• Pud
    traded/sold to get 2 ffs.. figured no sense keeping stuff I’m not using. Can always get another if I really miss one...
  • Gloeck79
    I have a Mighty and strictly use it with the Sneaky Pete Mega Bowl and it works much better than the Mighty top. I find I get more smoke and use less material. I am now looking for an on demand vape and looking at MV1 & FF2+. I use my IQ for when I travel, best thing I found with the IQ, the ball fell out and broke so I use the IQ spacers and wow, you save so much more material. You can micro does using it, just put material in, spacer or spacers on top of the material and you can fill it up quarter and micro dose. I highly recommend just taking that ceramic ball out. Sorry I digress lol.

    I have a Vapexhale EVO which is great but I find myself not using it as much as its just a pain to get out heat up wait then once its on and everything is out its great. I take the EVO out at night but again just tired of some desktop vapes and taking them out setting it up then after I set it up I have to put it back away. I find myself using my Mighty with the water adapter and IQ mixing it up at times as they are super easy to use and set up. I know it sounds weird, but I'm kinda tired of the constant set ups for desktop vapes.

    This is why I am looking at the FF+ and MV1, the simple use, set up and in and out on demand ability. If I do decide on one of the 2 vapes which one is the best one of the 2 portable vapes. Once I get one of them, does my Mighty and EVO collect dust is my next question. I am also seriously thinking of getting rid of my EVO and either getting a Ditanium or Enano for my desktop as you can leave them on while you are home and keep them on and use whenever you want. I know I will take some heat pardon the pun but the EVO is great I can't deny this, how much better is the EVO compared to the Ditanium or Enano in taste or production (reliability and cloud producer). Also if I get say a FF+ or MV1 will I tend to not use my EVO, Mighty, IQ, if i get an Enano or Ditanium. I'm trying to get the best and most enjoyable experiences by using my money wisely...lol. Any help would be great and I know some have already weighed in on this conversation in other posts so sorry if its repeated.
  • Pud
    Anybody know how to do a factory reset on a ff2+? I was trying to delete the name so I could put back the original name but my arm got bumped and now it's blank on the screen on the FF... not a big deal more of an annoyance. But since I have an iPhone they said they may not be able to fix this. There is no little > on the right side to click to change the name... so random... anyway... I tried leaving the battery out for hours but still the same and shut off BT to reestablish connection... nada.., Thanks!
  • LabPong
    Pud...did you try uninstalling then reinstalling the app......or is the ff2 app gone on apple?
  • Pud

    It's gone from the App Store... I thought maybe I could download a new copy from my cloud but no go... but afraid to mess with it too much...
    Maybe I'll just keep this one and sell the other? She named it now decided she wanted to switch to the enano instead so going to sell one but not with the name she put in there.... haha!!
  • CreamCityVapes
    you can try contacting firefly they may have a direct link to redownload the app for ya.
  • Pud
    I did and they think I'm stuck... why I reached out here. I find it hard to believe there's no reset using the unit itself. I thought everything like this had a way to do a hard reset. I might try to resurrect an old laptop and try using a windows based machine to get a fresh download from a non-Apple product but I don't think mine have BT.. don't remember. I converted to Apple 15 years or so ago...
  • Baron23
    Fuck apps....they leave us at risk of the whim of phone providers. Screw that.
  • EconMan
    Fuck apps....they leave us at risk of the whim of phone providers. Screw that.Baron23

    It is something consumers need to ponder in general -- in the name of convenience and automation is it worth the additional complexity in our lives when the cost is our privacy? Witness Alexa. :scream:
  • Pud
    exactly... the "free apps" are not free at all... there is a cost. Nobody is making apps just to pass the time and they want to help you out. Naive thinking, slippery slope
  • EconMan

    One problem and great differential is the quality of the code itself. I believe iOS programmers on average are more robust than droid, the latter having so many "hacks" who really don't know their shit. Apple tries to mitigate this by being authoritarian with its developers. There are hooks I can make in android that simply are not available in iOS.

    Now, platform aside, I am utterly convinced 98% of all apps have a negative ROI -- so often it is proprietor ego. Although I do like and use the FF app, they could have easily engineered it not not really need it.
  • Pud
    100% agree. Had they chosen to just put 2 buttons on the sides instead of "sensors" and eliminate the bs, the ultimate product would have been bulletproof design, cheaper to build, and super reliable. Just because you can doesn't mean you should
  • EconMan
    From FireFly on the iPhone/Apple app nonsense


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