• Gergin
    Total battery usage? In my personal experience with the Mighty It took about 11 months of daily use before the battery started to decline. Like, it went from 7 bowls on a full charge to 6.5... (I am making the numbers up, could be more or less)
    So I bought another one. Love it.
    I used the app on the crafty like once or twice before deleting it. And then I sold the crafty. lol
  • Gloeck79
    I agree, but I like to do this and works well for me. Set it at 368 I know it's a weird # but 368 works for me, I load it up and turn on set at 365-8. Once it gets to the temp, enjoy some Terps/taste and then raise the temp to about 375-8, you'll know when you need to change temps. Once on that temp, the 365-8 really helps preheat everything up. Once your at 375-8, you can then really extract the vape well, clouds. I even raise it up to 388 to really extract it. It's not as harsh as you gradually raise the temps up because it cooks more or eventually etc. You can even raise it to max after 388 to 410, but its unnecessary and might cook it a bit too much.

    Also my Mighty, on my 2nd one. One stopped working and this 2nd one, it broke, the whole thing separated and before that the battery drained quicker. The led lights flicker, I have to see if they will replace it.

  • spider
    You can even raise it to max after 388 to 410, but its unnecessary and might cook it a bit too much.Gloeck79

    Excellent response! I usually start mine at about 380-400 temp stepping in the process, I appreciate you dropping that note, definitely the info I was looking for.

    Your absolutely right about using those low temps to get that terp tongue, then finishing it off in the 400's..I notice at the end of my session the higher temps dont seem to bother me that much, but it shines when you start it at a low temp..Appreciate your post, Definitely helped me gauge were I'm at with my mighty..
  • Gloeck79
    yes, definitely it gives it a nice even cook without it being super harsh in the beginning. You can always stir, but I feel unnecessary too, all depends how you pack or tightly you pack it. I also have 3 pack you can buy online for the tops. This way you can soak them clean and always have a clean one. Or you can order more. The top of mighty is a pain to clean, so rotating clean tops can help keep it clean or maintain it easier.

    Example, when icky, heat to max temp then break the top apart. Take the rings out and soak everything else in a gallon ziplock bag with some rubbing alcohol and like some teaspoon of sea salt and shake. Leave everything to soak overnight. Then next day soak it in hot water to get everything else out. It can be pain to maintain, but this is easy process or you can take top throw old one out out new one on...lol. Whatever floats your boat...lol.

    Yeah hope that helps, enjoy it's a good machine, just costs a bit much considering it has been breaking every 2 years. Couldn't just be I got unlucky, because again it's a great machine for sure.
  • spider
    Funny you mention cleaning, I'm actually in the process of cleaning mine right now..lol. I also have spare cooling units so I just switch them out when doing so..

    I've had mine for about 3 yrs, so hopefully I can keep the streak going and keep it running smoothly...Happy Halloween, I'll be celebrating with a couple bowls tonight..
  • Gloeck79
    lol...I think I was just unlucky...lol. if you want a decent portable like on the go, I enjoy the Davinci IQ, I think it's cheaper now that the new one came out, but it can be a pain to maintain too...lol. I use these ceramic spacers they came out with, works well for micro dose and gets good clouds with good taste. Again can be pain to maintain, but you could probably get cheap on black or cyber mon.

    The crafty plus I was looking into, I'm looking for good portable, not too hot, I think the hopper io might be a bit to harsh. I just got a mod box with sai taf for concentrates and would love a good convection mod box attachment that's not a huge atomizer that's cool with good clouds.

    Tiny Mighty I hear good things but be nice if they just made an atomizer for mod box kinda like the stempot or splinter z but don't think they around anymore. I'd even think about using mod box to heat dyna vape up instead of paying ridiculous amounts for tiny mighty or for dyna vapes heater that's ridiculously overpriced and large, the heater not the dyna vape.

    Personally I hate torching etc...torching has great effects, but I'm not big on the flame etc...lol.
  • spider
    I agree about the dynavap and torching, I was using my Omni for the last couple of months and honestly i got kinda tired of the torching and slightly inconsistent clouds..

    As far as the hopper goes i must warn you it does get a little hot on the throat, i would definitely recommend a j-hook or a bubbler if your serious about going that direction..

    I have heard good things in the past about the Davinci, but honestly if I was to go down the conduction rought I would rather just hit my Pax3..Anyway I just cleaned my Mighty and look what happened at the end..I broke my pick tool that comes with it, lol..I'm hoping maybe Storznbickle will hook me up with another..08pv7uelqgvvzjox.jpg
  • Gloeck79
    yeah, pax 3 heard was good too. Hopper IO, yeah I love the concept, but I want something that's not harsh or hot on the throat, but I don't want to drop a ton of money on it if it's just too hot without a rig. I mean I want to go out, walk around say tailgating without anyone looking at me strangely when I whip out a mighty or something like the hopper io but it's so harsh you need to bring a portable glass rig with you...lol. I mainly use the Mighty when I'm around the house walking around or outside in yard or camping and that can be cumbersome out in the woods. This is why the hopper io has attracted me, but I ask is it really worth it and is it good without any glass? That sucks, I never broke the stir tool they give you...lol.

    Feel free to hit me up PM if you have questions, any techniques, tips for me or help etc...
  • kek
    Hi guys, someone know how I can clean the bowl of my mighty? Since I've seen the brown ,I use dosing capsule. I try with ISO but the bowl still dirty.. thx
  • kek
    hey thanks for the link ;) i did not find on the board.. think I'm too high 8mjjwq2pik52ngpo.jpg
  • Gonzo
    Search for "Dark Crystal" cleaner. It's supposed to be natural but cleans great. I think Troy over at 420 Vape Zone also did a video.
  • BestBuds
    I used it during the alcohol shortage earlier in 2020. It's impressive stuff.
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