• Kuzko
    Divine Tribe is at it again with their new V4 atomizer. Just got this bad boy yesterday and it is miraculously smooth with all of the flavor that quartz provides. I use a quartz bucket Sai usually so I just bought this thing because I was curious. But the V4 might be my favorite portable atomizer now. It’s compromised of a quartz bucket that’s fastened down onto a ceramic donut coil. The way they did it was the quartz cup has a quartz peg that sticks out of the bottom. That peg goes down into the ceramic donut hole and is then fastened with a little metal clip on the other side of the hole. So the heater is always pressed up tight against the quartz cup and there’s also more heat going towards the middle of the cup than usual quartz cups. I think this is because the donut is heating up the peg which is attached at the middle of the bottom of the quartz cup. It’s completely rebuildable and an extra bucket/donut was included in the box. I recommend anyone who vapes their concentrates to check this atomizer out.

  • JonnyFrontrow
    @Kuzko love my Sai quartz cup but have been watching the V4. If you had to choose between the two, would you choose the V4 over the Sai now? Any splatter? How have you been running the V4 - TC,Ni? Thanks!
  • Kuzko
    No splatter so far, I loaded a pretty good sized glob in today and figured there might be a little splatter but there wasn’t.

    If I had to choose between the two I would go with the V4 right now. I haven’t gone through the paces with it like long term use, durability, and cleaning but it provides the tastiest, smoothest, easiest dabs.

    I ran it on the recommended setting from DT: Ni 33W 500f and it seems perfect to me.
  • Ctipp22
    I need one of these soon. I like it
  • JonnyFrontrow
    Appreciate your thoughts on the V4 - thanks! Does look good. Time to pull the trigger ... tho the new Molecule 22 looks like it could be even better (except for the quartz). Thanks again!
  • Deleted User
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  • Ctipp22
    Just picked one of these up!!
  • chaos191
    Talk about reviving an old thread lol. So I have a 710 dd coil and banger setup but at the 6gets and hasn't really been used more than 4 times total!! Those who now me know me I need a caregivert who I need to help me and he's just not willing and says it's to much of a PIA. So I've been using a terp pen but just not the same as quartz or SIC... So I just picked up pretty much everything Matt caries for the DTv4 minus a mod I have heard this thing is much better than coil setups like the sai.
    So w1ho's got one? What a re people's thoughts.. what mod and firmware do you run? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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