• UbarDog
    Just one of them dayz

  • EconMan

    Loving it. "Provincial Retro" :cool:
  • Hapo

    ...how do we buy one off ebay…???...
  • Bad Dog
    My mom tried her first Vapcap last night and the results were mixed. She did it through my strong arm adapter wpa in my möbius sidecar knock off, just charging the rig was to hard for her, she's got baby bird lungs so she had to stop taking her draw. I told her to remove the wpa and clear the rig so she did, she exhaled then had a pretty bad coughing fit for a minute or so. She looked at me and said that was a bit strong, I looked back and told her the ancient stoner proverb you gotta cough to get off. She laughed and said that it was stronger than the crafty at least and she wanted to try again so I reassessed. The vapour was to strong in my little sidecar so I figured my bigger beaker style bong was a better bet due to its larger air space, which means a can charge it for her as well. So next time it will be my bong charged up and she can take a handful of smaller tokes. Wish us luck it turns out better this time
  • HocusPocus

    Enjoying this setup as of late
  • LabPong
    Cool setup HP......Bud needs to try that one for sure! :ok:
  • EconMan
    Enjoying this setup as of lateHocusPocus

    I use my Plenty cooling coil for all sort of things. Indeed, I use it outside the plenty almost as much as with it lol
  • Biesas

    That's the first time I see anyone using it like that :yikes: :up:

    One question though, I can't make out whether your Fluxer has a power LED? :roll:
  • fatbiker
    I am considering buying a Dynavap. I am between the M and Omni XL. I plan to use it for both concentrates and dry herb. I would like a Dyna to help with the portable aspect of vaping. I have a few vapes that are all battery powered and having one that is not would be a plus. I am quite active so I would like something that is easy to travel with and can be hit once and put away for another hit down the road.

    Should I have a Dynavap dedicated for dry herb and another for concentrates? I understand that taking the coil out to switch between dry herb and concentrate is a pain so trying to use one for both may not be an option. What would you recommend? Which do you like best and which is the best experience?

    It is a bummer they do not offer a Stash for the Xl that has the silicone insert.
  • LabPong
    What would you recommend?fatbiker

    Get a Ti tip and cap....then one of the glass stems for it. Less than $100 and tons better than a M.
  • Dankpup
    I got the small titanium one last week, with the dual “tron” torch for 144, used the stayup coupon, very happy with it so far.*over 130 is free shipping.
  • Bad Dog
    My morning routine
  • bonghopper
    Get a Hula 2 Stem and a Stainless tip & cap, that's my preferred setup and by far the best tokes from the Hula than the Charlie, and way better than any of dynavaps stems with carb holes. No need at all for the hole with the Hula 2. Cant praise it enough. I thought the M and my dynavap in general was going to be replaced by something more powerful before I put the Glass stem on it. Its almost exactly like toking a spliff now. Except one can take massive clean tokes and get a nice manageable cloud. Dual torch also the way to go for accuracy.
  • Magicman
    The induction heater is the first priority over any fancy VapCap. Once you have one, then consider something better than the M.
    About to get the Simrell Vortex with the titanium tip. Also gonna pick up the induction heater. Will be my 1st DynaVap so I’m super excited!
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