• Flipz
    Most people know on the PAX 2 if you get up to level 20 on Simon says (part of the Easter eggs built into the unit) it "unlocks" the funky town jingle everytime you turn the vape on. Pretty sure you can turn it off lol.

    It's a rather faint sound so I did the best I could to pick up the audio. If you turn your volume up, should be able to hear the jingle without a problem. I just had to share the video! 8-)

    This post is for amusement only I suppose but I found it kinda hilarious.

    Be easy!
    IMG_1794 (4M)
    IMG_1796 (4M)
  • PatManIam
    and i thought it was always a joke
  • Chandler
    if you get up to level 20 on Simon saysFlipz

    what do you mean by this?? i don't own a PAX2, but i know someone who does. i'd like to share this knowledge
  • Flipz
    I wrote a more detailed post about some "easter eggs" or "secrets" the PAX 2 has here

    If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer for ya! (Y)
  • Chandler
    @Flipz thanks... all those battery drain modes sound pretty cool!! i can imagine having a full charge with a group of friends, having a nice session, showing off, all up in party mode playing simon says n stuff, n boom, battery dead. Party done! lol

    No, but for real, thats neat. first i've heard of all these modes, if i recall correctly, I believe my friend did show me the one particular mode, twirl it around a few times, had the lights flashing different colors...
    i was like 'nice' :-|
    Thats fun though. i'm copying n pasting your instructions and sending to my friend right now!! he'll definitely be amused!
  • Flipz
    The PAX 2 has amazing battery life and it lasts crazy long regardless of how I use it (Y)

    I did it for my own amusement and normally never use the lights for anything else lol.
  • Nikki
    So I unlocked the song after level 20, but the jingle doesn't come on when I turn the vape on. Is there a way I have to set it?
  • Flipz
    I shut mine off and just turned it back on. The lights did glow a weird pattern after I hit level 20 which indicated I hit lvl 20. Do you recall yours doing that?
  • Aj85
    I managed level 20 the day after I got it but I'm totally stuck at about level 36 and have never been able to unlock level 40 and win the extra L.E.D colours. Grrr lol

    Please let me know if you manage to unlock the extra colours as I'm very curious as to what colours the extra colours are. Lol

    my pax2 plays the tune very quietly. I normally don't hear it unless the oven is near my ear. At first I never heard it! There's no speaker as such in the pax2 the tune is created by vibrating the walls of the oven turning it Into a kind of speaker.

    All the best,

  • Flipz
    I cheated and used notepad but still was annoying. I just made each light either 1,2,3,4 and kept track of it. Wasn't a time limit and if you mess up, it just let's you try again so maybe that will help. Couldn't get to 20 for my life without doing that haha, good luck! 8-)
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