Looking for some carta comparisons from an owner of both.
  • EconMan
    please take no offenseJustpassedu

    I would never take offense for you not liking a vape I liked. You possess no obligation to validate my beliefs :nerd:

    On the ROK, it was sent to me literally to evaluate, so I don't even have a purchase investment to be an asshole over :lol: Far from "cheap", despite my net negative judgement, a major factor of love I had for it was how solid and strong it was. It weighs more than two Cartas. In your hand it is heavy, like a large size HerbRipper grinder. Biggest problems were battery time, carb cap as an afterthought, and metallic taste.
  • TheJett
    What are the dimensions of the Oura, I purchased one yesterday and I'm waiting for it in the mail. But I want to purchase a hard carrying case for it Before it gets here.
  • LabPong
    Got email......got KandyPens 35% off everything coupon.....got VAS....got a Oura ordered! :sparkle:

    Sale ends Nov 3rd. code: scarysale
  • LabPong
    soon to be in my hands Oura. — LabPong

    Looking forward to hearing what you think.

    Ok.....been using it a couple days just with my pressed rosin.

    Since I did not have one of these new types of micro self enclosed dab rigs like the other few....it is a nice addition to my lineup. I will have no use for my Crystal now it seems......

    But if you already have a Carta or Peak.....I am not sure why you would want one of these....unless you just did not like the setup or function of the others.....or if you want a seemingly better warranty or not so easy to burn out atomizer setup.

    It hits nice and gives good strong effects.....but not the nice taste that the FF2's give you. So it is a toss up for me......do I want taste or more powerful rosin vapor. I will use both I feel. But still no desire yet to get a regular banger setup.

    I will test out some diamonds and sauce or something soon and see if that makes a big difference in taste for me.

    I do like the solid build and easy use. For me...the touch sensitive button is simple and I find is very easy to use. I also hold the thing so the bowl is at 3 o-clock....so that keeps my fingers off the sensor and I have not miss hits. I just wish I could toggle between 2 heat settings back and forth. I do not use the full minute of heating time...I usually go 30 and turn off......take a couple good draws...and come back in a minute or two. I like to savor the hits....not quickly take and exhale them so fast. I like being able to feather the heater button on the Crystal...and wish I could do the same with this unit.

    More testing to come.......but I am pretty happy with my purchase so far in the honeymoon phase.
  • LabPong
    wow....quick window to edit posts now....wish that would go back to the old way.....:pray:

    Just to add......I get more out of a small bit of rosin in the Oura than the FF2+. I get more powerful vapor and higher efficiency of load size with Oura.

    But with the FF2.........total take anywhere and excellent taste......so I feel these are 2 very different vapes to compare with concentrates. They compliment each other well.....just like if you had a FF2 and a Peak...or Carta....or full dab rig torch/electric.
  • WOLF444
    So for those of you who have owned & used this unit for awhile now - what are your impressions currently?

    I predominantly prefer vaping flower - and only dabble in concentrates a few times a week... However I really don't enjoy using a concentrate pen to consume - and I've never had an interest in having to incorporate butane torches into my consumption routine.... So I've presently on the fence about investing in an electronic dab rig... I want to improve my experience with concentrates...

    I have the opportunity to acquire an Oura (new) for just under $200 in a private sale - but I'd like to hear more feedback from owners before I give it any stronger consideration...

    Do we know of any manufacturers releasing new model electronic dab rigs in the not too distant future?
  • LabPong
    Wolf, I use the KP crystal and oura.

    I like my Oura...but will be happy if they redesign it soon. The only change I want is for the vapor to not be pulled off the top of the cup back down into the atomizer then out to the water rig. Right now...like a carta or peak I believe...they all pull the vapor back through the atomizer. (correct me if I am wrong as I have not used the peak or carta).

    I use the crystal pen with a mini arizer bubble stem. Basically cut off the bowl part and the open area fits over the mp on the crystal. This is a good mobile trate vape for me if I do not use the FF2+. Basically I use the oura and crystal with concentrates that are not thick and gooey like pressed flower rosin. Pressed flower rosin in the FF2 pads is a great experience.

    For the Oura....I like it a lot because of how compact and simple to use and clean. I get good results and like the medication levels I get from it.

    There was a post somewhere about another newer type of these erigs. It was the first I believe to separate the vapor out of the cup from the atomizer. It looked a bit plasticy to me...but hard to tell by a single pic. The shape was sort of odd...kind of more oval based then round. It was more ergonomic in design.
  • Pud
    @WOLF444 Sounds like ditanium may also be a good choice for you... you can vape both flower and/or concentrates-- even at the same time. Be aware there are two options: glass nail or titanium nail and you can't change it later. It's about $250. You might check out the thread.
  • WOLF444

    Thanks for the feedback... Have you ever vaped with the Oura at the lowest temperature setting? If so, what's that experience like?

    Thanks for the suggestion... I'll have to look at that device again... I have the opportunity to purchase a vape through a distributor/wholesaler, so in order to take advantage of the potential savings, I have to choose among a select number of manufacturers (like S&B, Boundless, Arizer, Kandy Pens, FF, Dr.Dabber, Puffco)....
  • LabPong

    Thanks for the feedback... Have you ever vaped with the Oura at the lowest temperature setting? If so, what's that experience like?

    Yes I use the lowest setting when I do pressed flower rosin. Using other concentrates...many need a higher temp to give off same vapor. So it just depends on what you put in it.
  • WOLF444

    Greetings LabPong... I should be receiving my Oura tomorrow... Would you happen to have any tips or advice for first time users of this model vape? I plan on only using the first two temperature settings - as I prefer flavor and less harsh (on the lungs) hits over cloud production... Do you find that you prefer the quartz cup or the ceramic cup insert? Do you prefer cold starts or hot starts when dabbing with this device?

    If anyone else would also like to chime in and respond to some of these questions, please feel free to do so...

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