• spider
    Hey whatsup everyone, hey i was going crazy here trying to figure out when and when not to stir so i tried something, every hit i stir and rotate 180 degrees and i am getting good results since i started using this method, i noticed i get 2 to 3 big hits with the mv1 and im not complaining, i go high, start at level 4-5 so these hits are lungbusting, and even going high it does not sacrifice flavor which makes the mv1 amazing, anyway that means im only stirring/rotating twice at the most a session, because like i said, im only getting 3 hits at the most anyway, i just wanted to share this, hopefully get feedback/advice on how others stir or don't stir with there mv1 and also here what others have to say about my method, im always open to other tips because i am sorta a new mv1 user
  • kebcatmorgan
    hey man, usually you don't need to stir in MV-1, but it depends.

    I used to stir, but it's very non-practical inside and almost impossible outdoors. I used to turn the crubible as you, by 180ยบ, but if your heater works properly this is useless, or with minimal effect.

    So I stopped stirring, I stopped turning the crucible and I'm getting basically the same results. I use level 3-4 as a start, have 3 hits and then last one on level 5.

    Yes, I'm left with some green after this kind of session, but if I stir it and try to have another hit, it's either very disgusting or no vapour at all.

    After I started to notice how the vape effects me and not how my AVB looks like I found out, that the stirring and crucible manipulation have really small impact on the "highness".

    Vape on and stay up!
  • Frosty1
    Interesting. Seems to depend on how you use it.

    I'll start on a low temp (lvl. 2) and gradually work up to lvl. 5, I'll get 7-8 hits but will put it down for a few hours inbetween. I notice that when the crucible cools the material compacts together a lot which must restrict the airflow. I'll 180 after the first few hits, then stir, maybe flip it one more time
  • ssaucyc515
    I usually just turn my crucible like stated above and have noticed no difference if I stir. It just wasn't worth taking the time to take out the crucible. Speaking for effects not avb.
  • martinstraka8282
    Stirring is a pain with the MV1 because of the crucible system. Not worth it imo. Judging by the effects of one crucible, I'm okay with a little left unextracted.
  • spider
    Very nice input guys , i guess the reason i feel the need to stir is that i look at the ghost mv1 function almost like a very small volcano vaporizer, if you think about it, its almost the same thing, convection air coming through your herb, i know with the volcano i definitely stir between bags, to me thats a no brainer, so i feel like if im going to get any efficiency out of the ghostmv1 stirring for me seems to be a good idea, introducing new surface area of your herb between draws, im still experimenting but it just seems like after that first hit if i dont stir i get smaller hits, but it could be material dryness, quality of material, ect, ive been checking it out every night for awhile and i still haven't got a clear answer yet and it seem like everyone has there own system, but i definitely love to here, because knowlege is power my friends
  • Frosty1
    Agreed, stirring for maximum exposure! But if you find it doesn't make much difference then no need to bother.
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