• Yadayadayada
    Probably asked a million times but looking for a new portable.

    Only interested in these two. I have a Tera, mv1, solo2, dynavap, mi2, FF2, and a ton of other but looking at either the crafty or mighty. I know Mighty is king but looking for first hand experience with both... I don’t mind the shorter battery life, is function the same? The same wonderful billowy clouds in both? Load size the same? Vapor is as cool? I like that the crafty stands and has an app, more pocket friendly etc just wonder what makes the mighty better besides battery life ?
  • BestBuds
    just wonder what makes the mighty better besides battery life ?Yadayadayada
    Functionally? Nothing. They're pretty much the same vape except the mighty has an extra battery.

    That being said early on there was a large defect rate with the crafties. But as far as I understand that has been cleared up and the defect rate is under control.

    If you are using it as a edc vape and your prime workhorse vape, get the mighty. If you are using it as your on the go vape get the crafty. Its a pain in the ass if you want a session and you grind and pack a bowl to find out your battery is dead. Just something to think about.
  • Baron23
    One other diff is that the Crafty requires an app for full control of functions while the Mighty is completely controlled by buttons on the device.
  • spider
    You really should go with the mighty, more battery life, no need for an app,
  • Yadayadayada
    like I said I rotate vapes daily so battery life isn’t an issue...

    Interesting about the app features, I never use my Carta or MV1 app but not opposed to using it..what features can i ONLY control with the crafty app?

    My biggest worry was that the cooling and billowy vapor wouldn’t be the same because the cooling unit is smaller on the crafty
  • Bad Dog
    I'm a crafty owner and I haven't had the pleasure of using a mighty so I don't have the whole picture but here's what I can tell you. I suffered from mighty envy for a while but it was my only vape at the time so the battery was a issue but once I had another vape to split duties with the battery issue became far less of a problem and you have vapes to spare. I have this iOS version app and I found it straight forward and easy with no bugs, however I almost never use it anymore I set it to 360 f with a 50 degree boost to finish the bowl and that's where I leave it, that said some of the customization is good like the led brightness that thing was way to bright out of the box I only turn it up full if I'm outside and that's like never with that vape. It's my vape of choice first thing in the morning it's just so smooth and pleasant a very nice experience and as a cigarette smoker (soon to be ex smoker I hope) I find it's suitable support for those longer smoke sessions cravings. And those full size sessions are where the crafty and mighty shine imo, a half pack just isn't the same thing. Sorry this got a little longer and rambling than I anticipated but I hope you might find something I said useful. Also I think the mighty heats up faster? Can anyone confirm or deny my claim?
  • Bruce

    I have had both. My experience.
    The Crafty I was getting 45 minutes at low temp vaping. The Mighty over an hours use on a low setting.

    The Load size is the same. They both come with a nifty loading tool and custom grinder combination.

    I found the Vapor temp to be the same.
    The Crafty does stand on its own.
    The Crafty is MUCH more pocket friendly.

    You didn't mention the G43. I would consider that first.

    You didn't list the Pax 3. That I would put ahead of the S and B Vapes. I would take any of the Arizer Vapes first. I would take most of the Boundless Vapes first.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Lucic and Chong
    If you are using it as a edc vape and your prime workhorse vape, get the mighty. If you are using it as your on the go vape get the crafty.BestBuds

    I'd echo this. If you plan on using it mostly at home, I'd go Mighty. The app on the Crafty can be fun at first, but I found myself wishing that I had more temperature control right on the unit. With the Crafty you only have 2 temps that can be used without the app.

    But if you're wanting something more portable, go Crafty. The battery life is less, but with usb charging it's also easy to bring along a small battery pack, like you'd use to charge a phone with. When the Mighty dies you need a wall socket. I've taken my Crafty on many a camping trip and kept it powered, with lots of use, with a battery pack.
  • Yadayadayada
    That list are some vapes I already have...ie the Tera, sold off my pax 3, have a solo 2 and Argo

    Just looking to check out this S&B hype while saving $100 if I can, just want the vapor experience I keep hearing about , about a year ago I passed on the mighty for the mv1
  • CDN24
    I’ve owned the crafty and used both a lot. As some have eluded too, the main difference IMO is wether you need it to be a work hours or not. I’d say that is the mighty’s biggest advantage. It is like a portable desktop. Where the crafty is a portable that hits like a desktop.

    The crafty is great but I would never recommend it as an everyday driver. If it will just be your on the go vape, I think it would be great. If your looking to use it more often then that, I’d personally go mighty.
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