• onejuicyfruit
    How do you clean your pad or do you? Then how long do the pads last when using rosin in the FF2?
  • EconMan
    How do you clean your pad or do you?onejuicyfruit

    I have a tiny mason jar I use to soak such things. Overnight works great for rosin. I use the S&B "Liquid pads for dosing capsules" as I argue they work better than EOM.

    How long they last depends on the quality of your rosin. If yours has excessive plant matter in it, then the pad will require cleaning more often. There are basically three strategies with the pads:

    1. Soak in iso overnight (takes time and is a hassle)
    2. Torch (much faster but degrades the pad over time).
    3. Consider them a consumable/disposable (more expensive).

    I chose a combination of all three above, although the first is most-used, No2 is fun!, and No3 is convenient when I'm in a mood. :nerd:
  • 52
    Ok FF2 gurus, @EconMan@LabPong
    I tried using coarse grind from the bcg coarse plate(which I have tried before but without tamping/pressing(lightly) and without stirring. Since I have come to terms that if I’m going to use it with flower for more then two hits(1 1/2 really) I need to be in a situation where I can calmly and enjoyable stir. Lucky for me I am 95% of the time as I don’t vape in as adventurous or even away from the house places as much as I think I do with my portable vapes, lol. It has taken a spot in my rotation with morning coffee. That being said, it stays cleaner MUCH longer then a medium/fine grind I have been using and trying to just shake in between hits. When the grind and pack us just right, shaking and rapping on your other hand works great and it extracts the best but leaves a MESS so while it extracts better I doubt any of the extra gets into your lungs as it just accumulates in the air path. I can now do about 3 bowls before I get grossed out and need to clean it. Use to have to clean it after every bowl.
  • EconMan

    Yes, as I have long said. All my comments about the FF2 are from someone who uses it as a portable as in "portable" within the house. It is basically my desktop. I too reach for it during morning coffee when I'll often go through 203 sessions (bowls) with a 15-second quick clean between them.

    I can be on the phone talking about a merchant account while I load, sesh, clean, reload, repeat.... A FF2 with all your accessory "stuff" nearby is a lovely thing. :starstruck:

    Oh, and I use a coarse "chunky" grind with my HerbRipper and a firm (not hard) pack. I don't really stir, rather I "smash" often with the other end of Bud's titanium pic tool. But anything would work, some use their thumb! Smashers vs Stirrers lol :joke:
  • LabPong
    52.....for flower...I do not use a grinder at all. Most of my flower is fairly sticky and I just take a small bud and gently get any stems out....so sometimes it is 1 piece....sometimes 3-5 little chunks.

    I use a pick and rotate, flop, and semi stir the flower after each draw. I pack full and medium tap down. No MP screen and I draw slow and even. I clean minor after each bowl....but it all depends on how much resin/reclaim build up on the mirrors and bowl....then I clean well when it gets to be too much.

    Like you have found out....larger grind keeps the FF2 much cleaner.....so now apply this to using 4-7 draws per bowl for some....that will get dirty quick compared to a 1-3 draw bowl.
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