• The Mighty
    Model: Mighty Vaporizer
    Category: Portable
    Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
    Where to buy: USA & EU dealers *see coupons page for 15% off code

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  • KennyBosem
    I highly recommend picking up a Mighty awesome vape at the next black-Friday deal; because, it is the pinnacle of performance, accuracy, airflow, conservation, consistency, construction, maintenance, taste and vapor production. The Mighty is as close to a medical grade device as a vape can get.

    FYI: POTV includes an no-questions-asked in-house return or exchange policy that pretty much covers the duration of the manufacturers warranty.

    Use the following chart to target specific remedies by setting the precise temp:
    Example: Sedative benefits begin to be released at 365F/185C.

    Using a one-way airflow check valve may prevent bongwater from backing up into the vape..
    ebay: 3/8" 10mm Inline One Way Check Valve Fuel Diesel Gas Liquid No Return (USA)

    The 5/16" ID 7/16" OD hose perfectly connects with a 14mm bong or use it as a whip..
    ebay: Food Grade Clear Silicone Tubing 5/16" I.D. X 7/16" - Temperature Rated to 500F (USA)

  • Baron23
    Still love my Mighty and still do as @flipz once suggested and top the flower loads with a liquid pad to increase conduction and full extraction and to keep crap out of the CU

    I don't use it with water very much, but I have and sometimes do:

    With a whip and the....not sure, Vape Fiend maybe, GonG adapter (which is def not my fav)

    Here with a Delta 3D Studio Mighty adapter. This adapter does work wonderfully, you can use it like this or with a whip, seals great and there is no danger to the hard plastic fins of your Mighty as may be the case with some other adapters.

    My fav accessory...well, aside from the Pax Loading Tool which I use with almost everything...is this stand. A fella on FC who is some sort of artist made them...Nymek was his name, maybe? Only made 75 of these in all metal. Got one for Bud....haha, but I never see it on his Mighty so perhaps he doesn't like it as much as I do but he did take a pic of it when he got it. LOL

    He then made one with plastic/carbon fiber?? and metal. I don't think these are at all available anymore

    Delta does make an affordable stand (and no, the Nymek one wa a bit expensive) that people seem to like.

    I have NEVER understood why S&B did not make the bottom flat so it can stand on its own...except perhaps their concern that people would be knocking it over and there would be increased warranty repairs??....maybe??...WTF knows, right? haha
  • Ctipp22
    Easy to recommend the mighty. Hard to be unhappy with this unit. I’m genuinely surprised it still is such a monster in the portable line up. This far it is overall still my #1 portable to recommend.
  • WOLF444
    Do any of you use the app for this device?

    If so, how does it function?
    (Reviews are not very good for the app itself)
  • Hermes
    I assume glass balls will not fit in the cooling unit?
  • Señor Negro
    Mighty does not have app as far as I know.
    The only S&B devices with app are the new Volcano hybrid and the Crafty.
  • WOLF444

    Interesting, thanks... So they have to do a separate app for each device?

    Does it seem weird that they have an app for the Crafty for not for the more expensive Mighty?
  • Ctipp22
    it may be because the mighty has temp buttons to do everything and the crafty only has an on switch if I’m not mistaken?
  • TERRY1973
    that's a nice idea...i'd try that in my Crafty
  • Señor Negro
    Now theres a single app able to control both Volcano hybrid and the Crafty, at least in android.
    And yeah, is right. Mighty doesn't need any app since you can have full control on its front panel.
  • MothChewMoth
    I am a previous owner of a Mighty and here are my thoughts from my own personal usage.

    TL;DR - The Mighty is one of the easiest vaporizers for me to recommend to new users. It's dead simple to use while still performing at the top of it's class.

    Vapor quality - For me, a vaporizer with plastic just isn't ever going to have top quality vapor. This is also a "hybrid" so the at least partial conduction gives the vapor a toasty aroma that's not "bad", but it's not as clean as some others. The air path isn't terribly long either, so vapor can get a little warm towards the upper reaches.
    Grade : B

    Design - The Mighty is a brick. It feels like one and looks like a giant heat-sink. From a vaporization standpoint, it's a great design that's stood the test of time. Unfortunately, that also means it's pretty dated; this thing needs a face lift. And a way to stand upright on it's own without that absurd little stir tool hack. And less plastic. And an air path that's less of a bear to clean. I'm nitpicking here because this really is a beast, but they're the little things that have annoyed me with it over the years. One thing I really do like are the dosing capsules for it; very convenient!
    Grade : B

    Power - This has what boils down to internal 18650s that are not replaceable. Battery life is pretty excellent on the most updated version, and power is evenly distributed across the battery life. This goes up to 410F and is more than enough due to it's convection side.
    Grade : A

    Cleaning - I hate cleaning the Mighty. Some people don't mind it, but keeping the cooling unit clean just feels impossible to me. I think it's the combination of reclaim on plastic that just grosses me out a little bit, and I could never really get mine 100% clean again after the first use.
    Grade : C

    Usage - Dead simple. Turn it on and set to your desired temp range, then enjoy. There are no apps to fiddle with, no special settings or anything. The only "extra" is if you double click the power button it'll go into "boost mode", easily bumping up to a second pre-set temp for you. It's a little big for pocket use, but pretty excellent for on-the-go vaping.
    Grade : A

    I don't have a ton else to say about the Mighty. It's great! I ended up trading mine away because it just didn't fit my usage as much as some of my other portables did. If they ever update the design, I will absolutely consider getting another.
  • spider
    I have just started to use my mighty again after some time off, and I have noticed a sequence that I use that seems to give me max efficiency, I load about a .17, .18, and vape till about halfway or until I get towards the end, then I turn it off, stir the chamber, and i notice the load will have shrunk so then I insert the liquid pad in bump up the temp a cunt hair, and squeeze the last bit out of my herb, I don't know if anyone else has tried this but it is very efficient and I'm loving it⚡✌
  • acstorfer
    I’m gonna borrow your template. Danka shein baby!

    For full disclosure my experience with vaporizers is still very limited. For my judging, everything is compared to my current vaporizers of the Ghost MV1, Mighty, Omnivap, and FlowerMate HybridX, as well as my previous vaporizers which include the Crafty, the Firefly 2, G-Pen Pro, G-Pen Elite, Dynavap M (2018), and a proprietary vaporizer of a state dispensary here in Florida. It was similar to a Boundless CFC.

    Vapor quality - I imagine when the Mighty and Crafty were released they were probably the tastiest portable vaporizers on the market. I would still consider it lavishly tasty compared to the Grenko stuff and the FlowerMate. Unfortunately they don’t hold a candle to the vapcaps, Ghost, and the taste champion (imho) the Firefly 2.

    Grade : B-

    Design - The design and material are certainly sturdy. I dropped it on the floor on more than one occasion and it survived like a champ. Still, it feels like crap compared to every other vaporizer I’ve owned. The plastic is cold and it just feels rough. Nowadays they’re making vaporizers designed ergonomically. Going from my Ghost MV1 to my Mighty feels like a terrible demotion.

    Grade : C-

    Power - I am a bit torn on this one. So far my batteries have been going strong. I get around what they promise. If I am doing a Mighty exclusive day I usually have to recharge at least once, but that’s due to very heavy usage. Here are my issues though. It can only be charged via a wall outlet and not usb. In today’s crazy world usb’s are more accessible. The biggest travesty is the batteries aren’t removable. After years of use I’ll eventually have to either send it to S&B for a battery swap or pry open the unit and do it myself. Either way is completely inexcusable for a $300.00 vaporizer. Not having a removable battery as well as no usb charging is absolutely terrible by today’s standards. There is a charger to be bought separately that can be plugged into a car lighter. The fact it can be used while charging saved it from a failing grade.

    Grade : D+

    Cleaning - When it’s due to charge I strip down the cooling unit and soak it in isopropyl alcohol (warm soapy water for the rubber stuff). It’s absolutely no issue for me. The dosing capsules are more annoying. I clean it often because of the smell of stink-ass vaporizers. The rubber parts can really hold onto a stink without constant vigilance.

    Grade : C

    Usage - This is what makes the Mighty worth it. It’s a workhorse with no learning curve.

    Grade : A+

    Temperature Control - This is what makes it a $300.00 vaporizer instead of a < $200.00 vaporizer. Cheap vapes say they are at temp, but in reality it isn’t close. Worse than that once cheap vapes get to temp they just continue to get hotter. While the weed doesn’t always combust, it still tastes like crap.

    Grade : A+

    Airflow- This is probably my biggest concern. A vape can be the greatest thing in the world, but if it doesn’t have great airflow I just don’t want it. Vapcaps are an exception. With the exception of the Ghost MV1 the Mighty exceeds everything else I’ve used.

    Grade : A

    It is very strange that I can hate so many features, but still love it. There are issues that make me feel uncomfortable recommending the Mighty, but I still will do so if it is EXACTLY what someone wants. Even then, with my limited experience I probably shouldn’t recommend at all. For wake and bake, and sleepy time there is no substitute.
  • Biesas
    Could anybody please confirm whether theirs Mighty has a slight rattle inside? At the lower part of the unit?

    And I'm not talking about the slight rattle from the orange packing/pick tool.

    Much appreciated
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    no rattle for me, with or without the pick tool in
  • Biesas

    Much appreciated mate!
    I've dropped my beloved mighty last night from about 3 foot height, it landed on the CU and when I went to try and turn it on, it would just vibrate as usual when pressing the power button, but the screen wasn't working at all.

    Pressed the area around the screen and it came back on, now there is a very faint/slight rattle at the bottom of the unit, but then I had the weirdest tasting vaping experience ever :roll:
    It was quite harsh on the throat, even my wife said the same (I was thinking maybe it's just me).

    So I done a deep clean, replaced the screens, some gaskets as well. It seemed to improve the flavour, but the session became really really short, like 2 times shorter than usual and the ABV was a bit brighter in colour than what I'm used to with the mighty.

    Only done a capsule of GG CBD and one of Fruit Bowl last night, will try again today to see what results I get.

    My heart fell as the mighty took the tumble, don't get me wrong, got other vapes around, but the mighty is my go to for a sesh.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Oh no!!! Best of luck. I use my mighty a lot less since getting my Tubo, but it still gets regularly used, and i would have to replace it, if something happened to it.
  • Biesas

    Well just now had two capsules :starstruck:
    Everything seems in order, if anything it feels even more potent :lol:
    I think it feels and tastes like it did on the day 1 when I got it, should have replaced that bottom screen ages ago :yikes:

    Saying that, I've used my mighty with the capsules only and gave the heating chamber, bottom screen and ISO scrub bi-weekly, I assumed it was spotless, since I'm proper OCD on my vape cleanliness :monkey:
  • Dankacz
    Hi. Can someone answer me?
    When i finish first bowl and it is warmed up, can i straight away use the filling tool when its made of plastic?
    Does the temperature have some influance?
  • DatDus
    Hi everybody, I have a question; how much does it cost to replace the batteries in my mighty?
    I think one of the batteries is broken, can use it 3 or 4 loads and then no battery left, also it seems to load faster(maybe because one battery is broken) :roll:
  • Razshiro
    If i remember well, if you are under warranty it's 80$ for replace the battery(often they just sent a new Mighty), even if you're not under warranty S&B can give you a discount price for a new mighty, just explain your case when you open your RMA... !!
  • wdriver
    Do you send the Mighty to Oakland CA or back to Germany for battery replacement?

    Got a Mighty today. It's my favorite vape so far. Great air flow, better than my Tera V3. My new Mighty would be perfect if it had a flat bottom and removable batteries. Still, it's an excellent vape.
  • Ernielicous
    Is there any way to check how much hours are on my mighty? With my crafty it says so on the app, was wondering if there was anyway for me to know the same about my mighty
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    not unless you keep track yourself
  • spider
    Been using my mighty lately after a 5 month break and it's like falling in love all over again..I notice that starting it at 390-392 is kinda harsh on my throat these day...

    I've been mostly using it around 380'ish, and I was just curious what other people are liking there temp at?
  • chaos191
    I picked one up a while ago and LOVE it. I stay around 375 and get a lot of flavor and the vapor is cool imo
  • spider
    Hey buddy!!
    I agree, 375 is a good temp...Its an amazing vape, but that shit can get hot if your not careful, I'm liking it in the lower temps these days too...
  • Ernielicous
    Have you guys tried packing nuggets instead of just grinding your bud? More flavor!
  • LabPong
    I recently got my first S&B vape....the mighty. Even though my fellow hard core vapers warned me to not expect too much.....I really didn't and wanted to give it a un-biased try. I tested it direct draw and then with the wpa.

    Did not work out well.......as far as my desire to keep it. I am just way too spoiled with better quality vapor from other vapes in the portable category. But the mighty does what it does very well! It just does not have the vapor I would be satisfied with.

    It is a great vape, but for the price there are much better experiences in vapor quality.
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