• Dr green thumb
    I'm starting this thread so there is a place to show off your quartz bangers and how you set it up with your rig.

    For myself I will start with my newest setup for low temp dabs. The key to your best low temp dab experience is to get a banger that has the ability to maintain its heat for an extended period of time. In your normal dab style your material is introduced to a very hot banger and instantly vaporizes and sometimes burns called charring or char. Low temp dabs are done more at a temperature that boils the product and evaporates over a longer period of time.

    This banger has a thick bottom and a quartz post in the center for extra heat retention.

  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Old photo, rigs broken, the nails broken....
    So far this is my favorite dab nail "thebirdcage" i can pack a real decent sized dab in there and cold or warm start depending on size. I like it alot next time i order im gonna grab at least two. 18mm is better because the bowl size is bigger. I highly reccomend it.
  • EconMan
    Here is what I do NOT use anymore.....

    My workhorse. Digga glass. $30.
    For those who like cold/warm starts AND are lungfish suckers and love to "make the little ball spin" as an integral part of their dab --- No OVERFLOW reclaim. None! :cool:

    :starstruck: El Dose :starstruck: my true love and daily driver, and a Torro knockoff for "moods".
    Drop-downs are a must for me and my cold/warm starts, and required torchwork -- keep that torch flame away from my face, especially when dabbing.

    El Dose and my Toro knockoff (mostly for guests who can't handle El Dose).

    Can’t forget the carb cap. As or more important than the banger.
    My fav for the digga.
  • Dr green thumb

    I picked up a Zach Brown v2 carb cap to try on a banger my other caps weren't working as well as I'd liked with. This new cap fixed that and I'm getting very dense tasty vapor off of a low temp dab. I got this from a local shop but you can find them online for between $50-$100 clear being less expensive.
  • Pud
    I have a neophyte question if you don’t mind.... do most with this type rig strictly use a torch? or do you have a barrel coil and pid that you use with your rig sometimes as well? Your rig looks amazing, btw!! Love it!!
  • Dr green thumb

    Both ways for dabbing torch or enail.
  • Pud
    sorry for the question... my friend snuck onto my phone (which is now locked, btw).. what she is curious about is personal preference. I’ll post a poll another time. Thanks
  • Dr green thumb

    It was a good question. You should leave the phone unlocked.
  • EconMan
    t was a good question.Dr green thumb

    I thought so. :100: It is actually a great topic -- torch vs electric. Each have their (de)merits.

    Indeed I need to break down and buy one (will use @Baron23 rec - 710 coils) if only to gain the experiential knowledge only attainable if you actually have an item you wish to understand better -- and not merely use a friend's now and then. Sometimes we love what we are used to and I am used to the torch. But I don't use those infernal "big red" mega-torches. Rather for cold starts I want a flame I can have some finesse with.

    So let's talk theory. I've switched mostly (always with rosin) to cold/warm starts with a round-bottom banker w/terp pearl. I posted a vid a while back but if you look at the dynamics of the oil, it tends to be "pushed" by airflow onto the opposite side of the banger than the "direction" of the carbcap. The oil is pushed onto the sides and drains down onto a hot bottom.

    A coil on the sides could work quite well, with a little change of technique. I know coils also exist that heat from the bottom too, but I've never seen a "round-bottom coil? Do they exist? Are they even necessary, given my theory above?
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