• SouthboundPachyderm
    This is my on the go daily driver. 2018 Shadow M with the 7 fin Ti tip, and Cocobolo mouthpiece. I love my Dynas, they're great for the when you just want a couple nice quick ondemand hits. Combined with the XL dyna stash, and my Portside mini induction heater this is hands down my most stealth vape. And for the price its tough to beat the vapor quality.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    thats how i hope to have my shadow looking one day! Very slick, the stash compliments it nicley too. This is an ugly picture, but i really dig leopard wood!bp29nu29pisv8dm4.jpg
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    kinda looks like an OG, but different. Lol. I love that leopardwood stash!!! If that had been an option when I got my stash, thats what I would have gotten, but i didnt have a shadow then, and I agree the wenge does compliment it nicely. It looks even better with my bogoak Ed's tnt pieces, but i guess thats a picture for another day.
  • acstorfer
    Between yours, the birdseye maple, and Dynavap’s maple stash cases I had an impossible decision! Then Dynavap dropped their price and had a 20% off deal I no longer had a decision. Damn if Futo doesn’t make some beautiful stashes!!!!!

    I almost want to buy a dugout/bat from him because his cases are so dang sweet!
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    This is my daily driver, made of Hickory, by DanielJ, here in Oregon

  • standingsideways
    My favourite thing about the dynavap is you can take it literally anywhere. I work in the outdoor industry and it never gets left behind. It's been in my buoyancy aid pocket when I'm working on the water, added to my mountain bike tool kit or in my back pocket when rock climbing ready for a summit vape with a view. No matter what I put it through it has never let me down. Pocket portable power at it's best and just as good chilling on the couch at home.
  • acstorfer
    I wonder if anyone ever “had” to replace their screens? Mine is always like new after an iso bath. I’m sure people lose them, but have they ever got wore out? At least with the ti screens.
  • Bad Dog
    I like my 2019 m for on the go but at home I like it through my bong with my adapter. I liked it so much that I upgraded to a titanium tip, I find that it takes a extra hit to get the avb to the same colour vs the stainless but I also feel like I get bigger clouds from the titanium so it's kind of weird but awesome.
    IMG_0109.HEIC (692K)
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    before all this glass stem craze, i was in a convient store anf the love roses caught my eye, we used to use them as "popper" tubes :vomit: then i thought it might work for the dyna! It would work but i dont wanna put in the work so the tube sits in the drawer lol.

    have you seen futos wooden grinders? That is more then likley my next purchase!
  • Baron23
    Love the VC.

    This is my OG post on....well, the OG VapCap.

    I still have three of these things, I believe, and continue to use one from time to time. I love the glass OG's, but of course the problem for George and Dyna was...well....they got dropped and broken a lot. haha

    I also love to keep yanking @vapecritic 's chain on the VC as his first reaction was "I don't like it, it looks like a crack pipe" ! I never did get an answer on how he knew what a crack pipe looked like! haha His views changed with the Omni and M models and he is now a fan, I believe.

    I did buy a Ti Woody from Dyna next....and hated it. I just couldn't get any airflow through it. At the time, Dyna was continuing to evolve the Ti tip...and in particular for airflow as this was a def hit against the early Ti tip models....and we tried a couple of interim designs with no joy. Never did get it to work well.


    This is not an official Dyna pic...I don't think...but was someone's attempt to make sense of all of the gen's of Ti tips....they may be up to Gen 7 by now....maybe...??


    Compare to my early tips trying to get the Ti Woody to work well


    I then won a Phatt Piggie VC in a contest on Mom's board....and I never win anything so it was fun...and I do love Piggie's work.


    Most often these days, I use a DDave Mod's wand with a Ti tip and a Lucid IH.



    To me, VC are still are at the top of the game in terms of efficiency. Perhaps because they do tend to take a long pull, the user gets the vapor deeper in their lungs....dunno, really. But VC's take a very small load but wow do they deliver effects, IME.

    This shows the load size from a glass OG with NV Fine Grind. Not much, right?

  • acstorfer
    ↪acstorfer have you seen futos wooden grinders? That is more then likley my next purchase!Tyedyesamuraiguy

    I have not. By the sound of it, I shouldn’t!!!!!
  • bulllee
    One of the best purchases I have made. I have a Lucid, and I just love it. Takes the Dynavap to a new level. :rofl: Very consistent heat source. I like to use the Dynacoil with it.It took some playing around with it, but I find it does an exceptional job on dabs. I had to adjust my timing (wait a little bit after the click) but after that very consistent.
  • MasonJar
    Vapcaps + DIY IH + DIY stash box + Bongs... Perfect combo for me. :)




    When it comes to stems for vapcaps especially for bong use, I prefer using Ddavemod's Water Wand V2... Very effective, no carbs to mess with, easy to clean.
  • Trix
    Love my vapcaps!!!
    Don’t really have a favorite as I enjoy them all!
    What I most enjoy about Dynavap is that they are basically Lego Vape pieces for adults.
    Here is my Shadow M tip and cap with a beautiful green stem paired with a spinning mouthpiece. Currently my most hard hitting portable vape!
  • AnVom
    I've been wanting something like this for years, bowls you can snap but it's a vape

    Strongarm v2
  • Trix

    Glass adapters and Dynavap are like peanut butter and jelly. Together they make the experience complete! I absolutely love my DDave glass water wands. I don’t use water but I love the flavor and complete efficient extraction.
  • treecityrnd
    Agreed, I really prefer Ed's clean design because the 10mm + 14mm attachment on that Pete stem gets a little too deep for some of my more expensive glass, I'd rather not chip a 4k joint with a $5 Dynavap attachment ;)

    But yes, best way to use the Dyna IMO without question. Such more like an old school snap/rip from back in the days compared to the slow sip.

    AND I think the use of induction heaters changed the DV game. I hate butane vapes for many reasons, safety being one of them. So the no flames was a game changer for my and my Dynavaps. Barely ever used them before IHs.
  • Trix

    IH is definitely the future...

    I Still enjoy spinning this old school DDAVE wand and dropping it into some fine glass. Without a doubt still my number one go to all day every day favorite vaporizer. Extremely efficient which can save monies in the end.
  • Hapo
    ...does anyone know where a induction heater can be obtained…???...

    ...I have been unable to locate one actually for sale...
  • UbarDog

    @Baron23 is dispaying his work a few posts up VC also has one from lucid.

    Pipe's from FC VC also has one of these.

    There is also a mass of information to make your own for cheap.


    Others have used this information and produced a marketable IH and put there own stamp in it.
  • Kinick23
    Check the classifieds, I think @52 has the portside mini up for sale. I own one and enjoy it, haven’t tried others for compassion though
  • warren0728
    i just ordered a pipes caldron ih a week ago and it’s already shipped ... easy guy to work with too
  • RollingStoned

    Highly recommend it. Its very small and portable. Has 2 18650 batteries with BMS protection. Lasts 20-25 bowls (100 clicks). You simply put your Dynavap in the hole and hold the button down for 10-15 seconds and ready.
  • BestBuds
    Anyone know of an inexpensive alternative for a stem? My buddy has a ti tip and a spikey stem and dropped it. I doubted his choice of glass over something more solid. He is not careful. :lol:
    Or if anyone has a body they don't use on the cheap pm me! The ti tip almost has me sold to get another for myself.
  • UbarDog

    I got my self some grade 2 Ti 8 mm ID (Internal diameter). £10 for 500mm .I use it to line wood stems or just polish and use as is. Glass tube you can get cheap too. You just need 8 MM ID or you can get a "Chill em" " One Hitter" "Bat" cheap , I hear about people that go to there headz shop with the tip and try a couple till they fit coz glass and variations. Maybe get some larger Viton O-rings. The ones that are there now are 6mm ID and 1mm thick. If you got some 6x1.5mm or 6.2mm Then that should cover ALL bases.


    I see people stating these fit "most" of the time and they only a couple of bucks.
  • Hapo
    Anyone know of an inexpensive alternative for a stem? My buddy has a ti tip and a spikey stem and dropped it. I doubted his choice of glass over something more solid. He is not careful. :lol:
    Or if anyone has a body they don't use on the cheap pm me! The ti tip almost has me sold to get another for myself.

    ...thanks for posting...this will be me...my spikey stem arrives soon...

    ...I am very careful...but also clumsy, eh... .!.:D.!.
  • Magicman

    This is the ticket.
  • Magicman

    Flux Deluxe 14mm is dialed in.
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