My experience with the FP (I have a SH) is very different.

    Dunno about microdose as this is an ill defined term that means a lot of different things to different people. For some, its .05 (yes, some people vape a spec or two).

    I find the FP works well with .1 g Just need to cover the screen in the bowl.

    And I do not draw hard or look to take a lot of air....quite the opposite. Draw slow with a FP to increase the thermal transfer to the passing air and really cook your load.

    Also, I cap always on my SH. Run 700 F as the set point on my controller.

    Personally, "twaxing" was never appealing to me. For others, its great. To me, its a novelty and best used to make videos of blowing big clouds. I use a vape optimized for flower for flower and one optimized for 'trates for trates. Just me.

    I do also have an Enano, love it, but they are very different machines to me.

    A reason why there are so many different vapes is because people have a wide variety of preferences.
  • Hapo
    ...I ain't hatin'...just sayin' the FP is not for everybody

    ...I never said nuthin' aboot drawing hard...I have commented repeatedly aboot how low I find the draw resistance to be on my V Rod...I find I need to cap it with two hole cap for comfort...

    ...what I have said is I can barely hack it and now I need to set it aside...

    ...I will always find it ridiculously more complex, expensive, and dangerous than something like, say, an E NANO, and not all that more EFFECTIVE at just getting vaped...

    ...if you need to blow three rigs at once on you tube I guess an E Nano is not the unit of choice, but my lungs can only hold and absorb so much...

    ...I think they are things to consider before investing hundreds of $$$...

    ...it sounds to me like the Cookie Monster has considered these things, as did I, but perhaps I could have considered things a little more deeply...

    ...actually, I learned a lot from my V Rod experience...

    ...I would have like to have tried one w/o buying one but I am the only person I know who has one or is even willing to use one...LoL...

    ...I have been "trying" it for quite a while now...

    ...maybe I can trade it for a Ditanium Vaporizer...
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