• Chronic Pain
    Great review! I picked up a few new tips. Thanks SO MUCH!
    Where did you find 1mm pearls? I'm using 3mm Ruby Pearls. I'm kind of a NV addict!
    I own the VRod, DCup & Weed Eater. Kinda overkill I know, but I like the DIY of it all.
    Thanks again for your review.
  • danielblakes
    I got my 1mm ruby pearls from Constant gems they call them micro pearls :). There are other sites out there that sell them as well as quartz ones, but I can only vouch for them! I think my next purchase will be some 4mm sic pearls to see how I like them but can only source from china rn.

    Stay vaped friend!
  • 22spider
    yeah I seem to be missing message notifications to Chris, I just now saw this message , anyway good job on adding the insulated handle to the bundle, I'll be honest, I thought that it was already on there before, it's an absolute item that needs to be with the bundle, you cant work the flowerpot without the handle, anyway I look foward to see what other changes you add in the future to simplify the order/configuration chart on the NV site, I have till Oct 10, till I order my weedeater and in doing my homework making sure I get all I need,
    So far I know I'm going to need the 160$ Nv pid, the 75$ head, the 45$bowl, the 40$ stand, the double weave screen 6$, the 60$ glass piece, and the 25$ 14mm glass bowl/w screens, so that's were I'm at right now, hopefully I'm not leaving anything out but I got a little time to figure it out, thanks Chris
  • Skyvaper
    if you're getting the $47 bowl just curious as to the need for the glass bowl? Options maybe? I just ordered the controller, coil and handle myself. I'll get the weedeater very soon to complete my kit.
  • 22spider
    that's a good question my friend, I'm grabbing a 14mm glass bowl because I own a 14mm sneaky Pete glass globe, and I thought that it would be cool to have the option of using glass and the titanium bowl, a little variety, I was going to grab a 14 mm Male post but I decided to go with the glass bowl option, which pid did ya go with?✌⚡
  • Skyvaper
    I opted for the NV controller. The only reason is I really like PID case with the stand. I feel like things will be nice and tidy.
  • 22spider
    yeah that's the one I'm going with to, I was going back and forth for along time debating if i wanted to add a carb cap but I'm thinking its probably not neccessary, and plus I rather use that $ to invest in a nice glass to go with
  • Skyvaper
    I've read and watched thata carb cap is not needed. Looking forward to trying this beast out. My only other desktop vape was a volcano but this beast has caught my eye and VAS happened.
  • 22spider
    yeah i have the volcano digital, mv1, and mighty but I definitely need a new vape, the only thing that kinda concerns me about the WE is I'm not a huge fan of using water with my vapes these days and I'm hoping the vapor will be smooth/quality enough to not need water, I have seen quite a few people use it without water so I think it should be good, I suppose using my smaller globe I may need to, but it's really not a dealbreaker
  • danielblakes

    It's not my daily driver glass, but I regularly use my vrod without water in newvapes double stereo matrix (9301);I prefer to use that piece that way since with water due to the perc design there is some blowback which can be an issue with herb in the bowl. I don't have enough hands to pull dabber/carb cap, then heater head, then bowl out!! lol. no issues with smoothness for me but you can always lower temp slightly if it does end up bothering you - that's the greatness of the FP!

    i personally would recommend a carb cap if you can swing it but just my 2c! many use without as you say. and you can always get one later
  • Hapo
    ...but then he will pay extra shipping...

    ...even though I have never seen a Weed Eater in person, I too recommend a carb cap, but one can improvise...methinks a grinder might work...

    ...I even saw (…) use a carb cap on his Weed Eater...

    ...I do not believe that you will find a more knowledgeable or adventurous Flowerpot user...
  • Dr green thumb

    Yes, you can over complicate things and put a carb cap on the weed eater. The weed eater works just fine without it. For flower I know only one vape stronger than the weed eater for extraction and that is a G.S. (current vapes)
  • Hapo

    ...stronger than V Rod...?!?...what is G.S...???...

    ...did it turn out to be a fact that the Weed Eater nut will fit the V Rod diffuser...???...

    ...are they the same or were there complications…???...

    ...I remember reading they wouldn't screw in for some people...
  • androponic
    G.S. is Glass Symphony, think of it like a giant G43.
  • Dr green thumb

    I converted my weed eater to a vrod with no issues. I saw one report of an older vrod not fitting the new weed eater nut.

    Glass symphony picture (not mine)
  • zancru

    As well, this is my opinion, and everyone has different methods and opinions.
    My haters are going to hate!!! Jajajajajaja jajajajajaja
    Be warned.
    Thanks for the mention and wise words, Daniel.
    Very well put man.

    My rant now.
    VROD was my first, and will last forever.
    Different rigs for different hits and uses, the same here.
    FP line is very fun to use.
    You can settle, or for capped, or for uncapped hits, and no need to change temperatures after.
    Just draw speed, or viceversa.
    So many factors to play with.
    Or you can do whatever you need.
    NV FP family products, are/have wide open airflow, so possibilities are numerous, and equally exciting.

    Many other desktops, people think that “maybe, are simpler” to use, but NV FP family, is easy peasy.
    Yes it has HOT PARTS, DO NOT TOUCH!!!!!!

    And I’ve heard people, saying that NV FP products, are “very dangerous for your home”.

    If people are cumbersome, and have no common sense, that they leave 3 cats, and 2 dogs, or kids, in a room with unsupervised heaters and burning devices, it’s their fault imho.

    Nothing so different than leaving cats, dogs or kids, alone, in a kitchen, unsupervised, while cooking, and using dangerous artifacts.

    People have been dabbing, from e-nails since when, probably circa late 1990s, early 2000s, right???
    And they hadn’t stopped procreating kids, or having pets.
    Actually, people have more pets, than kids nowadays, people trend to love “pet animals”, more than people nowadays.

    And I hadn’t seen or listened to more reports, of burning homes, because of unnatended enails.

    Probably more homes were burnt, from pets, playing/fucking around, cheap room heaters, the kind that didn’t have the new, auto shut-off stick/switch at the
    bottom of units, falling facing down, and igniting carpets.

    Or pets or kids, left unattended/unsupervised, at running kitchens.

    Or people forgetting, scented candles ON, for “aromatherapy wellness” falling sleep, and cat or dog, dropped the candle, or bumped a magazine, or your last unpaid bills, on top of the candle.

    Stay vaped.
  • Hapo

    ...I should be GTG then...I wish I had included a Weed Eater nut in my last order...

    ...I did get another little insulated handle like the one for the bowl...

    ...the GS looks more complicated than the Flowerpot and a goot bit more fragile...

    ...methinks we would burn ourselves and break it at the same time...LoL...
  • RustyNoodle
    Just got my Flowerpot Weed Eater bundle in mail today, Super new to Vaping any input would be great. I am going to play with temps any thoughts I see 650 might be the place to start.
  • Cl4ud3
    650 is good. One piece of advice would be you need a slow inhale. Do you have any vaping experience or did you jump straight into a Flowerpot ?
  • Dr green thumb

    Slow inhales with the weed eater will reward you with thick vapor. I vape with my weed eater at 655 when using a 14mm joint and 670 with an 18mm. I let the weed eater get to temp which is about 2 minutes and let it heat soak for another 5 minutes while I prepare what I am vaping. When using I set the weed eater on bowl and start inhaling after a couple second pause. Different materials in the bowl like different strains and moisture content determine how many hits you get.

    Do not let the weedeater sit on bowl too long as it will cook your material without you getting the vapor.
  • RustyNoodle
    Sorta just jumping right in I do have a Pax3 used for about 2 months
  • 52
  • RustyNoodle
    Let's just say I have been testing the Weed Eater and the current settings are working fantastic. Thank you!
  • Pud

    Man you have the damn equipment that’s for sure!....
  • 22spider
    yes, I heard that the v-rod carbcap would be the way to go if needing a cap for the WE, like I said before I'm thinking i don't want to to use water but that may change depending on the harshness of the vapor, and the size of the rig I'm using, you were saying you don't have enough hands for the cap? Just wondering what that meant? And you mentioned pulling the bowl out? I've seen some people pull the bowl out after there hit to clear, and I have seen some just take the head off there bowl, so I guess it's just preference hugh? ✌
  • 22spider
    you make a good point about the extra shipping, I've calculated everything I'll need if I order a WE and I came to about 400$ those carb caps are very expensive, 40$a pop, I'll probably just wait till later to see if i need one badly for that price.
  • danielblakes
    yeah the only reason I pull the bowl piece off is on that particular glass where there can be blow back if you don't. That is the air forced back as the water settles which will shoot herb out the top little hole like a firework lol!! That's all I meant by needing 3 hands. 1
    1 for the cap.1 for the heater. 1 for the bowl. (and you gotta hold your rig somehow!). In reality with the base you hAve places to set all these. Just requires a bit more thought and hand eye coordination haha

    It's not a big issue just pointing out why some glass can be better than others. On my daily driver with a single perc I never pull the bowl out except to dump and refill!
  • 22spider
    that stereo matrix is actually the one I want to order, I'm gonna order a extra 14 mm glass bowl so I can use my lil sneaky Pete globe, he, he, yeah I'm getting a little restless using the 3 vapes i have right now, mighty, mv1, and volcano, i definitely need a game changer so I'm hoping the FP will give me a much different experience,✌
  • Dr green thumb
    One thing I always forget to talk about is taking the time to fit the bowl to your rig. The titanium bowl is two pieces a stem and a bowl or receiver if your rig has a male fitting. Fitting is easy, take just the stem and insert in your rig, next take the bowl and place it over the stem and tighten the handle so the pieces are held together then I remove it from my rig and insert a paperclip through the handle and give it another 1/4 turn or so and its then held firmly together. Buds pick tool will bend so I do not reccomend using it for tightening the handle.
  • Ctipp22

    Built this desk last night
    57413AED-04E5-4C44-90A3-F7D03192F7E8 (4M)
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