• spider
    So I know everyone has there go to grinders, some have grinders for specific jobs, but if you could pick one grinder, and one grinder only for those small/big grinding jobs which one would it be? Pic optional,⚡5d1vfadurfg177z0.jpg
    Mine is the acrylic storznbickle grinder, besides the occasional jamming, it absolutely gives the perfect grind, medium/fine, have not found a grinder that is as overall effective , well since we have 2 options, let me throw in my spacecase as well⚡5l8w3h11jkl4sr4w.jpg
  • Z Master
    The HerbRipper! My fav is the small 3pc HerbRipper! Course grind for everything!
  • Terpenetime
    @22spider tha Storz & Bickel definitely gets my vote for the best value grinder. However, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a high quality grinder in your hands. I don’t have extensive experience of grinders but I don’t think i’ll feel the need to replace my Brilliant Cut Grinder any time soon. It’s sublime :love:
  • Baron23
    HI Spider....now please understand, I'm generally not one to go breathless over some minor material issue that pales in any significance at all compared to the context of what we eat and breath every day just living life.

    Nor have I tested this myself.

    But, some folks have said...really a good number of them...that they have found small orange plastic filings in their ground herb....but be using a mag glass or loop or some sort.

    Not posting to alarm you in any way, and there are a lot of folks who like the grind consistency of that little plastic/resin grinder. I just thought I'd mention it to you in case this would be something you would care to know.


    Oh, fav grinder(s). Has to be two. One for more bulk grind...that being the NV Fine Grinder, arm band edition

    But I'm truly loving the Brilliant Cut Grinder, with the fine plate. The consistency is just perfect for me.

  • acstorfer
    I’m still a big fan of my SLX 2.0.


    I only have experience with this, the S&B grinder, and another freebie plastic grinder. Most people who have owned the SLX eventually like something else more so I’m always looking.
  • warren0728
    never had an issue with my santa cruz shredder medium three piece
  • spider
    awe, the newvape, fine grinder, its definently a beast , ya know I have read articles on reddit concerning particles found in people's grind, but I have never seemed to have any issues, the reason why it seems so consistent for me is because I find myself grinding up small amounts at a time.12-.15 all day with various different strains, and using various different vapes, I'm an absolute variety whore, I guess because of that sequence, the storznbickle grinder seems to get the job done, I noticed that none of the grinders I have get that perfect/medium fine consistinsy, the closest would be my spacecase, don't get me wrong I use my 5 other grinders but nothing gives me that grind S&B gives,someone had mentioned in the past that it would be cool if they could build the S&b grinder out of aluminum, I WOULD BE THE FIRST TO ORDER✌gl8b12x1yr3kf2mn.jpg
    I like the newvape grinder as well.
  • spider
    I heard many good things about the BC, I would like to own it some day due to the fact that i would love a three piece grinder with its capability, i would go for the fine plate
  • spider
    I've looked at the Santa Cruz grinders and they look like there very well made, but possibly a little more on the course side for me.
  • Chronic Pain
    My 2 favs right now are... NV & Brilliant Cut Grinder. But I have to confess I also suffer from G.A.S
    Grinder Acquisition Syndrome. (Don't worry I take GasX daily :joke: )

  • Baron23
    you and me both, brother. Those are my two also.

    :up: :100:
  • spider
    Quick question for the brilliant grinder, 'whoever' owns one? Can it handle small loads ok, like .12? The reason I ask is because there's alot of good grinders on the market, but they usually require a fair amount of material to grind consistently, I think that's why I go for the S&b most of the time, i have been interested in the bc for some time now, just curious?✌
  • warren0728
    honestly when i bought the scs grinder i didn't give much thought to the specific grind (didn't really know any better) ... but i haven't had any issues with the grind used with my vapes ... dynavaps, milaanas, sticky bricks and a couple of chinese regulated vapes both conduction and hybrid. i like to keep things simple ... vaping is already a lot more complicated than just smoking lol (i'm 57 years old ... been smoking since i was twenty and been vaping for less than a couple years)!
  • spider
    your definitely right about vaping behing more complicated than smoking, people that smoke just have to put a lighter on there flower and poof! That's it! Vaping involves grind consistancy, loading correctly, right amount of material for the vape, ect, I like the challenge most of the time, although I almost threw my finicky mv1 across my living room a couple of days ago,lol...I consider most of the vaping croud to be more of a sophisticated stoner group, we want terpenes taste, and profiles
  • Boombastik
    I’ve always had Santa Cruz, but I’ve moved to vape and spent a lot of time reading up on different grinders. I decided to order a brilliant cut grinder with fine and medium plate.

    I definitely had some interest in NV and herb the ripper as well.
  • Stants
    Had 2x spacecase grinders for must be nearly 20 years 2 peice being the OG & the 4 piece I've had for maybe 5year the small one is somewhere at my mums and the 4 piece is currently sitting dormant due to the grind on the sherbet not being fine enough for the ghost, so I went to the local head shop and spent a princely £2.00 on a plastic 2 piece (alot like the s&b one) perfect medium grind & when it gets too clogged up I'll just chuck it in the bin

  • Tdog420
    Herb ripper 4 piece is easily my fav grinder. It finally got pretty gunked up and i tried putting it in the dishwasher (which is only safe w the herb ripper) and i came out brand new to my surprise. It got everything out of the thread and looked brand new. I have never been able to get any other grinder this clean again! Also the grind is fluffy and perfect for vapes.
  • Z Master
    I can’t wait to put my Ripper threw its first wash! Ive been using the course plate for every vape & they all work the same with course grind. Maybe a slight difference but with my experience it’s worked in all my vapes. It’s the only grinder I have & the only company I’ll go threw for a grinder. I want the XL 3pc so bad haha. What plate/plates do you use?
  • Tdog420
    I have the fine, medium, and was a beta tester for the first coarse plate. I use my medium plate the most which is more a fine medium. I do use the coarse quite a bit. They both work great and only switch when one get dirty. I never use my fine grind since the medium is already pretty fine. Love the ripper and honestly was shocked my diswasher made it like brand new. I have easily run more then a pound through it. I cant even get that clean w iso soaks. Its a pretty awesome feature for sure. I do also have alll 3 different screens for the kief. I have only use the medium screen thus far though. I do also want a 3 peice because i grind so much stuff that bigger is better!!
  • upside
    I enjoy the SLX V2 and the NewVape Fine Grinder.
  • Z Master
    That’s really cool, I’m thinking about picking up the medium plate. Yeah that’s cool you can just throw it in the dishwasher to get it perfectly clean. Im grinding as much as I can just so I can wash it hahah
  • Hippie
    This one
    Easy to grip, medium fine fluffy grind and just the right size to fill my lil green tin
  • Baron23
    I'm going to try to answer your question as best I can, with the caveat that although I have ground pretty small amounts in my BCG, I probably haven't gone as low as .12 g.

    I have regularly ground up .2 or so and see no reason why it should balk at even small qtys. Being a three piece, it grinds until it falls through the grind plate holes so should work well with even less.

    Now, is it worth...what, like $120 for a full set....well, that depends on one's personal priorities and values. I do like it, but yes...that's a passel of loot for a grinder.

    With that said, however, I really only use the fine grind for vapes, may use the med grind for a J now and again, will probably never use the coarse so I could have gotten what I need for as little as $75.

    Hope this was remotely helpful.
  • fatbiker
    I also really like my BCG. I purchased the full set but mainly use the medium. The fine clogs the screen on my FP too easily. I rarely use the course except when I roll a J.
  • PuffItUp
    Iift is my go to, I really enjoy the blades and the coarse plate. The medium grind is alright, but coarse is where it shines for me. The easiest to turn grinder I have ever used, and it feels like I could drop it off a building and it would still hold up
  • Lucic and Chong
    Another Lift fan here.
  • spider
    thankyou baron, if i do end up ordering a bc, my heart calls for the fine plate, thankyou for the tip✌, and like I said my grinding techniques are a little unorthodox because before I usually go to work, i grind up a .12-to .14 and load a crucible with a hot cup of joe, it's kinda my before work ritual✌⚡
  • Biesas
    I really love my Herb Ripper :love:

    I own the SLX 2.0, 2-piece Space Case, the usual S&B and similar grinders.

    Really loved how my SLX newer clogged up and was buttery smooth every single time I've used it for a couple of years.
    The Space Case was my first decent grinder but gets gummed up quite quickly.

    The Ripper is on another league, but also a lot more expensive.
    In total I've got 5 grinding plates for my Ripper :joke:
    All three plates in matt finish also the prototype fine and coarse plates in polished.

    Mainly use the medium plate for majority of my vapes, I do also use the coarse plate for my Dynavap.

    I removed the screen and just use the whole thing as a deep 3 piece grinder.
  • acstorfer
    I only started using a grinder about the time I started vaping in early 2018. I was always stubborn. I insisted I enjoyed breaking up my weed by hand. I really did enjoy it... until the first time I used a grinder. I actually went into the shop to buy a Firefly 2, but it was overpriced by about $25.00 + tax. I asked for $25.00 off, but they wouldn’t do it. I asked about 4 piece grinders and he sold me my SLX for like $20 or $25. If he would have given me that discount I would have bought it. My guess is they don’t inventory the grinders and someone pocketed the money. I really want an excuse to buy a zsa zsa grinder but my SLX really does work well for all my needs. Also as many here have figured out, I am extremely anal retentive regarding the cleanliness of my vaping gear. The SLX doesn’t stick at all. My neighbor has a Cali Crusher or Santa Cruz Shredder. I saw the gunk. I’d never survive it, although I have no doubt they are fantastic.
  • warren0728
    My neighbor has a Cali Crusher or Santa Cruz Shredder. I saw the gunk. I’d never survive it,acstorfer

    i haven't had an issue with gunk buildup on my scs (no more than any other vape) ?
  • Kinick23
    My favs are the BGC and Ripper, lots of talk on the forum over which to get btwn them. My opinion is ya need both haha I view the ripper as more a home grinder cause of the heft to it, I mean you could bring it somewhere with you on a trip but the BGC is better for travel as it’s lighter and comes with a lil carry case. In terms of actual grind, best way to describe it imo is the BGC is a gentler grind that doesn’t pulverize the herb like the Ripper, more of a tear to the herb. Ripper is just a beast and grinds to maximize surface area, fully breaking down that sticky icky
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